Playtime With Fiona – Task 15

    In this special private Playtime With Fiona I’d like you to try a little experiment. Have a listen to the file above, give it a try and then report back and leave some comments. 🙂 Fiona  

Step 11 – Free Program

I’m not swallowing that! Sylvester, my mechanic, throws the most enjoyable parties, though sometimes they really do get quite out of hand. On one evening recently he had a rather fun night during which one of his friends decided they were intent on cornering me and plying me with drink, in the hopes that they …

Task #1 -Starting Gently

We’ll start out gently. Now we all know the importance of discipline. I’ve had to explain that to Max, my neighbours son, a number of times. Nineteen can be such a rebellious age! I said to him, when he dropped in to my kitchen the other day, “Everything has it’s proper place,” I said as …

Step 3 – Free Program

To enjoy the Free Program please register, and then once logged in you will have access to these pages. Register Here. It’s great. Really! Fiona.