I’m keeping abreast of things.

“Tits like coconuts,” said Ali as I pondered his idea. He was, of course, quite correct. If we wanted to attract more wildlife to the garden we should hang out something to induce them to come. Apparently, the blue tit loves to play with a coconut hung from a branch.

“Well, then,” I said. “You’d better get out there and buy some coconuts.”

It’s so good to have someone looking after my garden who knows what they are doing.  And that brings me to my very next point. For all my lovely American members I want to remind you that soon it will be time to vote once more, and it’s very important for our trans sisters to try to stem the gradual erosion of trans rights that we’ve seen in so many Republican states.  Please be sure you are registered and familiarise yourself with the issues at stake. With gerrymandering and the assaults on voting rights we’ve witnessed in the last few months it’s more important than ever to make sure your vote counts. Plan ahead so that you can be sure to get your vote in, either by advanced voting where it’s available, or by showing up on the day.

Don’t forget you can win a $100 membership to our Seahorse group for one year by sending your Halloween pics in to fdobson@zoho.com – Auntie Kittie will make a pile of your emails and then pull one member off at random from that pile of emails (yes, she actually prints them!) to select a winner. Perhaps it’s just a selfie of you in costume, or maybe it’s a photo essay of your friends dressing you up and putting the right makeup on… send it in and we will post all we reasonably can! Who knows, you may be the one that Auntie Kittie pulls off!

Your pics will appear on the site, so be sure you’re ok with me using them. No, you don’t need to be a member already to enter this competition.

Enjoy the story below as you get ready for Halloween, and don’t forget there’s plenty of Halloween content on the site. You can find some HERE. Oh, and by the way, the results are in for this week’s ‘Shit Of The Week‘ Award.


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