It’s firm and it’s muscular!

All these terrible things happening in Hawaii! One can only feel sympathy for those affected by the fires.

I am of course a keen environmentalist and have been concerned about rising temperatures for years. My particular angle is to have more people get out of their cars and onto their bicycles.

It’s rather awkward to watch Contrapoints talking about Al Gores’ film, An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore doesn’t appear to be the buffoon he was once thought to be. I’ve included Natalie’s piece about it below.  I thoroughly recommend checking it out.

Really though, why do we drive around in a two ton object to buy a pound of flour. No one can convince me that’s an efficient model for the 21st century. Besides, this ass gets to be firm and muscular when I get on my bicycle. I love it, and so do the boys following behind.

But life really is never about being efficient, is it? We’re all just doing our best to get through the day. Just like Rainbow, my good friend. She’s still studying to be a therapist, after a rather awkward misunderstanding. However, one does have to admit, being a student she’s working some very odd part time jobs. You may remember the advertising agency where I pretend to work, has a funeral home as a client. As luck would have it, Rainbow did manage to secure a part time job there for a while.

I learned some rather disturbing news the other day when I heard she’d once more been let go.  Apparently, recently a rather well known celebrity died and things were not handled very well. The name’s not going to mean much to my readers, but this old gentleman was the original songwriter who wrote the song, “The Hokey Pokie” –

Of course, it was important that his arrangements be made with suitable reverence. However, when putting him into the beautiful rosewood coffin Rainbow had terrible difficulties. It seems rather undignified to even write about it. She put the left arm in, anyway, things sort of went down hill from there. It took three hours to get the old fellow in there.

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