It’s Friday night, so let’s do this…

Look, do I really need an excuse to post this? So, here it is. It’s for all my lovely members who’ve been so kind this last few weeks.

In other news…

Faith from Gender Rebels has a new book out. It’s worth reading. No, I’m not paid to say that.

“When 16-year-old Matt Baily is expelled from his evangelical Christian high school, he faces the prospect of going to public school for the first time. There he firstexperiences the world beyond the strict, conservative Christianity he has grownup with. When he befriends wannabe Warhol Superstar Michelle, he is finally able to share his deepest darkest secret with another person–he has always longed to be a girl.”

Looks pretty good. Get it here –

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Enjoy the Fiona Dobson Crossdressing Playlist below – it’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Trans Flag for Wall | Transgender Pride Banner Tapestry | Large 40″ x 60″ – $12.66

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go.

Sylvester informs me that should I ever be caught in an avalanche, I should make a point of peeing myself, so I can figure out which way the gravity takes the pee, and then I will know which way is up, and which down.  As you know, Canada has been having some quite hard weather recently, and such pieces of information are very helpful to know.  However, I do have a problem with this.

First of all, I don’t think I’ll need any reminding to piss myself if I’m caught in an avalanche. I really don’t! Second, I’m not sure knowing which way is up is going to make a great deal of difference if I’m under a hundred tons of snow at the time.

Sylvester tells me there was one man who was caught in an avalanche in his car, and drank 48 beers while he was trapped in his vehicle which had been rolled over and buried under the snow. He arrived home later covered in urine and told his wife the whole story. Frankly I think he probably made the whole thing up. It sounds to me like a pretty good Friday night out after work at the advertising agency.

I am currently working on a very interesting report for the advertising agency called “Understanding Women Who Love to Feminize Their Men. The Dobson Report.” This will soon be available to my Seahorse members.  For those who join my Patreon at the $1 a month level I will make it available as well just for the next 6 weeks.  I should be complete with that report in about a week. So, there’s a great reason for you to either join my seahorse level, or my Patreon if you haven’t already done so.  In the meantime I want to thank all my Good Gurls, and my Seahorse, Unicorn and Premium Members. I couldn’t do what I do without your support.

And speaking of support, I have recently shelled out for a new phone for Auntie Kittie. She has one those fancy phones that are tethered to the wall to prevent them being stolen. She asked me to buy her a new one because something called ‘the rotary dial’ broke on hers. It all sounds far too technical for me.

Have a lovely week.


Women’s Ski Jacket and Pants Waterproof Windproof Snowsuit – 109.99

I’m looking forward to getting felt up in the loft.

Happy New Year to all my members. And what a wonderful time to accept who you are, and create the what you desire! A good start might be to sign up for Auntie Kitties’s Diary and join me as a Good Gurl for just $4.99 a month.

It’s a great time to start doing all those things we’ve been avoiding, like making our house more energy efficient and saving the world. With this in mind Sylvester is helping me install some insulation in the loft.

With so little snow on the local ski hills I can’t help thinking Climate Change is once again proving to be an issue. I said this very thing to Sylvester just the other day.

“I think it’s important we all do our share to reduce our carbon foot prints,” I said to him while in the garden.

I noticed Ali checking the soles of his gardening boots, as I said that.

I continued, “The sooner I get felt up in the loft the better!”

At this point Sylvester made some disgusting comment, but really, what can one do! He really can be quite coarse.

Have a lovely New Year. 2024 is likely to be an exciting one. Pull up your panties and strap in – I said ‘strap in’ – it’s going to be an exciting ride!

Enjoy a little Abba below.



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You can be a gurl for me tonight – Stacey.

You can be a gurl for me tonight. Enjoy this self hypnosis from Mistress Meg’s little helper, Stacey. Listen to this video and then come and enjoy some more hypnosis files here:

Stacey helps out Mistress Meg. You can find her by joining my Seahorse Level.  She can be a most persuasive friend.

Enjoy yourself and be sure to let me know how you like it.


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Lace Retro Lingerie Inspired Floral Ruffle Cheeky Panty – $17.95

History has not always been kind to crossdressers.

I sometimes have the strangest of dreams. Just last night I woke up quite startled, something slipping into my head quite unexpectedly.

It’s not unusual for me to have the occasional nightmare. I’ve even had dreams of playing the role in an unusual depiction of the death of renowned medieval crossdresser, Joan of Arc. That one was very odd. It followed an evening where I’d been out and watched an ice skating spectacular, and I later dreamed I was playing the lead in a dramatic presentation of the story of Joan, performed on ice. Needless to say the story had something of a surprise ending.

