How to feminize your man – Part 2 – With Oakley Dale – Crossdressing

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These instructions are very simple, but they take time. There’s no point rushing this, and you’ll fin it far more enjoyable if you invest the time and effort to make the changes lasting or even permanent. If you haven’t heard the first in this series, just look for the link on

So, by this time, he’s wearing a pair of panties more or less every day. If he has to go to the gym or the pool, maybe you cut him some slack, but otherwise, he’s pantied and you shop together for nice feminine panties. Ask him which ones feel nicest, which feel they feel like they fit best – simply engaging him in the talk will help him say that he likes one over another – which sounds almost like ‘I like wearing them’. You’re actually conditioning him to like them as much as anything. Soon he’ll just put them on without you suggesting it, as long as you continually affirm how turned on it makes you feel.

The fourth task is easy.

One evening, out of the blue ask him to paint your nails. Simple as that… except you tell him how good he is at it “just like my girlfriend xxx. We used to paint each others toe nails hwne we were kids, and then make out, pretending each other were guys. It was pretty hot! Would you like me to paint your nails?”

If you get him a little turned on before you ask him, it will help, but he’ll likely say, “OK, but just one!” Just go along with this, and absent mindedly do them all. Don’t worry, he’ll play along. Once painted, refresh them every three or four days, and tell him that each time you see them you get so turned on you just can’t help it.

Next – Task 5.

At some point you’re going to have to begin something he may have wanted for years. If he’s ever talked about ‘anal’ now’s your chance to give him what he wants, though maybe not quite the way he anticipated. Next time you make love have a small vibrator, or adult toy, and surprise him with it. There’s a first time for everything, after all. Tell him, you like it because it makes you feel powerful. You love that he trusts you so much. Tell him you always wanted to and so few men let you do what you want.

Now keep in mind he’s pretty receptive to your training by now. He’s ready to do anything for this enhanced sex life. He’s also unknowingly drifting into an increasing submissive sexual role. You should be sure that you are stimulating him anally when he climaxes, and that’s going to be a feature of your lovemaking from this point forward. What you’re doing is setting up the association of him eventually needing to feel the anal excitement to achieve orgasm.

By this time, when he comes, you should be using language such as – ‘You’re such a good girl,” and “My little girl loves to be used, deosn’t she?” whenever you’re enjoying sexual intimacy. Believe me, he’s going to be so occupied enjoying himself, you won’t need to worry about what he is thinking.

In fact, at this point he’s going to be so receptive to suggestion during the process that he won’t even realise that he’s being programmed into a femme role. It’s going to seem like the most natural thing in the world.

On to Task Six. This is one you have to play very carefully. In fact, in successful feminizations of this sort, this is the tell tale task – the one that dictates what happens next.

Ask him if he finds that his orgasm is more intense following a period of not having sex. You should be recording each time you have sex up to this point, and you’re now going to find what the average period between nights when you have sex is.

So, if it’s every four or five days you are going to need to know that. Here’s why; you’re going to deny him sexual release for at least double the average period between sex. Now, he’s not to know that you’ll likely satisfy yourself, or make your own arrangements. During this time you should keep encouraging him, telling how good it will be.

When the time comes, and you do make love, he’ll be thrilled. However, you are going to pretend that you think he’s been jerking off and relieving himself. You want to try the experiment again. Only this time you want to be sure it really works, which is why you’re going to ask one of your girlfriends to get hold of a chastity device. He’ll balk at the idea at first, but you let him know it’s just for a few days.

Now, I’m happy to answer your questions – but if you’re enjoying this, then perhaps you should check out – where you can learn all about crossdressing. And if you want to feminize your boyfriend, be sure to look out for Part 2 in this 3 part series, by following me on Twitter and Periscope. That way you’ll know when I’m doing them, but they’re also on – You can also find more of my Periscopes at



Continuing crossdressing adventures, and leotards!


I am pleased to report that Bernard is making a slow but healthy recovery and seems to be over the worst after his unfortunate encounter with a carrot. I visited him this morning and when I arrived home from the hospital I found my wife’s appalling friend Amanda at my house. Max had let her in, something I’d warned him about, but he seemed to have forgotten. I was a little irritated as I had a lot on, and had to get to a jazzercise class which would start shortly.

As I hurried in Max silently mouthed his apology.

“Hello, Amanda,” I said as I heard her beige trouser suit rustle in my direction and she appeared from the living room. “Have you been having fun on the newsdesk?”

“Why, what have you heard?” she replied nervously.

I couldn’t really imagine what fun one could have on the newsdesk of Pig And Pig Farmer Weekly, but didn’t waste too much time thinking about it.

“I wasn’t expecting you today,” I said. Had I known she’d be coming I would have been out.

“Well, I thought I’d stop by. Leo’s with me today,” she said, and glanced over her shoulder into the living room.

I should explain, and I’d like to do this with the sympathy and delicacy this subject deserves, that Leo is what we used to call ‘developmentally disadvantaged.’ He is a very sweet young man, but has never really progressed beyond the early stages of mental development. Now, I should point out that in Canada we have a very inclusive approach to those less fortunate than ourselves, and we embrace those less able than the rest of us. It’s a point on which we stand with great national pride. Not withstanding my recent unfortunate episode with a homeless person, I believe we measure ourselves as a nation by how we treat the less fortunate. To us, universal healthcare at no cost whatsoever, for example, is an absolute no brainer. Which, in it’s way makes what happened this afternoon even more difficult to relate.

