Poison! It’s just one pill a day. What harm can that do?

Poison! It’s just one pill a day. What harm can that do?

Enjoy Poison!  The first episode is free, and then you’ll need to join my $1 a month Patreon level. Give it a try for a month, and perhaps you’ll see how addictive Poison! really is.

Jerry enjoys a challenge. It’s said that a woman can’t change a man and should never try to do so.  Well, it really depends how much pharmacy one throws at the problem. 

In her work at the pharmaceutical company Jerry is perfectly positioned to experiment with that idea.  Join her and watch as Blair experiences some new perspectives.

Along the way Jerry is going to have some fun with Blair’s dear, but interfering sister. 

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Poison! Part 1.

The soft sensation of nylon against my skin is almost the perfect form of foreplay. Pulling on the nylon stockings, and smoothing them up my leg, unhurried and luxuriously before a date is always enough to make me wet.

Perhaps it’s a response to my desire for something to happen, or maybe it’s just a learned response. After all, most times I do go out dressed in this manner I get what I’m looking for, so it’s only a matter of time before my body, hungry for the lecherous and desperate touch of a lover, is served to my satisfaction. You’ll note that I said ‘my satisfaction’. I point this out as I do like to play a little game.

It’s been about five years now that I’ve followed a rather particular dating practice.  I usually use one of the more popular apps, Tinder or some such, and there I will select a – now what should I call them – a project. Yes. I select a project. You know if you go to some of the apps you can even find me. Of course, I’m not going to make that too easy for you, as I really don’t want to give away all my secrets.

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Poison! Part 2.

Hello again, and welcome back. You can find Part 1 here. 

Let’s do a little experiment. I want you to think of the soft fabric of panties. A simple enough task, and one you likely don’t find unpleasant.

Now let’s take it a little further. Rather than thinking of the soft qualities of the fabric, I’d like you to imagine those very same panties on someone. You can choose me, if you like. Think of the form of my hips, the curve of my body, even the few whisps of pubic hair vaguely visible, but most of all of the shape. In your mind you can almost imagine touching, stoking and enjoying those perfect shapes, warm beneath your hand. Soft. Moist.

You cannot help but think of the soft aroma of my scent, can you. And as you do so the thought almost transports you to some moment in which you’ve either wanted to touch, or indeed done so, and the rewarding feeling of a body responding.

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