Last nights dream may have been the result of my reading some of the history of Marie Antoinette. She is widely quoted as having said, “Let them eat cake,” when told of the peasants plight in revolutionary France.

It turns out that she never said that. Instead it was written some twenty years prior to the revolution by well known French cuck Jean-Jaques Rousseau. You can read about it here. The words were attributed to Marie, along with a lot of sexually deviant behaviour (most enjoyable) that never actually occurred. This was politically motivated and provided a suitable excuse to whip her head off, thus putting paid to the problem of crowned heads wandering about the place after their revolution, instead of ending up in the basket along with all the trouble makers the French revolutionaries wanted to be rid of. Some of the fat bastards taking flights to space should take note.

Perhaps reading about this before I slid into sleep primed me for the disturbing dream, from which I woke with a start. My dachshund, Hannibal, was curled up in his basket beside my bed sleeping soundly at the time. I had to get up and pull on a kimono and make restoring cup of tea before finally feeling calm and getting back to sleep again. I did however take time to note the dream, and so I will share the entry I made in my journal, a pink volume by my bed with a picture of a unicorn on the cover.

I hope you enjoy sweeter dreams.

It was a cold dawn, the early light glistening on the cobbles of the Paris streets. A somber crowd had gathered in the square, where a guillotine stood.

Through the wreaths of mist a cart, pulled by two broken down horses clattered to a halt. And there she was, her hands bound behind her back. This wasn’t a princess, but someone of meagre birth. She stood proudly, but was manhandled down some rickety steps and led to the sinister looking device in the center of the square. Her little dog, Sasha, followed loyal to the very end.

The crowd fell silent as the metallic rasp of the blade being raised reached their ears. All eyes were on the woman, as she was pushed into place, a hard wooden yoke closing about her neck.

She knelt with dignity, silence descending over the crowd in anticipation of what was to follow. Then the unmistakable sound of the blade descending and suddenly it was all over. Until someone said, “Fetch” and that was when the wheels really came off.



Sylvester’s going to Amanda’s opening!

I was so shocked I nearly swallowed the glazed cherry in my appletini!

“I beg your pardon?” I said to Amanda.

“I said, ‘Sylvester’s coming to my opening,” she replied. I have to admit I was only half listening, keeping an eye on Auntie Kittie who was making another move toward the punch bowl. With so many guests in my living room I have to be ever vigilant. I refocused my attention on Amanda.

“Good God,” I murmured. “Does Marjory know?”

I should explain. Amanda and Marjory are indulging their most carnal desires with one another. Urgh. Regardless, now and then Amanda and Sylvester succumb to their insatiable lust. It’s all most distasteful.

Amanda was babbling on, “… and since my parts have been drying up lately…”

“For God’s sake, Amanda! Have you no shame?” I said.

Amanda sidled off to the bathroom, through the assembled herd of white privilege. As though materializing from thin air Marjory appeared. I swear she’s like a vampire., the way she comes and goes soundlessly.  

“Has she been trying to strong arm you into going to her play?” asked Marjory. “It’s opening on Saturday night and she’s trying to get anyone she can to go and see it.”

“Oh, that’s what she’s babbling on about. Are you going?” I asked Marjory. “I went to the last one.  No way! I’m not doing that again,” she replied, opening a bottle of beer with her bare hands

“I went to the last one.  No way! I’m not doing that again,” she replied, opening a bottle of beer with her bare hands.

I saw Amanda returning and turned back toward Marjory but she’d vanished leaving nothing but a feint smell of ozone.

“Ah, Amanda,” I said with a smile. “You were telling me about your parts.”

These evening soirees are very pleasant. I tend to have a small gathering once a month, and the mixed residents of Huckleberry Close seem to enjoy them. Now that fall is closing in and the evenings are a little cooler it makes a nice diversion.

But that’s not the main reason I’m writing. I thought I’d just mention to you a new feature I’ve included in the website.  As you likely know there’s some anti-Trans efforts emerging here and there. I was at a counter demonstration this very week in Vancouver, opposing some white supremacist nut jobs who were singling out trans rights and trying to persecute trans youth by lobbying to remove some of the many protections we enjoy here in Canada. Needless to say, they were met with vocal opposition. There were barely 150 of them and at least 1500 of us. It was great to connect with friends at the demonstration.

As you know, I generally try to keep politics out of the content here, however, with trans youth under threat I cannot avoid it entirely. As a result I’ve been including some other voices on the site. It’s a mixed bag of Featured Friends. If you’re curious just look for the tag Friends at the foot of some posts and you’ll find the likes of Contrapoints, Mia Mulder and Philosophy Tube among others. They provide some alternative views and voices. You can also use this link ( ). There’s a broad range of trans content there. I hope you enjoy it, and I am always happy to see your feedback.