I made my apologies to Amanda and said I had to hurry to get ready for my Jazzercise class, and had to change, and so hurried upstairs. I had washed and prepared a few things, and as I gathered them together and put them in my bag, I realised I’d left some clothes lying in the living room.

I called down to Max, who came upstairs.

“Max,” I said, “I seem to have left some things in the living room. Some tights and a leotard, they’re probably in the living room. Can you be a sweetheart and see if you can find them. I think they may be lying over the back of the chair by the window.

With that I changed out of my office clothes and into a light summer dress. I’d slip into my dancewear at the studio.

It was then that I heard a commotion from downstairs, and the slamming of the front door. From my bedroom window I saw Amanda hurry to her Prius, and help her brother Leo into the passenger seat. I couldn’t think what had caused such a commotion, and a moment later Max was politely knocking on my bedroom door.

I opened it and stepped out.

“What on earth was that all about?” I asked.

“I think I must have said something to upset Amanda… I don’t know what I did. She just erupted.”

“Max, calm down. I’m sure it’s nothing.  Just tell me what you said.”

Max followed me downstairs, and recounted his words.

“I just walked into the living room and said to Amanda that you were changing upstairs and I had come down to find a leotard that was lying around in the living room.”

“That’s all you said?”

“Yes,” he said looking hurt.

“Those were your exact words?” I pressed him.

For a moment he closed his eyes, and then in a moment of reflection he said, “No, wait a moment… I came through that door, and then I said “Is there a leotard lying around in here?”… And that’s when she took off in a huff!”

“Oh,” I replied.  “You don’t think she thought you were referring to her brother, do you? I mean, his name is Leo… and he is… well, you know.”

We looked at each other ashamed of ourselves. I felt pretty sure I had an awkward phone call ahead to make to Amanda.

But that’s not the main reason I’m writing to you today. I thought I’d drop you a line and tell you about some of the spectacular leotards that you can find on my website. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. That’s quite a coincidence, isn’t it? They’re versatile and fun, and as you’ll see can be worn either in a very femme way, or quite an androgynous manner. Check out the page on my site that tells you about them and you’ll find they’re fun and can make you look great.

Till next week.



If your mum comes in while you’re watching this, switch to porn whatever you do. It’s just easier to explain away!

How to feminize your man – Part 1 – With Oakley Dale

These instructions are very simple, but they take time. There’s no point rushing this, and you’ll fin it far more enjoyable if you invest the time and effort to make the changes lasting or even permanent.

So, here’s how you start – and I suggest you don’t really tell him much about what you’re doing. We all love surprises, right?

So, the first step is really simple. All you need to do is, one night when it seems he’s eager to have sex, and you can make that happen by teasing him a bit, or denying him anything for a while, you’re simply going to ask him to wear your panties while he makes love.

Now, don’t push it further. Just ask him to, and tell him it makes you feel really turned on. Most guys will go for this. If you need to, just tell him it gets you excited about a lesbian fantasy you have. Don’t worry, he’ll go for it.

You’ll probably find he likes this exercise, but the next one is going to be more challenging, so you need to be quite insistent. Wait for a few days, and keep telling him how hot it was when he made love to you in your panties. But now you’re going to ask him if he wouldn’t mind shaving for you. You want him to shave his pubic hair and also his legs.

When you do this tell him that you actually find that men’s body hair really grosses you out. You had a previous boyfriend who understood, and when he shaved it became so much more sensual for you. In fact he found it more intimate too, and the sex was way better.

After he’s shaved once, insist he keeps his genitals and legs shaved. Each time you make love tell him how you like it so much more now. Suggest to him that he seems to be enjoying it more now, too.

Now, you’re a week or so into this exercise now, which is when you tell him that you want him to wear your panties every time you have sex. Tell him, you’d do the same for him – and that you really admire a man who is so committed to pleasing you.

When you buy feminine razors, about this time, start buying him feminine razors. There’s little difference other than the color, of course, but you are beginning to condition him into this new behavior. At this stage he’ll have little idea that you are modifying his behaviour – but that’s OK.

In fact, it suits you just fine.

Now, I’m happy to answer your questions – but if you’re enjoying this, then perhaps you should check out – where you can learn all about crossdressing. And if you want to feminize your boyfriend, be sure to look out for Part 2 in this 3 part series, by following me on Twitter and Periscope. That way you’ll know when I’m doing them, but they’re also on – You can also find more of my Periscopes at




Fire and Furry.

I’m emailing you having just returned from the heart unit, where I am happy to relate that Bernard is in the process of recovery from his rather unfortunate incident with a carrot.  This is much to the relief of Max, who for a moment thought he may have blood (or rather carrot juice) on his hands after shooting Bernard with the aid of Sebastian’s motorcycle. If this is all a bit confusing you may be able to catch up here.

I arrived home to find Sylvester sitting at my kitchen table looking more confused than a Trump supporter who had recently learned that he’d won a months free food at Hooters, only to discover that he had to complete a skill testing question asking him to calculate the area of a square measuring 2 inches by 2 inches, before being eligible to collect his prize. I asked Sylvester what could possibly be wrong.

“It’s this business with North Korea. My dad was out there years ago, and that didn’t go so well,” said Sylvester.

Now, in case you’ve been living under a rock – which might be the safest place to be under the circumstances – then you might be unaware that people are talking about the possibility of nuclear war. At times like this one is forced to ask the big questions. ‘What’s it all for?’, and ‘Isn’t there hope for humanity?’, and ‘What does one really wear for Armageddon?’.

