Selfies For Crossdressers — Part 3.


Monica is a talented model with an eye for simplicity and good taste. Her blog is HERE.

There’s a few issues we face as crossdressers. One of the first things we need to get over is the fact that our hands are slightly bigger than female hands. Props can help us with this.

A common trick among those who take great selfies is either to obscure the hands, or to use oversize props. This includes large wine glasses, very large rings or other ornaments.  A large bracelet or necklace also has the effect of slimming and reducing the apparent size of a subject.  Looking out for props and accessories like this is a great idea long before you take the shot you’re looking for. Keeping an eye open for interesting objects that you can use for this is a great idea, particularly if you like to do garage sales or antique stores.

Other things that can be brought into play very easily include a nice fabric or dress that can be draped over your hands to obscure them, black tight gloves, which tend to make hands look a little slimmer, and even holding an object such as a soccer ball or vase. I find it’s generally a good idea to stay away from guns or sharp objects.  It can send the wrong message, as several Re[publicans have learned with their unbelievably bad taste Christmas Cards in recent years. I hope none of my lovely members have such poor taste.

When you think about it, you probably want an image that will convey calm serene beauty (see Monica). If you’re able to ensure that objects in the image reflect this idea you’re off to a great start. Probably don’t need a chainsaw as a prop.

Just between you and I, the greatest prop of all is just a little bit of luck. Enjoy the video below.

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