As ever, if you wish to support my work, be sure to join one of the programs here or on Patreon. I am currently trying to build up my Patreon, so joining there is particularly appreciated.

Have a wonderful week.



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Featured Friends – Nikki Gordon Bloomfield.

Who has the time to keep tabs on the world of motoring, electric car technologies and the environment. Thank heavens we have Nikki on the case!

There’s been growing evidence suggesting there’s an economic downturn coming that may be as bad – if not worse – than the Great Recession of 2007-2009. As usual, that means some automakers are in for a tough time, especially start ups. But in the EV world, this time around is going to be far more brutal than anything we’ve seen before.

Enjoy this insight into emerging business and technologies on the road.


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It’s mini-skirt time!

It’s almost June, and I made a foray into the office, something I rarely do these days. To be quite honest, and between you and I, I’ve avoided going into the office since Sylvester crashed the virtual office Christmas party, pulled the pockets out of his pants and did his impression of an elephant. One just never knows when a mark may have been overstepped.

To make things still more unpredictable, we have a new human resources director. Colin, the last HR director was rather eccentric. He had tattoos all over his body, including a Canadian flag over his heart and a map of Canada on his face. He may have been a little odd, but at least with Colin you always knew where you were.

I was intercepted by the new HR director, Debra, as I entered the deserted reception area. A large woman, she approached me and asked who I was, not having been introduced to me before.  She wore a ski jacket, which seemed a little odd in late May here in Vancouver. I also noticed she seemed to be well acquainted with my personnel file, which did not inspire confidence. Personally I prefer to keep a low profile when it comes to HR people.

I glanced around the reception area, noticing that the walls were adorned with new paintings.

“Geoff’s drawn up a corporate revitalization plan,” she said, referring to the CEO, while noticing I was looking around at the artwork on the office walls.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Oh, we’re going to be brightening up the office and moving toward a greener profile,” replied Debra.  “He says we have to pay more attention to our green footprint.”

I glanced at my shoes.  I decided that while in town I should stop by that Italian shoe shop.

I find it a good practice to bend over backewards to help clients at the agency.

“What does that really mean,” I asked.

“It means he’s turned off the heating,” came her reply. Well, at least that explained the ski jacket.  I immediately noticed that the office was a lot cooler than it used to be.

“I see,” I replied trying not to show my disappointment.

“And that we have this,” and at this moment she paused, “… this art on the walls.”

“Oh,” I said, “that’s what it is.”

She smirked at me. I felt a little more encouraged. Could Debra be an ally? She looked at a large piece positioned behind where our receptionist would generally sit.

“What does it say to you, Fiona?” she asked.

“It says to me that the artist has a pet cat with severe gastric distress,” I replied.

“Yes,” she agreed doubtfully. “You obviously have a keen eye. Actually, it says that Geoff’s daughter is out of rehab again and he’s bought a load of her art to put a few dollars in her pocket.”

“Our receptionist may need counselling if she’s exposed to these for too long,” I replied.

That however is not the main reason I’m writing to you today. As we get into summer it’s time to reach for that miniskirt and get into it.  If you don’t have one,  either finding one in a store, or even going to a good quality thrift store and hunting down a bargain is a great idea. If you’re on my Patreon why not post a pic in the community section. There’s a challenge for you Daphanie! Daphanie is one of my favorite members and very active on our Whatsapp Group. To help you along the way try this little self hypnosis file. It may encourage you.



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Featured Friends – Mercury Stardust.

I’ve often advised members never to go anywhere near a hardware store without a trained lesbian by your side. They just do this stuff better than us. And they have more power tools! Who would have thought!

Enjoy the lovely Mercury Stardust, and her sound advice for anyone who lives in a home with or without a functioning roof. I would hope that would include most of my members. I really would.

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What on earth should Auntie Kittie do?

“Naughty Gerald!” said Auntie Kittie as she came into my kitchen just the other day.

She then went on to tell me the story below, that I told her I would pass on to my dedicated members. Perhaps you can help?

Auntie Kittie writes:

When my little nephew Gerald arrived at my house just as I was going out to buy some milk I was completely taken by surprise.

“Gerald, what on earth are you doing here?” I asked.

“Auntie,” he replied, “My bicycle has a flat. Can I phone mum to pick me up?”

“Of course,” just occupy yourself for half an hour, while I do some quick shopping.”

With that I left him and went off to the nearby shops. Huckleberry Close is such a convenient place to live and I really only needed milk. As it happened that resulted in me arriving back at the house a little unexpectedly fifteen minutes later.

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