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Part 41 of Clothes Maketh The Man is out!

As I watched his inspection of me I noticed him lick his lips imperceptibly. Yes, he was interested. No doubt about it. His gaze rose to my chest, which in this sweater at least appeared to have a little breast mass slightly hidden beneath the fabric. I’d caught sight of myself in a reflection earlier and been surprised how my body did seem quite feminine. I put it down to the effect of the heels. There’s no doubt they force the body into a shape that exaggerates the bum and chest.

Claude was still sizing me up. His eyes moving over me like the exploring touch of a blind man. I could almost feel his stare.

I took some pleasure from the idea that this man, who ever he was, had clearly developed a lustful desire for me. It was, of course, ridiculous. I was not interested in the man. My interest was in how he was responding to me. I felt something curious. Power. Yes, that was it.

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You are my Valentine.

What a wonderful day to remember our lovers and our past lovers. On a lovely day like this such thoughts are top of mind.

I have always taken a keen interest in medical and biological research. For example, when in 2010 UCLA researchers announced that they had proof that Neanderthals mated with homo sapiens it came as no surprise to me. But then it wouldn’t. As anyone who has met Sylvester, my mechanic, would realise, the evidence has always been there right before our eyes. 

The spread of the recent corvid19 virus is something I am watching with interest, knowing that my many members look to me for advice on such matters. For example, if they were to go on a cruise, just how would they manage being locked up for so many hours should they find themselves quarantined. After all there’s only so many hours of yoga you can do in a cramped cabin of a cruise ship.

Well, rest assured, I am watching the situation carefully, and will of course be there for any of my members that do need advice. So far though, I have found that there is indeed a silver lining associated with the very dark cloud of this particular illness. And that is that Amanda, my wife’s appalling friend, has taken to wearing a surgical mask. I’m not quite sure if this is to protect her from viruses or to protect us from her. Either way, aesthetically it seems to be an improvement.

Perhaps she can find one in tweed.

But that’s not the main reason I’m writing today. It’s Valentine’s Day, and the time we celebrate our relationships. Max, my neighbors son, attempted to deliver a Valentine card secretly, but was picked up on my security cameras. He has no idea I know it was from him. Poor boy is only a breath over twenty years old. I’ll probably have some fun with that.

Sadly my wife is travelling at present. However, although I may have to battle the sadness of solitude and isolation, I wouldn’t want my members to suffer. With this in mind you might be interested in checking out My Little Black Book. It’s a pretty cool system, in which you contact three people a day until you build up a network of crossdressing friends and admirers. Anyway, you can read all about it here. It’s one of the benefits in my Unicorn Tier on Patreon, though you can by it as a stand alone product for as little as $2.95 if you wish.

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Have a lovely Valentine’s Day.




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Find your new Valentine in My Little Black Book.

My Little Black Book is a great way for the modern crossdresser to connect with others and form firm friendships and more. You can simply browse or join to get listed.

I encourage all my members to email between one and three members a day to say hello to people listed in My Little Black Book, and to build of their network of crossdressing friends. As you gradually do so you will find that many of my members are genuinely open and kind-hearted people just like you.

With over a thousand members you become part of an exclusive membership who are regularly sharing contact and friendship with other admirers and crossdressers. It’s a lot of fun and a great gift to yourself around Valentines day.

With so many of us now connecting and meeting it’s hardly surprising that people love My Little Black Book. I hope to see you in there soon.


The Travelogue Of Katia Thornwood – Part 1

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It’s Brexit Day.

Is it in? Is it out? Have you finished yet?

They are the questions that have haunted every British crossdresser for the last three years.

Well, it’s done. It is what it is. It’s time to keep calm and carry on and put on something hot. Here’s a few ideas to get you going.

In just a few hours – at 23.01 GMT Britain will have left the European Union. While in many ways nothing changes, there will be a series of administrative shifts that will change the cornerstone of British foreign, economic and social policies. The following twelve months will result in a series of trade changes that gradually will take effect. Just as a reminder, the average time for a trade deal to be completed is… seven years. In other words, things will change but at a very slow pace. Most of the real change will be in the minds of the populace.

While some will find this a sad moment and others celebrate a sense of new sovereignty, the reality is we really don’t know how this is going to go. If ever there was a time to say, “I’m putting on some nice new panties and will keep calm and carry on”, this is the time.

