Introducing your partner to the gurl within #1.

Part 1

Most of my members have partners, and some are lucky enough to have open minded lovers who are involved in the joy they find crossdressing. For those of use who have this wonderful situation dressing becomes a delight shared between two (or more) and takes on a new dimension.

Some don’t have this opportunity. Sadly they feel they can’t or shouldn’t bring their partner into this side of their life. There are certainly many times when this is a wise and expedient decision, and one that can still work well for a crossdresser. As we explore in the Premium Program, there are ways to still allow the feminine side of your personality to emerge safely and in appropriate ways. However, there are some members who desperately wish to bring this into their life, but simply don’t know how to approach the subject with a partner that may not be what we could describe as receptive.

Some partners are so far from receptive that they have the car packed and the GPS set to drive to their mother before you can say, “I was just trying it to see if it went with my hair!”

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