The Dog Days Of Summer.

The long sultry days of summer are easing to a close, and the sun sliding from the sky a little earlier each day now. Here in Canada we’re experiencing a delightful Indian summer, as the last days of this season slowly ebb away.

This week I enjoyed a moonlight paddle in a kayak with one of our members who’s birthday fell on the night of the full moon. A small group of us paddled out in the night across English Bay, in Vancouver. It was a magical night. We sang The Volga Birthday Song ( ) beneath the majesty of the BC coastal mountains as we drifted on the gentle swell of the inky black sea.

Perhaps it’s the easy going nature of people here, or maybe it’s the liberal nature of society that makes living in Canada so agreeable. Those of us in the gender queer space are generally well received, particularly on the west coast. So it’s really quite a downer to see Sylvester mooning about the place, and that’s not a sight for the feint of heart, let me tell you.

At first I though he might be suffering from a return of his chronic flatulence, or perhaps Covid-19. However, I am a crossdressing advertising account executive, not a doctor and I decided on a course of observation, rather than treatment. He’s been wandering around with a long face these past couple of weeks. I told him to buck up, and that he makes Huckleberry Close look untidy with that look plastered on his face. Eventually I asked Ali, my Syrian gardener, who’s become good friends with Sylvester, what had come over him.

“Relationships,” said Ali speaking in his heavily accented English and shaking his head. “When they’re good they’re great. But when they’re not, it’s suddenly ‘Whitney Houston, we have a problem’.”

I’m quite concerned about Ali’s English lessons. I should talk to him about that.

‘What on earth’s the matter,” I said to Sylvester eventually. “You look sadder than an aspiring actor who just found out their role in the script for a Star Trek remake is to be called ‘Crewman One’.”

“Taking a phaser blast to my heart wouldn’t feel as bad as I do now,” he replied forlornly.

“Who is it this time,” I asked. “Let me guess, someone completely unavailable and unattainable. Does this person know you are alive? Who is it?”

Amanda,” he muttered in reply.

I released a long sigh.

“Amanda? You mean, ‘Amanda the lesbian whose having a relationship with my next door neighbour and slept with my wife when they were in collage together’? That Amanda?”

“That’s typical,” he said rounding on me. “Always coming out with a funny crack.”

“Leave my funny crack out of this,” I snapped back at him.

It sometimes seems that when Amanda’s not editing Pig And Pig Farmer Weekly she’s doing her best to sleep her way through Huckleberry Close. She has a prodigious appetite for two unlikely things; sex and tweed. 

“You can’t get involved with Amanda,” I said. “She’s already spoken for. Marjory and her are an item. Besides, she drives a Prius.”

“I know that,” groaned Sylvester mournfully.

I must say I do sometimes wonder why the human heart so very efficiently zeroes in on precisely that which it cannot have. “If there is a God,” as Lenni, one of our female Whatsapp Group members pointed out, “She’s got a sense of humor.”

So, I have that to put up with that this week. Personally I think it’s nothing an iced coffee enema wouldn’t clear up.

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