So, pour a nice glass of wine (probably French) and settle down and watch the fun. It’s going to be interesting. One thing you can be sure of – Britain is very good at adapting and moving forward. This is likely to be the case this time too.

A final thought… In ten years time this may make more sense. The UK may be the first of several countries that choose to leave, for one reason or another. So, time will give some perspective. In the meantime, put on those heels and put your best foot forward!

Clothes Maketh The Man – Part 40 is out.

Veronica inspected me critically and then continued, “You’d better get used to referring to yourself as ‘Andrea’,” she said. “It’s going to be a long and painful path if you don’t get that right.”

I smiled and tried to diffuse the tension.

“What do you mean,” I asked.

Veronica turned around and leaned over the chair. As she did so for the first time I noticed a few livid red welts on her back.

Read Clothes Maketh The Man.

Anyone for a turkey enema?

A healthy diet is essential for a great crossdressing look.

As the new year rolls into action I have been working with Sebastian, my personal trainer, to tone and shape my body. He is a very helpful young man, I must say. 

I am determined that this year I will eat more healthily and reduce my carbon footprint in 2020. Perhaps a few less flights, and a few more vegetables are in order. Don’t you think it is important to enjoy a healthy amount of fresh fruit in your diet?

Last night it was a delightful surprise to be invited to a cocktail party held by a friend of Sebastian’s sister, Rainbow. While Rainbow is a certified carrot crunching yoga hippie, some of her yoga clients are quite unusual people. It was pleasant to be invited to one of their parties at a very exclusive address and I was interested to see how it would work out. After all, it can be exhausting having parties with Sylvester, Ali and Amanda, that often disintegrate into mayhem and occasionally someone being tied up and abandoned naked in a public park at 3 am. I suppose this is what you get for associating with people who need to have their back shaved periodically – and that’s just Amanda. How nice it would be to meet some people of quality.

In preparation I was thrilled to find that The Drag Queen Closet has a great new range of evening gowns on sale at present – you can see some of them here – I’d recently received one of their creations that was perfect for the night.

By the time I had got dressed and ready I must say I really did look quite spectacular, if a little overdressed. Nonetheless, it’s nice to go over the top now and then.

Sebastian and I arrived and were shown into the ornate house and met by Carina (there’s always a Carina), Rainbow’s client. She swept up to us looking spectacular in her little black cocktail number.  She carried a tray loaded down with hors d’oeuvre.

Sebastian introduced us and our hostess beamed an expensive smile.

“Would you like a clam? Or perhaps a cocktail sausage?” she asked. “Oh, and which pronoun do you prefer, he, she or them?”

The tiny woman was almost vibrating with energy. I sensed she’d been doing a few too many yoga classes. She would likely benefit from a nice cleansing turkey enema.

I looked at Carina quizzically, trying to decide whether she was joking, and to see if her choice of hors d’oevre was somehow connected with the pronouns question. At that moment Rainbow appeared, and gave her brother a hug.

“Hey,” said Sebastian smiling at her. “You look…”

Sebastian was searching for words.

Carina chimed in cheerfully, “Earthy! That’s what I said! Rainbow you look so very ‘earthy’. I wish I was so brave,” she added.

Rainbow looked confused and replied, “Brave?”

“Yes, I mean I would never have been so brave as to make my own clothes. And wear them out,” said Carina. “Fiona, would you like a drink? I have a couple of special cocktails. Perhaps you’d like the carrot and Kale with a shot of vodka. Or maybe the Orange and langoustine gin. You should try them. I invented them myself.”

“Well, I am trying to eat and drink in a healthy way for the new year.  Perhaps the orange and langoustine gin.” I glanced around the room at the very fashionable set of guests. The ratio of chins to people was definitely on the low side. “And you’d better make it a double. But do me a favor and hold the orange.” I paused a moment and then said, “and the langoustines.”

Sebastian slipped off in search of a proper drink and headed toward what looked like a bar, followed by Carina.

As she hurried off, Rainbow turned to me looking confused and said, “Did she just say my clothes are worn out? I think I’ve been insulted, but I’m not sure.”

“Oh,” I said, “You’ve been insulted. But I wouldn’t worry about it. Let’s drink the silly cow’s gin and go and get some poutine at The Junction. They’ve got a show on at 10.”

Sebastian reappeared at that moment and said that Carina’s husband, Nigel (it had to be), had offered him the most disgusting cocktail he’d ever tasted.

