I do like to tease. No, really I do. 

It’s a source of great amusement to Stacey, and some of the other girls I have around, that to really leave an impression on one of the sissies in our care one has to know how to deliver an experience with the maximum of impact.

For example, just the other day we had a couple of our guests pleasure another man for our amusement. A simple enough request, you’d think. However to help our unwilling but compliant guests feel more enthusiastic we made one of them watch the other giving a friend a blow job.

How strange it must have felt for the poor little man. Never had a cock passed his lips, and here he was watching another man doing something he felt almost repelled by. And yet he stared transfixed, knowing that any moment it would be his turn to do the very same.

Oh, the emotions dancing across his face. Was that anticipation or revulsion? Did he wonder how that load of cum would taste as it slid warmly down his throat? Who knows. And who cares, I’d make him blow his friend just to make me laugh.

But you know what? It’s never very hard to persuade them. More often than not they hungrily go to it, devouring that warm firmness right into their throat. I can hardly suppress a laugh as he coughs and splutters, the way they always do.

Katia Thornwood.

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