Something extra on the side?

If you’ve been reading Clothes Maketh The Man then you will love a new feature I am developing for my Premium Members. I am gradually adding to my hypnosis files a set of visualizations drawn from the story. In these you slide into hypnosis and then I take you through a scene from the story, while you are in the heightened state of hypnosis. This is fun, safe and entertaining. It’s a great way to enjoy Clothes Maketh The Man. As I release more of these visualizations I will let my premium members know, so they can enjoy them to the full. Want to try one? Well, you can do so by going here:
And then using the special code: cmtm2600 to unlock the page.

As you know, Bernard my photographer recently had a heart transplant, after he got tazered at O’Hare International Airport. If you haven’t been following this, you can pick up the story from here:  . I thought something was odd when he started saying things like ‘Oh my lordee…” Which is most ‘un-Bernard’ like. He’s also started eating a lot of fried chicken, which with his skin I cannot think is a good idea.

He’s now back home in Montreal and recovering nicely, an d strangely enough reading a great deal of Harlequin Romance novels. After I learned his new heart came from a hospital near Baton Rouge, I did some quiet sleuthing. The hospital refused to give me any information about his donor, but after discovering that many heart transplants come from car accident victims, I did some more fruitful searching.

I looked online for fatal car accident reports for a period a week before his transplant operation, in the region of Baton Rouge. I was surprised how very easy it was. Sure enough, after about ten minutes I had narrowed things down to one person. Bernard’s heart must have come from a Ms. Gloria Bunn, aged 55, who died tragically in a car accident on the way home from choir practice. She had been a leading light in the Baptist Church choir. There was even a link to a Youtube video of the choir performing.

I am pleased to say that this life changing experience has left Bernard uniquely different. He is happily walking around with the heart of a middle aged African American woman, and developing a series of unusual new behaviors. Don’t worry, I will keep you abreast of the situation.

Have a wonderful weekend,