As I looked down at my troubled friend, I was forced to conclude that one should always look on the bright side, and dress up for the occasion. Seeing Sylvester’s legs, also brought something else to mind, and consider that this is a man who looks like a gorilla and a fridge got together and created a baby.
I am of course talking about the need to deal with body hair when one crossdresses. The need to look one’s best supersedes all other considerations as the nuclear clock ticks toward midnight. Sylvester’s legs are very hairy, and if one is to meet one’s end looking fabulous either waxing it off, or at least disguising the body hair is a great place to start.

Not all of my members are able to shave their legs. For those who discretely dress without the knowledge of their partners, suddenly appearing without leg hair may be something of a give away. One member did successfully claim that their new swimming regime required them to remove as much body hair as possible, but this isn’t going to fly for some members.

In the quest to disguise body hair the fishnet pantyhose are your friends. Better still, try a fishnet body stocking. No one should be without one, in my opinion. If you’re unable to find one locally, you can follow this link and order one on my website.

So, the question remains, faced with the unpleasant eventuality of nuclear annihilation, what would your outfit be? Personally, I think nice summer dress and some heels, pretty pink bra and panties. Feel free to let me know.

Now don’t forget, you can now join My Little Black Book for just $2.95 a month by using this link –  Be sure to let me know once you’ve paid and I’ll get you set up.



Leotards – a great way to keep fit and look great doing so.

Whether you like to get into a dance class, or just like to do a little yoga at home, you can look wonderful at the bar or on the mat by slipping into something figure hugging and fun.

Now if you read my weekly emails you’ll realise the unfortunate story behind the leotards and the whole thing with Amanda – but if not, you may like to browse through these anyway. You can sign up for the free program here.

For those who want to wear their leotard in a slightly different way, it’s going to look great as a top, over jeans or just a light skirt. As a simple androgenous look there are many leotards that work perfectly, and as a feminine icon, it is of course, spectacular. FD.

It’s summer – it’s mini skirt weather!

It’s time to get into that mini skirt and show off your curves.  The hypnosis file above will help you make up your mind to get out there and give it a try, all you need to do now is select a great skirt and off you go! Remember to check sizes, and most guys will be a XXL.

Here’s a few great options you can order online.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a mini skirt. It will change the way you look, and change the way you feel. Be sure of one thing, though. If you’re going to wear a mini, you have to wear it like you mean it!


Bernard goes beyond.


Well, I’m sure you’re aware of the latest events around Bernard being shot in the chest with a carrot – if not you can catch up here – which has left us all very worried about his health.

To get you up to date, it wasn’t until several hours after he’d been carted off in the ambulance, following Max getting so upset about what he described as Sebastian and I doing yoga ‘doggy style’in my garden, that I managed to get through to the emergency department. The head nurse left me on hold as she went to see what had happened to poor Bernard.

Now, as you likely know, Bernard recently had a heart transplant following a Tazering incident, and we were all most concerned that he may have been severely hurt by the flying vegetable. Additionally, Max was getting increasingly worried about the idea that he may have committed a crime.

I had the phone in my kitchen on speaker, as Max and I waited to be transferred. I remember the moment in some detail, as I had just finished freshening my nail polish and I couldn’t very well hold the cell. Really, though, that scarlet color is simply to die for!

I asked Max to paint my toe nails, as I waited on hold. I was standing there on one leg, my other foot on a bar stool, my tight leggings showing the well defined shape of my legs, as Max painted my toes. You know, you might think me a little cruel, but I do get a little thrill from the fact that his eyes would drift up my leg from time to time. Torturing the puppies is a secret pleasure of mine!

“Is that Fiona Dobson,” came the nurses voice.

“It most certainly is,” I replied.

“Yes, Ms. Dobson. Bernard has you listed as his primary contact.”

“Of course he does!” I said, attempting to keep the frustration from my voice.

“Well, Ms. Dobson, I’m sorry to tell you this…”

At that moment Max’s hand shakily managed to paint one of my toes.

“Just a moment,” I said, then turning to Max, “for goodness sake, Max. Please be more attentive!”

I turned back to the phone, “Go on, dear,” I said.

“Yes,” she continued, “I’m sorry but I have to tell you…”

“Max!” I shouted, as he slipped once more. “Do be careful!”

The nurse continued, “I’m sorry but Bernard is no longer with us.”

There was a pause, and Max fell pale. I took the phone off speaker mode, and said to the nurse, “But … How?”

“He’s no longer in the emergency department,” continued the nurse. “He’s been transferred to the Intensive Care Unit, he’s scheduled for heart surgery later today.”

Now, I am sure you know I am not an unkind individual. However, I do confess I thought briefly about leaving Max in his growing sense of panic. Mentally, he was already gathering a few things and ready to head to Mexico.

I arranged to visit in the morning, and hung up the phone.

“Don’t worry, Max. Bernard’s having surgery. I’m sure he’s got a good chance of a full recovery.  It was a nasty accident, that’s all. We can go to see him in the morning.”

With that, Sebastian entered the kitchen, doing his very best to be helpful. “I feel I should come, too. After all, it was my exhaust pipe from which he was hurt. I feel a kind of karmic obligation.”

“How thoughtful you are,” I said. “Max, my nails aren’t going to paint themselves!”

“Perhaps I could take him one of my nice recordings of relaxing sounds. That’s sure to make him feel better. Fiona, what’s the most relaxing sound you can think of. Whale song? The sound of the wind through a forest?”

