An unexpected guest.


I must say that this week has been an extraordinary handful at the advertising agency. I have found myself torn between a number of difficult situations.

The first and most difficult was with one of our public relations clients, who for reasons of discretion I will help remain anonymous by just using her first name. From time to time, conserving anonymity is a discreet and essential part of the work of our public relations division, and I am often asked to help that side of the business out.

So, I will just use first names, as I am sure you will appreciate the delicacy of the situation. Well, anyway, this week one of the agency’s top clients suffered a somewhat humiliating piece of news which required her to remain out of reach of the press. Of course, this is the price of celebrity. As her marriage has unraveled the press have been all over the story. With this in mind my client and friend, we’ll just call her ‘Angelina’, was in need of a quiet place to retreat away from the media.

It’s not the first time she’s visited, of course. Going out for a night on the town, in glorious Montreal, is one of her guilty pleasures. We’ve had some wonderful times, on more than one occasion being mistaken as sisters.

She hurried through from the airport, one morning this week, only to find Ali’s smart car parked in my driveway, so she was unable to drive directly into the garage. She called me on her cell, worried that the press might be hot on her high heels. She called me in a state of excitement and quite breathless.

“It’s all right,” I said, calming her. “Just feel free to use my rear entrance.”

So, it’s been a week of tearful reminiscing and comforting my good friend. But then again, what’s a gurlfriend for?

Next week I’ll be traveling south, and will be sure to keep you informed about what’s going on. In the meantime, what a great time to upgrade your membership and see what fun we can have dressing you up and putting you through your paces. If you haven’t yet listened to episodes of Fiona’s Inbox this would be a great time!