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  1. Dear Fiona,
    I just have to tell you of very funny and revealing thing that happened to me. I had opportunity just drop in my lap. My wife dances at the basketball games. I was left with 4 to 5 hours of free time. Great time to get “en Femme”. Ok so I was all glammed up, dress and makeup and I felt so liberated. I wish I could send pictures. I will someday, after all it’s because of you and your encouragement I am once again starting to feel blessed with the strength to come out as trans. But I just want to tell you I’ve become so accustomed to wearing makeup I forgot to remove my makeup when my wife came home. She never noticed! Can you believe it! I know I couldn’t believe it either. I found out myself when I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw that I was still wearing my makeup. Woops! She never saw it and never commented on it. I don’t think she ever saw it, even though we were talking for at least a half hour. So it’s true most of the time people aren’t even aware of what they’re seeing.

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