“I think the sound of the door closing as Amanda leaves my house following one of her visits. That always leaves me feeling better,” I said.

“I think whale song might be more relaxing,” murmured Sebastian.

With that we did our best to put our fears for Bernard to rest. Max continued to do my toe nails and we resolved to visit the hospital the following morning.

And so it was that we decided to visit the following morning, Max and Sebastian bringing both guilt and karmic balance, and I some perfectly painted nails and a rather smart pleated skirt.

I shall let you know how things went next week.


No one should be without a body stocking!

If you are getting my weekly emails – which you get when you sign up for the Free Program – you’ll already know the importance of having a great body stocking in your wardrobe.  I was reminded, when looking at Sylvester’s legs the other day, that some of us bare a closer resemblance to the lower primates than others. Having a great body stocking is a good way to disguise body hair.

Here’s a selection of options that are fun, easy to wear and will make you feel fabulous.




The Travelogue Of Katia Thornwood – Part 11.

Ben’s feet moved cautiously across the creaking floor, his hand in mine as I guided him blindfolded towards the sounds of the group. Goosebumps studded his naked form, still wet from the shower. I’d reapplied his makeup, but without the corset and striated with the marks of heavy use and a slight limp, he looked less magnificent now. After her frigid baptismal cleansing in the chemical room, Britney looked every part the fallen woman. But she wasn’t done falling yet.


“Just remember, I’ll be here.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


Roger, Brad, Pierre and David stood beside the wooden chair between the machines. Cuffs dangled from the hook above. A case of red wine had been opened and the men were drinking and whispering conspiratorially amongst themselves, bottles in hand, their voices growing silent as we approached.


I handed Ben to Roger, who took him by the arms and guided him up to stand on the wooden chair, fastening Ben’s wrists in the cuffs so his arms were ballerina-like above his stretched torso.


I took the tasselled leather whip the men had left for me beside the chair and began teasing it over Ben’s nipples, feeling him stiffen as I moved it around his sides, a smirk forming on his face.


“It… tickles…”




“So, Roger, how good would you say the sound insulation of this place is?”


The tassels moved down Ben’s back, I flicked him lazily on his right buttock, playing with him. Roger harrumphed, pulling out what looked like a blade from his pocket and poking David gently on the arm with it. David drew back with a snap as Roger laughed.


Electro shock blades. I had seen these before but never had much desire to use them. Roger looked half cut already, which was disappointing. If he thought he was using that on my Ben, he had another thing coming. That said, I was game to test it out. I figured Ben had had ample time to show evidence of a heart condition by now – if I hadn’t shocked him into a coronary so far with my antics, chances were a little surge of electricity to the testicles probably wouldn’t do it either.


“The windows are obviously cracked, but no one comes here. I used to work part time as a security guard here in the evening. No one but the dogs.”






Ben’s body moved gracefully from side to side with every slap of the whip. A faint sigh. His cock, shrunken from the frigid water of the shower, started to grow again. I walked back to his front, cracking the whip down on his hips, his thighs, with increasing speed. Roger was playing around with the CD player – the Greenskeepers’ “Lotion” started to play. I had to stifle a giggle. It did help me get a fairly even tempo with the whip though, leather biting into flesh in two-four time.  I’ve always been good at timing. At boarding school I played violin in the orchestra. These days, I do a fair bit of fiddling, but very little of it with strings.


I was going for Ben’s cock now with the whip, not as hard as I could, but hard enough to make him teeter and exclaim an occasional profanity.


“Language, Britney. Or I’ll make these gentlemen choose what to wash your mouth out with.”


Hardly a deterrent – the little pervert looked positively excited at the prospect, the beginnings of that irritating smirk on his face. Any hesitation I felt about him being too fragile disappeared with that smirk. Oh, we were going to play with him alright.


“Sorry Mistress.”


Half way through the song, David stepped forward with the marker pen Roger had given him earlier.


 “I think the meat is sufficiently beaten now, Katia. Thank you.”


I stepped back watching as David ran his hand appreciatively over Ben’s thigh, his belly and his back. Ben shuddered at this new touch of coarse hands, as the butcher pinched and slapped his flanks. Evaluating.


“Have you heard of Kobe beef, Britney?”


“O.. of course… Why?”


David uncapped the pen and began drawing the cool ink down in a dotted line around his waist.


“Katia… Mistress?”


“I’m here, Britney. Try to breathe. Your hands tied above your head like that may make you dizzy after a while. Breathing will help.”




“Shhh, Shhh.”


David drew words between each line. Flank steak, brisket, stew meat. Short plate, fore shank. His handwriting was surprisingly elegant, not what I would have expected from a man in his profession. Almost a waste. Roger twisted the wine opener into the cork of a new bottle. Ben jolted in his restraints as the cork released with a pop.


“Well, let me tell you, Britney, Kobe beef is the finest of beef. Before the cows are slaughtered, they are massaged with sake for hours, to improve the skin’s softness. Sometimes they feed them sake, to increase their appetite. A plump cow is a tasty one. Here… you have a sip…”


Roger leaned up to Ben’s lips with the bottle. Ben, now so programmed to respond to anything near his lips, obediently opened his mouth and allowed Roger to pour the garnet liquid down his throat.


“Interestingly in France, they have a similar practice. Except there’s no massaging, they just fed the cows up to two bottles of wine a day. As with the cows in Japan, the booze increases their appetite. They get fat and happy. Not a bad way to go, eh?”


