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Good morning from an icy Vancouver. It’s too cold to work in the garden today, so I am helping Ali, my Syrian gardener, with his understanding of English.

No, Ali,” I said.  “Ice hole! The expression is ‘he’s got his stick in my ice-hole’.”

“Oh, yes. I suppose that makes more sense,” replied Ali. “And it’s ‘stick’ you say? I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Yes, it definitely is,” I pointed out helpfully. “The Canadian expression ‘He’s got his stick in my ice-hole’ means someone is doing something wrong, probably stealing, from your property. It’s a metaphor. It refers to someone fishing in your ice hole.”

“Ah, yes.  It makes sense now,” agreed Ali. You know his English really isn’t as good as he thinks it is. “I see now why I was asked to leave meeting.”

But that is not the main reason I’m writing to you. Today I published Part 60 of Clothes Maketh The Man, the iconic story of Andrea (or Andy) as they blunder from one disaster to the next on their crossdressing journey. This is free, but if you’re enjoying the story and are not already a member of my Patreon you can help me out by joining any level of my Patreon to help me stay productive. People certainly seem to enjoy the episodes and I am always pleased to get the lovely feed back I often do. You can join my Patreon for as little as $4.99 a month.

While I am on the subject of monetization, a quick and very sincere thank you to all my program members. Your contribution enables me to provide a lot of content free for those in our community that are less able to afford to contribute. I know it’s very important to all of us to support our sisters, and my Program members play an important role in this respect. You can join any of my Programs either on Patreon or here – http://FionaDobson.com/my-programs

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