Show your support for Zoe Zephyr today.

From time to time I like to draw attention to the people out there who are really making a difference for anyone who considers themselves trans. Zooey is one of the finest of us.

You can learn about Zooey here

Regardless of your political stance, it is up to us to support our sisters who achieve public office, as they are our voice in the corridors of power. If you’re a US resident and can help Zooey she is one of several emerging voices that can help us. It’s a great way to help all your sisters.

You can support her work here – I encourage you to get behind her in true Fiona Dobson style and give her something to smile about. When I mentioned that to Sylvester he made some lewd suggestion. He really can be quite coarse at times!

My support for Zooey is not only a salute to her courage, it is also a reminder that rights are not given. They are won. Zooey is out there winning battles daily and it’s a never ending task. She deserves our support.

So, if you have a spare dollar be smart, make a difference and let’s give Zooey one.

Republicans vote to censure Montana’s first transgender state legislator

Rep. Zooey Zephyr, D-Missoula, alone on the House floor stands in protest as demonstrators are arrested in the gallery Monday in the Montana State Capitol in Helena Thom Bridge / Independent Record via AP

Montana House Republicans voted Wednesday to censure Rep. Zooey Zephyr, a Democrat and Montana’s first transgender state legislator. The vote came roughly a week after Zephyr told lawmakers they would have blood on their hands if they supported a measure to restrict gender-affirming care for minors and two days after she was accused of inciting protesters in the chamber.  

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Take a moment to thank Zoey by using the contact form on her webpage here –

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Barry Humphries – RIP

An icon of British Television, this is what all those GOP losers are so afraid of with their relentless attacks on drag acts. Barry Humphries was a great performer and wit. I was lucky enough to meet him in Vancouver years ago. What joy he brought.

A formative influence upon myself, he hails from Australia, as my mother did. Dame Edna was a feature of TV entertainment throughout my childhood. Enjoy Dame Edna’s performance in Montreal below.

Barry Humphries leaves a legacy of comedy and of dignity. Those who speak against drag performance show only their own sad ignorance.


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Not what they expected…

Photo credit: Germany’s national football team cover their mouths in protest against FIFA’s ban on the ‘One Love’ LGBTQ+ armband during the World Cup in Qatar | Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

I’ve just posted on my Patreon tier called ‘Behind the scenes with Fiona’. In the wake of yet another shooting in the US it can seem hard to find the joy. Join my tier for my most intimate thoughts.

Sylvester is watching me post this. He’s reading back that last paragraph and sniggering. He really can be quite coarse, you know.

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Sophie – It’s OK to cry.

I have a dear friend who is lesbian. She grew up in a conservative place where being ‘different’ would earn you a good kicking from kids of her age, and likely from some adults too. She did however have a supportive mother and she found her way.

I have another friend who ran away from their home when it became obvious that she was trans. I say, ‘it became obvious’ because their body was so obviously feminine, though through a convention of biology and naming she was assigned male gender at birth. She’s as feminine as any woman I know but for a minor anatomical quirk.

And of course I know a host of people who as they understood themselves better realised there was an enormous part of themselves that they had suppressed, doing their best to conform to societal norms and denying much of their nature. The fear of being outcasts is a powerful thing, even in the 21st century.

My lesbian friend has phrased it very well. She says, “We don’t raise our own young.” It’s not far fetched to say that the archetypal emo teen that flees an abusive home, misunderstood by their family and hometown, who ends up on the street in a big city – often homeless and friendless – is far from a meaningless trope. It’s practically a template for how some of us have rejected and been rejected by society. It all sounds painfully tragic.

But wait… As my friend points out, eventually – with a little luck – those ‘outsiders’ gravitate to others, and by some miracle find people who are like themselves. It can look a little odd to others, but somehow they find their people, or what we used to call ‘our tribe’. Whether it’s the ‘gaybourhood’ or friends within the ‘queerspace’, there are ways to connect with others. We find our way. And we grow.

As we do so we learn to support others like ourselves in whatever way we can. And suddenly there is something akin to family. Perhaps we don’t raise our own young, but they do find us and we can nurture them everyday in ways both direct and indirect.

Today we lost one of our own. Sophie was an amazing artist. A creative soul any family should treasure, even one so diverse and dispersed as our own. Let’s take a moment today to appreciate our sister.

Sophie died at 4 a.m. local time on 30 January 2021 at home in Athens, Greece.] According to their UK label, Transgressive, Sophie’s death was caused by slipping and falling while climbing to watch the full moon.

Finally, at peace.