“Drink.” Roger pushed the neck of the bottle back up to Ben’s mouth, bumping it roughly off the sides of his lips, the glass chinking against the hardness of tooth.


“You will be more careful with my slave, Roger. I’m a Mistress, not a dentist after all.”


Roger shot me the scowl of a boy disciplined in front of his friends. This may have been his game, but Ben was still mine, so if Mr. Bigshot wanted to play with my toy, he had to play by my rules. Roger’s problem was not his imagination, or his eloquence, but how sloppily he conducted himself in the game. The shaky hands, drinking too much and the arrogance. So like a man to lose sight of important details. The problem, I suppose, with two heads rather than one to think with – when both are altogether too big.


“How about I pour. You can go back to your bottle. I’ll take the blade too, if you don’t mind.”


Ben’s smirk disappeared.


“Blade? Mistress? What blade? I never agreed to….”




“You will be silent unless spoken to, is that clear?”


“Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress, but…”


I kneed him in the balls and he yelped, falling silent.


Roger, irritated, passed me the bottle of Merlot and the blade, which I stuffed into my bra. I climbed up onto the chair, tilting the bottle to Ben’s lips, who sipped and half choked with his trembling. David continued to scribble furiously below me, as I ran my fingers through Ben’s hair. Short ribs, porterhouse, chuck. Pierre shifted his weight impatiently on the balls of his feet, eyeballing the helpless captive, his pupils almost black with excitement.


“Pierre,” David turned around, “You’re up.”


“I’d be delighted.” Pierre giggled.


“You know, Britney. I’m a little disappointed,” David said, moving forward. “I took you for a lady when I first saw you, but I see now that you’re just a small cocked, deceptive little faggot who likes being jazzed on. I feel deceived. I think we should punish him, don’t you guys?”


“Cut off his balls!” cackled Roger, from the corner.


Ben’s thighs instinctively pressed together. His arms rattled in the restraints – he was trying to wrap his legs around me, as if that was going to help anything!


“Safeword! Mistress – What’s the safeword?”


“Oh you forgot to remind me about a safeword beforehand. Silly you. It’s too late now, my dear. If I were you, I’d go along with it as best you can. On the bright side, you’ll still have your cock…”




I slapped him. He kept on wriggling, trying to anchor my shin with his leg. It really got exciting when Brad turned on one of the metal saws. Sparks flew as an ear splitting screech of agitating metal ripped through the old building, making the thin panes of the windows chatter. Ben screamed then. I placed my face against his, kissing his ear, tasting the sweat running down the side of his face. Brad turned off the saw.


“W..what are you going to do to me? Please don’t cut off my balls… please!” Ben shook in his shackles, the chair legs clacking below him.


Please… please….” Roger taunted.


I shot David a concerned look as tears started to stream down Ben’s cheek. The butcher mouthed ‘it will be ok’. Ben trembled in my arms. Pierre knelt down on a stool in front of Ben. His large hands running down the outside of Ben’s thighs, working inwards towards his erection, that – despite the terror – grew none the less.


“The problem with the whole slaughtering business…” David said, “Is that you don’t want the animal to feel the fear before it dies. Frightened meat tastes awful. You want to know why, Britney?”


“N…n… no….”


“Well, I’ll get Brad to tell you anyway. Brad – you spock – why don’t you tell us? You’re the biochemistry student…”


“Fear produces adrenaline. Adrenaline uses glycogen, glycogen converts to lactic acid post mortem. So less glycogen means less lactic acid means tough, acidic and tasteless meat.”


“Couldn’t have said it better myself. Brad’s a smart kid, aren’t you?”


Brad raised his glass of wine. Thankfully barely touched. He looked the smartest of all of them. Shame he was so incredibly dull. But that’s the way it goes with excitement – chances are the people who excite you most aren’t the ones who are good for you.


“How about you, Britney? You finish school? How many teachers did you have to suck off to graduate? Ah, never mind. So listen, Britney, you’ll like this. So with this slaughtering business I’m in, the problem comes when the animal anticipates something terrible is coming. Animals are smart, like us – we have our fears for a reason. But as the slaughterhouse attendant, you have a duty to keep those animals dumb and accepting for as long as you can. Happy even. So even though you’re terrified now… your legs are quaking below you, you’re barely breathing…”


“Breathe, Ben.” I commanded. He took a deep breath. A tear was running down his cheek. His bottom lip quivered. I almost felt bad. Almost.


“Even though you’re terrified, if we arouse you at the same time, there’s a chance that you’ll accept whatever we do to you next with far less resistance.”


“But I can’t resist, I’m tied up! Katia! Katia! I’m frightened! I’m frightened! Please… these people are crazy…”


I climbed up on the chair, embraced Ben tightly in my arms and wrapped my leg around him, kissing him. I enjoyed the feeling of his boner against me as I did so. Savouring the fear and desire of this helpless man who would, by now, foolishly do pretty much anything I told him to, because I was his Mistress.


“I think we’re all a little crazy, Britney. Perhaps you the most. You chose to come here, to this factory so far from civilization that no one can hear you scream. With these strangers who used and humiliated you. You had the chance to leave, and you didn’t. Obey the commands. I’ll be there throughout, and to hold you at the end. Whatever is left. Body and mind.”

