No one should be without a body stocking!

If you are getting my weekly emails – which you get when you sign up for the Free Program – you’ll already know the importance of having a great body stocking in your wardrobe.  I was reminded, when looking at Sylvester’s legs the other day, that some of us bare a closer resemblance to the lower primates than others. Having a great body stocking is a good way to disguise body hair.

Here’s a selection of options that are fun, easy to wear and will make you feel fabulous.


3 Replies to “No one should be without a body stocking!”

  1. update. try one on under your everyday attire if you can. yesterday I ventured out to work with a body stocking on under my normal attire. the sexy feel of it helped to ease a normally stressful night. Red floral lace body stocking… love it, the feel is great.
    Ok, so I am the only one commenting on this one. are we all too scared to admit it, even here in a safe zone. get over it girls…
    we are what we are… and yes we do make it look good…
    Purchased three throughout the week. While wearing the red one, ventured into the local shop and picked up another one. Currently eyeing a purple one…. we shall see…..

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