A day of Remembrance?

A day of rememberance.

“And on today… Trans Day Of Remembrance…we have even more to mourn.” – Lenni

I try to keep things light on here, but following the tragedy in Colorado Springs I had to post something. With 5 dead and 25 wounded we have much to think about.

Nothing will bring back the 5 people who died. The 25 wounded will in many cases go through the rest of their lives getting over the events of early morning today. A gunshot wound doesn’t just heal the way you see in the movies.

In most instances the round ricochets around the inside of the body smashing organs and bones. If the victim is lucky they will survive with pain for the rest of their life. Many will have their lives degraded for many years and then succumb years later. These kids, and that’s really all many were, will carry this for the rest of their lives.

So when someone tells you that trans rights, or LGBTQ rights are not a priority, understand that this is where it goes. The right wing rallies, the MAGA hats, the smiling joking podcaster who peddles right wing rhetoric, they all set the scene for this kind of thing, until some troubled individual comes along and gets their hands on an assault weapon.

And here we are.

People like Elon Musk, who give the Trumps of the world a platform, or people like Steve Bannon, who joke about fighting the libs. Well, this is what that looks like. And the wounded will not live a day of their lives the same again.

Their parents, who brought good people into the world and raised them as well as a parent can, will never be the same again. And the five who died? Well, we’ll never know what we lost really, will we?

It is the job of each and everyone of us to protect our sisters and the LGBTQ community.

We Will Remember Them.

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