I laughed, taking the bottle and pouring the wine into Ben’s mouth and letting it drip down his illustrated front, down his cock, to Pierre’s waiting mouth. Pierre lapped at the wine, then enclosed Ben’s erection in his large lips, sucking and smacking at the prize he’d craved from the beginning while Ben’s fear made him cry, and his arousal made him thrust into the stranger’s mouth. In this moment, fear and pleasure fused into something far more potent – Ben had the choice to hold both, but one cannot hold both forever. As Pierre moved to Ben’s balls with his admirable suction, Ben gave himself entirely to the pleasure of the moment. I poured more wine, a little, then a large stream, coming down over Ben like a river of fragrant blood. Sticky and warm from being stored in the hot entranceway locker.


As the bottle drained its last few drops, Ben writhed more on the chair, starting to feel the alcohol, but also the increasing, painful need to release in a way he hadn’t been able to under my care.


“Mistress… I’m going to cum…”


“You can wait…”


“I can’t… please… please can I cum?”


Pierre eyes were rolled back in his head as he fiercely slurped between Ben’s leg’s. Pierre wanted Ben’s cum just as much as he’d wanted Ben’s ass. I liked Pierre’s enthusiasm. When Pierre glanced over at me, I gave him a nod. He worked faster.


“Mistress I….”


Brad turned on the metal saw again. Ben screamed and came at the same time, his entire body shuddering in violent orgasm, pushing himself into Pierre’s mouth as Pierre latched hungrily to his cock and sucked as if he wished to turn Ben inside out. The wooden floor vibrated below us. Sparks bouncing off the plastic safety glass around the machine.


As Ben caught his breath, I approached him with the blade. The edge is not sharp like a knife, but thin enough to feel like one – if one’s mind has been addled by the play. The real pain comes from the voltage dispensed from the end on the push of a button. I passed the wine to Roger, who stood poised on Ben’s other side. David lit a candle, then pulled out of his pocket a tissue with some nail clippings in it. In some other circumstance, I would have been disgusted, but Roger had explained earlier the purpose of every move. Nails burnt in the flame of the candle release a foul smell, not unlike burning hair. Olfactory horror.


I grasped Ben’s sack in my hand, and slowly ran the knife edge along it. Ben pulled backwards, Brad helping to hold him steady.


“There’s nowhere to go, Ben. I suggest you breathe. I don’t want to do it, but I suppose I’ll have to. After all, it’s just the two of us against the four of them, mm? And you don’t want me to get into trouble, do you Ben? I mean, you’d do anything for me, right?”


“Y… yes but…”


“Even this.”


“B… but you said…”


“I promise you I’ll do this as quickly as I can, OK? If you squirm, I might miss and get an artery – we wouldn’t want that, right?”




“Shhh… shhh… Ben. Now – hold still.”


I pressed the button and the blade discharged the shock. Ben cried out, then slumped in his restraints, passed out. I checked his pulse. Still alive, but no doubt he’d be a little cross with me when he woke up.


Quickly, the men helped me unshackle him and carried him outside to the parking lot, disappearing inside to dispose of all evidence and close up before driving us back to the hotel.






Ben didn’t stir until we hit the expressway. His eyes blinked open, once, twice. Then suddenly his hand whipped down between his legs, grasping in the dim light for that reassuring softness he thought he’d lost.


“I still have… my balls! My balls! Yes! Yes!”


He was as excited as a kid at Christmas, fondling his beloved sack. It was almost cute.

Connecting with other members of Fiona’s Little Black Book.

By now you should have your Profile up in Fiona’s Little Black Book, a nice pic – or even just something simple until you have the time to do a really good one. Now it’s time to think about reaching out to others.

You don’t want to just sit there and wait for someone to connect. That’s just a wee bit too passive. No, as Sebastian said to me while pulling on his spandex cycling shorts, “Gotta get out there and seize the day!”

Actually, anyone wandering around in those shorts should be more concerned about someone grabbing them – there’s just too much on display, if you ask me.

So, now you’re going to send out at least three ‘Requests To Connect’. That’s what we call it when you send a message out to other members of Fiona’s Little Black Book. You might be tempted to send out hundred – but resist this urge. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

The smartest way to do this is to write a simple email – and save the contents in a Word document, or another similar program. Then use it as a template for the various emails you’re going to send out. You’ll be going back to that original document and tweaking it now and then. You may find that initially it’s not generating the responses you’d like to get, so it will need a little polishing. By saving it, and reworking it, you’ll gradually improve the quality.

Just hitting the entire membership in one go would not let you refine the email. So, gradually as you reach out to others, you’ll be refining your message and improving it.

Be sure you say a little about yourself, say a little about what has brought you to Fiona’s Little Black Book, and be sure to mention some of the things on Http:// that you’ve enjoyed. Then – and this is the important bit – be sure to ask a few questions about the person you’re writing to. You’ll probably have to tailor that part of your email to each individual, based on what they’ve put in their dating profile.

Ask one or two of your friends what aspects of you are appealing to others. Hopefully there are some! Either way, be as honest and as open as you reasonably can be. There’s no point trying to deceive anyone in the Little Black Book. It’s just going to lead to disappointment.

All our members have committed to our Guidelines – – so be sure you’re familiar with these and you’ll be well received.

Most members find that if they set aside about thirty minutes every week to send out a set of Requests to Connect, they very soon have a good network of friends developing. It’s great to select one close by, one mid distance, and someone far away. This provides variety and helps those who are far away find connection they need.

Fiona’s Little Black Book is as much about supporting others that feel alone as it is about finding local friends. Don’t be afraid to reach out across the miles.


Max, we appreciate your service.

