Breast Enlargement for Crossdressers – Self Hypnosis.

What every gurl needs! – Breast enlargement hypnosis started in the 1960’s and proved very popular. Recordings were available for women as a vinyl disk, and later as cassette recordings, to be used every day. After a period, typically about 12 weeks, measurable increased breast size was recorded and in many instances verified independently. Now you can do the same, through the power of the internet.

The technique employed in this video draws on the breast enlargement methods of the 1960’s and seventies – but is adapted for the crossdressing community. If you love what I’m doing, why not sign up for one of my feminization programs at

There are other ways to gain a full figure with great breasts. You could always buy some breast forms. These are a fun addition to any self respecting crossdressers wardrobe.

If you’d just like to meet CDs then I can also help, but introducing you to my Little Black Book. 😉

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  1. I love to cross dress in women’s clothing and also love to wear women’s satin nylon panties and women’s bras that I wear all the time but I do wish that I have bigger breast because I wear a size bra is 38 C cup and would love to have bigger breast . Hope you can help me out on this if so thank you.

  2. I find Youtube is helpful with the binaural sounds and isochronic frequencies. i loop the tones and listen for hours at a time with them in the background. i know that they affet my nipples and i think promote breast growth.
    Ms danie

  3. I avoid the chest area altogether I tend to wear tops cut in a bustier or corset style or I love a short and sassy baby doll top sleek and provocative. I look more like a flat chested female who naturally has a flushed fitted look.

  4. Dearest Fiona,
    I just want to thank you for this wonderful recording.
    I’ve used it more than any of your others. I started in July and here we are in November. In this period I can certainly see and feel a difference. I have a morning routine where I listen as I eat breakfast , then shower and lotion and massage my breasts. Over these few short months I grown from the chest of a middle aged man to shapely, smooth and soft breasts that fill A cups and are on their way to becoming B’s. I do luv them and I love the serenity and femininty that they bring with them. I confess some times I put the recording on loop on Soundcloud and awaken some time afterwards feeling very relaxed. Giggles.

    M xxxx

  5. Well up date l have also been taking sanatorium so good vanilla and Flaxseed grounded in cereal omg l have definitely started to grow bigger breasts lol I’m shocked at how much bigger thay are don’t believe me than try it

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