Those Naughty Seahorses!

I am thrilled to be offering content from my naughty friend, Mistress Meg to my Seahorses. Anyone joining at Seahorse level of above gets a collection of her messages, stories and quite explicit content, and of course regular updates. 

I generally keep content of that nature off the website and in the Patreon platform, as it’s much better suited to that type of material. I’d love you to be able to enjoy some of these adult oriented offerings. Be sure to check out Patreon HERE.

Mistress Meg was kind enough to give me a copy of one of her weekly messages, which I’ve reproduced below.  Personally I find it really quite shocking, however, if you enjoy it I know you’ll love being one of our Seahorse members. 🙂



Good evening, Seahorses.

Now, if you are a regular reader of mine, you’ll remember my guest Roland, who heads the local Chamber of Commerce. A very self absorbed individual. I remarked to Stacy not so long ago, that if one left him unfettered too long he would be too ‘up himself’ to be of much use to anyone or for anything.

Well, as perhaps you can imagine, I do not like to be kept waiting when a guest is visiting my studio. Appointments are very strictly timed. So, when he recently made the cardinal error of arriving late for his appointment, I was not best pleased. Even after changing, and entering the studio with just a small towel around his waist he was still out of breath.

He replied breathlessly, having run from where he was parked down the street, “I’m so sorry, mistress. I have had a terrible morning.”

“It’s not over yet,” I pointed out. It was about to get a lot worse.

“I went for my morning cycle,” he smiled between gasps as he got his breath back. “You know I like to keep in shape.”

I felt he was fishing for compliments. He was fishing in the wrong place.

“When do you expect it to pay off?”

He soldiered on. “And while I was on the road heading back up the hill my chain slipped and I ended up falling off. It was quite painful.” He looked at me as though searching for sympathy. “And there was a truck following very closely. It missed my head by just a few inches.”

I paused a moment and then, with a sigh, replied ambiguously, “How very unfortunate.”

I turned to Stacey, and said, “Prepare the wax.”

Stacey smiled back at me. She always likes this particular exercise for some reason.

Roland’s face dropped. “Wax?” he said. “What are you going to do with that?”

I slowly walked to the wall on which several of my whips hang. I selected one and tested it. There was a satisfying crack as I swished it to and fro.

“I believe you know how to address me, Roland.”

He stammered, looking at the whip, “I’m sorry, Mistress. But, what are you going to do with the wax, Mistress?”

I called to Stacey in the other room. “Stacey, be a sweetheart and bring a blindfold, too.”

I turned back to Roland. “Oh, think of it as being for your own good.”

Stacey returned and we each took one of Rolands wrists, and secured it to the cross attached to the frame, which I sometimes use for recalcitrant visitors. We then secured his feet, and I took the blindfold and put it in place. I pulled his towel away and he squirmed to cover himself, in vain.

A moment or so later and Stacey had gone out and fetched the hot wax, and placed it over a candle flame on a warmer in a brass bowl. I could see Roland’s nose twitch as he smelled the wax. Smell is such a stimulating sense, when blindfolded.

A moment later we released the fasteners and swung the cross down to its’ horizontal position. From here it was table height, and a very confused Roland started protesting. He’d not experienced the cross before.

“Be calm Roland,” I said gently.  “It really is for your own good!”


“Now, listen,” I said reassuringly. “Obviously if you’re going to continue a sensible exercise regime you’d better stop cycling for a while.  I think you should take up swimming, don’t you?”


“And all good swimmers know the value of shaving body hair.”


“Yes.  All of it.” I turned to Stacey. “Now, where shall we start, dear?”

“I know where,” piped up Stacey. With that she began to drip the hot wax onto his groin, and he began to scream.

“Bring those panties,” I said to Stacey. “He needs to keep a little more quiet. Just push them in his mouth, and then use a little duct tape for good measure. Believe me, if he thinks it’s painful putting the wax on, he’s in for a shock when we remove it!”

Things became much more quiet after that.

Now, I hope you’re managing to keep yourself nice and disciplined.  I have such a devoted group of boys and girls in my premium group at present. If you are among this number, well done. I have some exciting games for you in the coming weeks.  For those of you who have yet to sign up for the premium program, let me give you a little advice. You may want to start removing a little body hair for yourselves. When you do sign up it might make it easier on you.

Have a lovely week.

Mistress Meg.

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