Before I go any further I would like to say that like my valued members I stand with all our brave people serving in the military regardless of color, gender or race. I strongly believe that anyone who has ever been exposed to the realities of conflict knows very well, we have other more important things to get on with, rather than focusing on distractions that do nothing but further the questionable agenda of one sad old man. Our servicemen protect our rights and freedoms – which is kind of the point, isn’t it?

I’ve received several emails from members of the services who are members of All I can do is reassure them that their service is appreciated and that this will pass. Calmer heads will prevail.

Now, let me see if I can give you the short strokes to get you caught up with the exciting happenings here in Montreal. You may remember last weekBernard, my photographer, had been shot in the chest with a nefarious carrot. Unknown to me at the time Max had pushed the offending vegetable  up Sebastians exhaust pipe after becoming agitated while watching Sebastian and I doing yoga.

As the ambulance raced off Max sidled up to me, looking the picture of guilt ridden youth, and said “Fiona, there’s something you should know.”

I bent  down and picked up the carrot and frowned.

“What on earth is a carrot doing here?” I said, as the ambulance siren faded in the distance.

“Actually, I might know something about that…” said Max, where upon he told me the whole grissly story.

“But what on earth possessed you to put it there?” I asked.

“It was seeing the two of you in the garden. Seeing you do yoga, doggy style!”

“I think you mean downward dog. Well, these leggings don’t leave much to the imagination,” I mused.

At this point Sebastian, who had been inspecting his motorcycle for damage, wandered over.

“Pretty bad luck, that. You don’t often hear of someone being carroted to death.”

Several years ago a young man I was acquainted with had a nasty incident with a squash (that’s a marrow if you’re in the UK), but I thought it better not to mention it.

“You don’t think he’ll die, do you?” Asked Max.

“He was doing a pretty good impression of it, when he was choking here in the driveway, three minutes ago,” said Sebastian. “I always told him he should eat more vegetables.”

“He’s only just recovered from a heart transplant. I think the sooner we dispose of the evidence the better. Max, why don’t you get rid of that carrot and if anybody asks, the bike just backfired,  ok?”

“Why?” Said Max, looking genuinely niaive.

“Because, Max, if the wrong people ask questions, someone might get the idea you accidently murdered poor Bernard.”

“Urgh! Murdered?” Gasped Max.

Sebastian interjected at this point, “I’m not sure you can ‘accidentally’ murder someone.”

“I didn’t do it on purpose!” Stammered Max.

“Of course you didn’t. But anyone dumb enough to believe that Bernard was shot in the chest with a carrot is dumb enough to believe it was murder. It’s better all round just to say there was a bang and Bernard collapsed.”

I handed Max the carrot. “I suggest you feed the evidence to your rabbit.”



Writing your Profile in Fiona’s Little Black Book.

Fiona always tells me, don’t write in a hurry. Slip into something comfortable, a nice skirt or leggings, and then take a moment to write a few bullet points of what you want to say. Then leave it for an hour or so. Then come back and write your first draft.

I think she’s got a point. I always write best when I am dressed in a manner I like. I also think more clearly that way. So, when you write your profile in Fiona’s Little Black Book, don’t rush it. It doesn’t have to be long – two or three paragraphs is enough to kindle most people’s interest, if you write something worth writing.

A single line profile will get the attention it deserves – which is very little. If you walked into a party and introduced yourself by saying “I’m Jeff and I like your tits,” you’re probably not going to get far. A better approach might be, “Hey, I’m Jeff, and I can see you like to take care of yourself. I love to ski, and I’d love to show you a few cool places to get out and have some fun on ski’s.”

I think you get the idea. And remember, the profile is just the first step. You’ll have plenty of time for people to get to know you after they make that initial contact. You can go into detail in subsequent emails. The idea of the profile is just to stimulate that initial connection.

I asked a few of our friends what they thought were good ideas about what to say in your profile. Sylvester, our mechanic, was stopping by for tea yesterday. He took me for a ride on his huge chopper, and then we sat in the garden talking about online profiles. He is a very good looking man, in his bottomless chaps.

He suggested “Tell the guys not to oversell themselves. It sounds insecure, and it leads to disappointment. Just tell people who you are and what you like to do. Curiosity will take over from there.”

I thought that rather good advice. You’ll have plenty of time to elaborate after the initial contact, so keeping things simple but well thought out sounds like good advice.

After you’ve written your profile, step back and have a break. Take a look at it later, and imagine you were reading it on someone else’s profile. Is it interesting, original and engaging? If it is you’ve got a winning formula.

Keep in mind that if, after a week or two, it’s not getting the right amount of attention, you may want to tweak it or even start from scratch. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. When you have it just right, you’ll know.

We like members of Fiona’s Little Black Book to try and reach out once a week to at least three new people. The best approach is to contact one person relatively close by, someone more distant and one from far away. This approach ensures you get a good variety of connections.

One of our favorite members is in Zambia. The connection they feel with others is most likely going to come from Skype or email. That is no less valuable than the friend you meet for coffee every Thursday evening.

Keep an open mind about distance friendships. This is, after all, the 21st century.


Creating your dating profile in My Little Black Book.

I remember Fiona telling me, one quiet afternoon after we’d had a pedicure together, “We should make it easier for our members to get it up!”

I was a little surprised. Fiona is rarely quite so direct.

“We should make it really easy for them to get it up, and find satisfaction quickly.”

“Not too quickly,” I suggested. I find things that happen too quickly are rarely satisfying. A pleasure extended over a little while is so much more enjoyable, don’t you think?

