Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 44 is out!

As Andrea’s adventures become more intense she finds herself increasingly at the mercy of her own passion.

“In some prehistoric world would they have forced me down on the ground, and pulled away whatever primitive coverings I had, only to force themselves into me as they bit hard on my neck, while thrusting deeply till they were satisfied? Was I just meat to be used for their satisfaction? I felt myself quiver at the thought. How wonderful that might have been.”

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Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 1.

It was one of those crazy situations that you just never believe can happen. I was visiting my sister in San Francisco and arrived at the airport only to find my luggage was in Albuquerque – which was not part of the plan at all.

I’d flown out of Chicago just hours before having been called to come in and interview for a position with an advertising agency, and I was excited about the possibility of a great career move. I’d packed my best suit, a shirt and some shoes, and that was about it. I could be in and out of San Francisco in a coupe of days, and I’d stay over with Jennifer, my sister.

Jennifer is one of those people others look at and think is the perfect sister. However, behind closed doors she could be a little harsh, to say the very least. I think growing up I’d seen a mean streak no one else had been exposed to. Either way, I always knew there was something a little dark about her.

I wouldn’t say I am exactly ‘sensitive’ to these things, but there was definitely something about the way she would tease me as a child. You just never knew how far it would go. And there was always the possibility it would go to far.

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Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 37

I pulled into the evening gridlock, the smell of Devina still in my head.  The way she’d towered above me, so controlled, her big eyes inspecting me had left me feeling both more unsettled about her motives and yet compelled by the undeniable feelings growing within me.

I couldn’t help but feel desire for Devina. The woman who was the architect of my own destruction and this unchained slavery which she had so skillfully imposed upon me.  I knew that, despite her releasing me from the abominable chastity device, after I had done as she had told me, I would return and lock myself up as she had instructed.

I would drive to Mandy, my girlfriend. There I would, as Devina had instructed me, ‘do my duty’ by Mandy and then I would return. Like a slave returning to their master. And I would be grateful.

Now, for those of you who have experienced neither chastity nor the powerful draw of a dominant partner this may all seem rather strange. However, there’s no doubt there is a peculiar motivation that forces us to do things that seem counter intuitive to the uninitiated. It has to be said though, the wife who returns to the husband that abuses her, the person that day after day goes to a job they despise, these are equally baffling, though psychologists will offer plausible explanations. Yet here I found myself, consciously considering that I was so firmly bound by these chains of desire that I had absolutely no choice but to do as Devina instructed.  Could this be something like a case of Stockholm syndrome? 

The image of Devina, tall and strong toying with me came back to my mind. It was intoxicating. Her laugh, her power and her control. I find it confusing and yet compelling. I wanted to obey.

The traffic was static.  My instructions were clear. Go and satisfy Mandy. How Devina knew this what was needed I did not know, nor did I much care. My instructions were clear.  I tapped out a text message in the frozen traffic and told Mandy I would be there as soon as traffic allowed. I guessed this would come as a surprise to her, but a reply came moments later.

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Episode 35 of Clothes Maketh The Man is out!

Andy discovers a little more about what happened to him the previous night. Whatever self respect he had left is swiftly evaporating. Episode 35 of Clothes Maketh The Man is now available on Patreon –

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Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 34.

Hanging upside down hooded in some kind of arena, in front of an audience of unknown size I found I had a moment to reflect on the misfortunes of the last few days. As I did so I noticed the crowd fell silent, and only soft footsteps came to my awareness.

I tried to look round in the direction of the footsteps, and as I did so I heard a gasp go up from the audience. What was that? Something surprising… something revealed? I struggled to throw off the hood but it was no good, and I heard laughter coming from the audience.

Andy’s in trouble again – and this time it’s going to get weird. And personal. Enjoy the next part of Clothes Maketh The Man on my Patreon.

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Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 22 is out!

Yes, just when things looked like they can’t possibly go worse for Andy, he finds himself getting in deeper!  Follow the painful progress of the hapless Andy – who would be him!

Put out to work by the evil Devina, Andy finds himself put into service with Chantelle. What could possibly go wrong?

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