Sylvester’s going to Amanda’s opening!

I was so shocked I nearly swallowed the glazed cherry in my appletini!

“I beg your pardon?” I said to Amanda.

“I said, ‘Sylvester’s coming to my opening,” she replied. I have to admit I was only half listening, keeping an eye on Auntie Kittie who was making another move toward the punch bowl. With so many guests in my living room I have to be ever vigilant. I refocused my attention on Amanda.

“Good God,” I murmured. “Does Marjory know?”

I should explain. Amanda and Marjory are indulging their most carnal desires with one another. Urgh. Regardless, now and then Amanda and Sylvester succumb to their insatiable lust. It’s all most distasteful.

Amanda was babbling on, “… and since my parts have been drying up lately…”

“For God’s sake, Amanda! Have you no shame?” I said.

Amanda sidled off to the bathroom, through the assembled herd of white privilege. As though materializing from thin air Marjory appeared. I swear she’s like a vampire., the way she comes and goes soundlessly.  

“Has she been trying to strong arm you into going to her play?” asked Marjory. “It’s opening on Saturday night and she’s trying to get anyone she can to go and see it.”

“Oh, that’s what she’s babbling on about. Are you going?” I asked Marjory. “I went to the last one.  No way! I’m not doing that again,” she replied, opening a bottle of beer with her bare hands

“I went to the last one.  No way! I’m not doing that again,” she replied, opening a bottle of beer with her bare hands.

I saw Amanda returning and turned back toward Marjory but she’d vanished leaving nothing but a feint smell of ozone.

“Ah, Amanda,” I said with a smile. “You were telling me about your parts.”

These evening soirees are very pleasant. I tend to have a small gathering once a month, and the mixed residents of Huckleberry Close seem to enjoy them. Now that fall is closing in and the evenings are a little cooler it makes a nice diversion.

But that’s not the main reason I’m writing. I thought I’d just mention to you a new feature I’ve included in the website.  As you likely know there’s some anti-Trans efforts emerging here and there. I was at a counter demonstration this very week in Vancouver, opposing some white supremacist nut jobs who were singling out trans rights and trying to persecute trans youth by lobbying to remove some of the many protections we enjoy here in Canada. Needless to say, they were met with vocal opposition. There were barely 150 of them and at least 1500 of us. It was great to connect with friends at the demonstration.

As you know, I generally try to keep politics out of the content here, however, with trans youth under threat I cannot avoid it entirely. As a result I’ve been including some other voices on the site. It’s a mixed bag of Featured Friends. If you’re curious just look for the tag Friends at the foot of some posts and you’ll find the likes of Contrapoints, Mia Mulder and Philosophy Tube among others. They provide some alternative views and voices. You can also use this link ( ). There’s a broad range of trans content there. I hope you enjoy it, and I am always happy to see your feedback.

As ever, if you wish to support my work, be sure to join one of the programs here or on Patreon. I am currently trying to build up my Patreon, so joining there is particularly appreciated.

Have a wonderful week.



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