6 Replies to “Crossdressing for fun – a self hypnosis journey.”

  1. Fiona,

    I love the hypno files, they have helped me to accept who I truly am and have given me the encouragement to go forward with my journey to feminine self-expression’

    Thank you,
    Marisa Elena

  2. Great Video! Half sleeping, I’m typing. Do you know, I went out to De Ja Vu Boutique and bought lingerie without any heart and mind anxiety what so ever. I even tried on some high heel shoes outside the dressing closet all because of your hypnosis sessions. I Love them. Keep making more videos. Thanks. I Love You Fiona Dobson. Thank You! With Love.

    1. Some may think of it as perverse or being a sissy!
      I’ve been playing in women’s panties for, literally, as long as I remember and never felt those feelings or any other negative feelings such as shame or inadequacy!! Along with being in other situations of getting turned on I have to say that cross dressing has to be one of the most exciting (and healthy) things one can do!
      In fact after many years of putting on moms, sisters, girlfriends and even wives panties and nylons (forget about the shoes!! LOL! I finally made the conscious decision to buy my own things! High heels included. I didn’t want to settle for what ever I could get my hands on if only for a short time frame of an hour or so to satisfy my my favorite obsession!
      The ritchual of pulling up a pair of panties or thong, putting on a garter and then nylons adjusting everything just so, and slipping on a pair of heels affords the most liberating and intoxicating feeling that I could imagine!!
      And all the time knowing that these are my own possessions is in it’s self rather liberating!
      If only I had someone to live out my fantasies with!!
      ?? To be continued??!!
      Maybe Fiona could interview me about this! I’ve been at it for so long….

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