I’m not swallowing that!

I’m not swallowing that!

Sylvester, my mechanic, throws the most enjoyable parties, though sometimes they really do get quite out of hand. On one evening recently he had a rather fun night during which one of his friends decided they were intent on cornering me and plying me with drink, in the hopes that they might do unspeakable, but delightful things to my body.

“If you think you are going to get that in me,” I said to his friend, “you’re very much mistaken,” as he tried to press yet another drink on me.

“But, darling…” He oozed.

“Don’t ‘Darling’ me. If you think I’m swallowing your…” I was at a loss for words. “… your nonsense, then you must think I was born yesterday!”

Well, this evening I have something very special for you. We have a delightful little diversion for you, in the form of Playtime With Fiona. These are a collection of exercises which we add to now and then. They’re fun, and when you’re in the Premium Program you can supplement the activities there by doing some of these as well. I know you’ll love them.

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