“It’s one part gin, one part coca cola and a teaspoon of olive oil. He calls it an Exxon Valdez. I had it on the rocks, but it was so disgusting I spilled it into that aquarium.”

Across the room there was a very expensive looking aquarium that was looking a little the worse for having an Exxon Valdez poured into it.

Carina returned with our drinks and then went on to circulate with some of the many other guests.

“I think it’s time to bounce,” I said to Sebastian and Rainbow. Let’s go somewhere everyone knows our names.

I hope you’re getting the new year off to a wonderful start. If you’ve not already singed up to my Patreon please join me at the $1 level here – http://Patreon.com/fionadobson and help me make 2020 a fantastic year.


Fiona Dobson

Don’t get caught out at the company Christmas Party.

Advice from a crossdressing Account Executive for the company Christmas Party.

I am always pleased to help out my members and keep them on the right track. With this in mind the following list of thoughts has been compiled from the experiences and suggestions of some of my valued members.

  1. It is no longer acceptable to sit on the photocopier during the Christmas Party photocopying your bum and handing out prints saying it’s another memo from the accounts department.
  2. When sitting on the photocopier (see #1) do not make the mistake of scanning your bottom and posting it to the company Instagram Account.
  3. Taking a co-worker to the Christmas Party does not count as a first date.
  4. Don’t sleep with the head of Human Resources on the first date (see #3).
  5. Line ups at the STD Clinic are generally shorter during the holiday period.
  6. When asked what you were thinking (See #4), replying “Everyone else has,” is not considered a good reason.
  7. It’s no fun being on antibiotics through the Christmas period.

If you have Christmas Party suggestions please make a point of sharing them below.



The Fiona Dobson Playlist – your background music for Christmas.

Many years ago… well, three years ago, I started writing the Fiona Dobson newsletters and blog. In the early ones I would embed a Youtube video now and then, that often touched in to the themes of the newsletters. That’s how the Fiona Dobson Playlist came in to being.

I add to it from time to time, even though I rarely include them in the mailings these days. Even so, it’s a fun addition and one I’m not likely to drop anytime soon. So, if you need a little lift, have some fun with this. I hope you enjoy it.



  • http://FionaDobson.com

The only thing that looks good on me is you!

The Christmas season has sneaked up on us. As I write this I am mixing eggnog ingredients in the kitchen, Sylvester is sorting bottles of whiskey, rum and Brandy, the doorbell is ringing and Auntie Kittie has just arrived. I swear she picks up the smell of alcohol from eight houses away and then appears at my front door.

We are celebrating quite happily here, the Canucks having just beaten the Senators 5-2 a couple of days ago. Sylvester is very jovial, and we’ve decided to come up with a special recipe for eggnog. We are testing some of the ingredients tonight. Sebastian will be along shortly.

In a few days I will be posting my recipe and I’ll offer a prize to the best picture from one of my Patrons drinking Fiona’s Eggnog. The only catch is, yes, you must crossdressed at the time. So, look out for that competition in about a week.

Can you believe I posted this video three years ago. Yes, it’s been three years. I’ve been sharing myself with you for that long! I put the dresses in the video as it all seemed to fit so well. By the way, if you’re looking for winter clothing ideas you can find some on my Pinterest HERE.

For those who are unaware, Bryan is a regular face around Vancouver. He told me once he wrote a song for me – When You’re Gone – because he thought I was dashing off from Vancouver to Montreal so often. Really, what a silly boy! I suppose one can hardly blame him. It’s awfully busy out there on the road touring all the time and I expect he does get a little lonely.

If this message is a bit disjointed it’s because I’ve just had to explain to Auntie Kittie that the recipe we’re working on calls for Rum, Whiskey, Brandy or Bourbon. The issue seems to be the word ‘or’. She’s looking a little peekie.

Well, perhaps we should turn up Bryan and ask Mistress Meg, Katia, Marjory and Amanda to come over and join us. Things are disintegrating swiftly. Ali is outside admiring his Smart car. In an effort to keep with the seasonal spirit he’s been looking for some reindeer antlers to attach to the front of the vehicle. I mentioned this to Sylvester, who has lent him a rack of moose antlers from a bull moose he shot in the Yukon a couple of years ago. The only problem is that the antlers may be bigger than the car. Not to worry. It certainly looks impressive. Very festive.

Be sure to keep a look out for the Christmas Eggnog competition. It’s open to all my Patrons, and the prize will be Premium Program membership.

Have a wonderful evening.



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