I think Bernard needs more fibre in his diet.

When Bernard, my photographer, said that he’d experienced ‘quite a blow’ the other day, my thoughts naturally went to his digestion.

“Ah,” I said with the sort of genuine concern you know I am famous for. “The old trouble, again!”

“What?” he replied sharply. “No, it’s the weather. We’ve been having a strong Easterly wind most mornings, and I was caught out in it the other day.”

As you probably know, Bernard is a keen sailor. His boat is moored nearby Huckleberry Close, by Trannie Annie’s Sailor’s Bar. And it’s not just Bernard who enjoys a good blow on the beach. I have done a good deal of sailing myself. I know my sprit snotter from my mast rake.

I mentioned that to Ali, my gardener, who wondered why Bernard would need gardening equipment on his little ketch. English Bay is a treasure on the coast here in British Columbia, framing the city of Vancouver with a sheltered bay that many who sail love to frequent. Several of my members are known to sail here from time to time. It should be said that Sylvester also gets the occasional boat maintenance job. As a mechanic he often has to service marine engines. It’s not unusual for me to wander into his workshop to find him there with a shaft in his hand, and a propeller on the workbench. He says it comes up nicely with a good polish.

My life really never is dull. I like to wear a colorful wetsuit when I sail, I’ve found they are so much nicer today than they were a few years ago. Here’s a little tip (ed. Phrasing). You can buy a two piece wetsuit on Amazon very reasonably and you can have a pee without having to spend half an hour slipping out of a one piece one. Believe me, it makes for a much more comfortable day on the water. There are some lovely patterned designs for the casual crossdresser wanting to get wet and wild on the beach. My love is particularly for smaller boats and fast catamarans. Sebastian likes to get out on the Bay with me, being such a sportsman.

Even Amanda likes to get out on the water from time to time. She has even been fishing with Sylvester, in circumstances that can only be described as dubious. Apparently she saw his flies and decided she would go with him, and wanted to keep her hand in.

Now, as Auntie Kittie reminded me as she was chugging down some schnapps for breakfast, the sun can be stronger by the water. Be sure you get a good sun block, and some Aloe gel for after you’ve been out in the sun. I often use Jason Aloe Moisturizing Gel ( https://amzn.to/440eCEo ). I don’t get paid to promote that. I just happen to find it makes an excellent moisturiser after a day at the beach, and it seems very kind to my skin.

These days so many of us are drilled into not spending enough time on ourselves. Whether it’s a hobby you choose to develop, or you just want to get down to the water, remember that this summer you can enjoy being the best gurl you can be, by spending healthy time outdoors.



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