Happy New Year – And Congratulations to Ashley, our new Crossdresser Of The Year!

Congratulations to Ashley Baron, our new Crossdresser Of The Year! Ashley secured an amazing 86% of the vote, with over 250 votes in our survey.

Ashley beat off (calm down Amber in Colorado) – beat off finalists Sarah Huckabee Sanders (last years winner) and Eddie Izzard (who we also love). See clips from each of these contenders below. You can read our recent interview with Ashley HERE.

If you’re feeling generous consider rewarding Ashley by using her Patreon account to show your appreciation HERE.

Last year’s winner, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is known to some of you as  a member of the White House Staff, looking after media and communications. We’re not quite sure why she got so many votes last year – but votes are votes.

We love Eddie Izzard, who came in third. Here’s a clip anyway!

We hold the Crossdresser Of The Year voting between Christmas Day and Dec 31st each year. Submit your nomination from December 1st and the top three end up on the ballot. See you next time!