“The quicker the better,” she declared. I think she saw my confusion, as she then added, “… in My Little Black Book.”

“I don’t follow,” I said.

“I want it to be really easy for them to get their profile up, and start connecting with other crossdressers and Admirers.”

“Oh, I see what you mean,” I replied, a little relieved. Now it fell into place. “Perhaps I should put together some kind of guide. A Karma Sutra of My Little Black Book.”

“Perfect,” she declared, and went to put the kettle on. When she returned from the kitchen with some tea she suggested I get Max, her neighbours son involved. He looks after much of our technical requirements.

“You can unload some of it on him. I am sure if you put yourself in his hands you’ll come up with something. He’ll bend over backwards to help you bring it to completion. Such a helpful boy!”

So, that’s why I am writing this – the first part of our guide to Fiona’s Little Black Book. Now, if you’re not familiar with this particular tool, I’ll describe it for you. You can always join it here:

The Little Black Book is for connecting with Crossdressers, and Admirers (our term for guys that would love to meet CDs). Our members sign up, create a profile and then reach out to others in the Little Black Book, by emailing them. We created a club for the Admirer’s here:

No one knows the world of crossdressing quite like Fiona, and our friends here, so we’ve also built in some cool features. For a start, everyone commits to a set of values and guidelines. You can see these here:

So, unlike Craigslist, you are not just meeting some random person, who may or may not show up. You’re meeting someone who shares your values and is committed to your privacy and behaving in a manner that is likely to instil confidence.

You’re also looking at a system that’s not really built to create a random hookup. There’s plenty of those out there, and they’re often filled with working girls and people who are not really very serious about creating friendships. My Little Black Book is about forging genuine connections.

The next thing to help you feel secure is that the only thing listed in your membership details is an email address. From there, you can choose how much or how little information you share. Many members create an email account just for My Little Black Book, and then – when they feel comfortable with whoever they’re connecting with – begin to chat on Skype or Whatsapp. The point is that you are always in control of the relationship. You can release as much or as little information as you choose.

Now, that all sounds simple enough, however there are some things about it that insure you will do well with it. If you stick to the successful techniques you’re going to have a great time and make a lot of new friends.

One of the great things to do in Fiona’s Little Black book, is to load up a picture.  You are going to want an image that is fun, engaging and says a little about who you are. I have chatted with some of our most prolific members, and they all tend to agree that you shouldn’t just put up a cock pic and hope for the best.  That will get you nowhere fast.

So, if you’re going to upload a picture take the trouble to get a really great picture. What better excuse could there be to take time and dress up really well. Our best CDs make sure they have a girlfriend come by and help them with their make up. Unless you are well practiced, or in our Premium Program, you’re unlikely to be able to do as good a job on makeup as your favorite girlfriends are. Just ask someone to help out. You might be surprised how much fun this can turn out to be.

So, have an evening where one of your girlfriends comes over, helps you dress and maybe even brings a few accessories. You’ll have to be careful who you ask, if you’re not in a friendly environment for this. However, we have some members who travel for work and have told us stories of dressing in the hotel and having someone come in and help them. This sort of situation is ideal for pictures as well.

If you dress, have a glass or two of wine, and then at 2 am take a pic in the ornate hotel lobby you will not be the first to have done it, I guarantee! Either way, try and do the pic in a nice location. Take the time to dress nicely, really think about the look you wish to present, and then have fun with it.

Here’s a few suggestions to help you have a few things to make the pic more interesting. Whether you are an Admirer, or a CD these tips are quite helpful.

Tips for your photos:

  1. Make up – keep it simple but classy. See if you can find a girlfriend to help. Have fun with it, but don’t over do it. Less is often better.
  2. Choose something that looks cool, but keep it simple. The tried and tested simple outfits are always great. Nylons, heels, and choose a number of outfits to experiment with.
  3. Accessorise! You need the bangles, scarves and earings – even if it’s just to play around with.
  4. Sketch out what you’d like to look like, so when it comes time to take a picture you have some idea what it’s meant to achieve.
  5. Choose a simple background that doesn’t detract from you too much.
  6. Lighting is important. If possible, use plenty. If you’re shooting in daylight, harsh sunlight and shadows don’t help. Overcast skies give a flatter more forgiving light.
  7. If you’re in a low light situation try to use a camera which has adjustable ISO settings, and get them up to about 1600.
  8. The images are not going to be used large, so it doesn’t matter if they are a little grainy.
  9. The sexiest thing you can wear is a smile.
  10. Don’t try and look too slutty. If you’re over 30, don’t try to look like a school girl. Try to look like a confident woman who is comfortable in her skin. If you’re over 60, look at the women out there of that age that look wonderful, and emulate that look.
  11. Using a camera and having a tripod makes images look way better than a hand held selfie.
  12. Using a tiny bit of forced flash often lifts the colors nicely.

The most important thing in getting the picture is to have fun. If you’re doing it on a phone you can still get great pics. You also have the advantage of being able to use an App like InstaBeauty, though you have a little less control of the image. It’s really down to what your photographic skil level is.

Bernard, Fiona’s photographer, always says that it’s not the size of your lens that important. It’s how you use it. I think he’s probably right about that.

I will make a point of posting another tutorial about creating your profile on My Little Black Book in the next few days. In the meantime, if you haven’t checked it out do so here:

Or, if you’re looking to date a crossdresser, have a look into joining the Admirer’s Club here: