Chastity time.

Just the other day I mislaid my keys, which is very unlike me. Sylvester happened to be round at my place, and as I explained, it was a great inconvenience.

He whipped out his tool, and before I knew it was grunting and gasping as he worked away, pumping to and fro as he hacksawed off the lock on my bicycle.

There are a great many members of my blog who love a chastity lifestyle. Imposing this is hard work of course, and yet Katia and Mistress Meg put themselves to this task with great skill.  If this is something you’d like to explore you should certainly join my Patreon as a Seahorse. You can learn more about this very special area HERE.

Which brings me to this afternoon’s offering from my shopping list. Below is a delightful device, for those so inclined. Don’t loose your key!

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