From The Office Of The President.

I get a lot of correspondence on my email and through the various chat channels, as well as Twitter. Now, without betraying any confidences here, and understanding that some of my lovely members are in positions of power that make their identities a matter of some delicacy, I will recount one such conversation I had today.

“Fiona, I get so tired of making decisions every day, I just would love for someone to make them for me. Sometimes, I just feel the whole world is against me.”

I often hear this from my members that are quite Alpha in their daily life. Just the opportunity to step back and release control is an elusive dream for many. Yet, crossdressing allows us to do precisely that.

Personally, I believe that the ability to let go is not a weakness, but a strength. Trusting in the immutable law of gravity and enjoying the fall.  I remember once in Australia, working cattle in Northern Queensland, I just knotted the reins and closed my eyes, and let the horse gallop across the bush. I kept my eyes closed and just let the horse do what it did so well. It was wonderful. I don’t recommend it, but I will never forget how free I felt.

I now know that had I worn a skirt, a knotted shirt and shaved my legs, I may have got even more from that moment.

Now I am inclined to slip into a short skirt or pair of shorts and embrace my freedom when I relax. Maybe you should too, Donald! Just kicking back, turning up the music and letting yourself be Venus for a moment might be a very cleansing experience for you! Who knows, maybe dance around in the Oval office for a little while.

Whoever you are, and whatever color you dye your hair you can always depend on having a welcome here on my website. Maybe you should let Mistress Meg or Katia help you relax on my Patreon!



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