How to talk (and listen) to transgender people.

Gender should be the least remarkable thing about someone, but transgender people are still too often misunderstood. To help those who are scared to ask questions or nervous about saying the wrong thing, Jackson Bird shares a few ways to think about trans issues. And in this funny, frank talk, he clears up a few misconceptions about pronouns, transitioning, bathrooms and more.

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It’s firm and it’s muscular!

All these terrible things happening in Hawaii! One can only feel sympathy for those affected by the fires.

I am of course a keen environmentalist and have been concerned about rising temperatures for years. My particular angle is to have more people get out of their cars and onto their bicycles.

It’s rather awkward to watch Contrapoints talking about Al Gores’ film, An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore doesn’t appear to be the buffoon he was once thought to be. I’ve included Natalie’s piece about it below.  I thoroughly recommend checking it out.

Really though, why do we drive around in a two ton object to buy a pound of flour. No one can convince me that’s an efficient model for the 21st century. Besides, this ass gets to be firm and muscular when I get on my bicycle. I love it, and so do the boys following behind.

But life really is never about being efficient, is it? We’re all just doing our best to get through the day. Just like Rainbow, my good friend. She’s still studying to be a therapist, after a rather awkward misunderstanding. However, one does have to admit, being a student she’s working some very odd part time jobs. You may remember the advertising agency where I pretend to work, has a funeral home as a client. As luck would have it, Rainbow did manage to secure a part time job there for a while.

I learned some rather disturbing news the other day when I heard she’d once more been let go.  Apparently, recently a rather well known celebrity died and things were not handled very well. The name’s not going to mean much to my readers, but this old gentleman was the original songwriter who wrote the song, “The Hokey Pokie” –

Of course, it was important that his arrangements be made with suitable reverence. However, when putting him into the beautiful rosewood coffin Rainbow had terrible difficulties. It seems rather undignified to even write about it. She put the left arm in, anyway, things sort of went down hill from there. It took three hours to get the old fellow in there.

But that’s not the main reason I am writing. I thought I’d give you the opportunity to join my Whatsapp Group for the discounted rate of just $4.95 a month. You can do this by joining my Good Gurl Group anytime in the next 3 days, if you’re not already a member, and I will automatically give you access to the Whatsapp Group. Many people who have no local community find this group is an interesting place to chat with other crossdressing friends and share interest and support. You can join as a Good Gurl HERE or on my Patreon.

Have a lovely week,



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Trans people are not defined by their transitions.

@gloria_swansong #stitch with @mags_a_million Let’s clear the air on what Transgender means and what the movement is all about. #trans #transnonbinary #transhistory #lgbtqeducation ♬ original sound – Gloria_Swansong

Let’s clear the air on what Transgender means and what the movement is all about.

Transgender is about transversing genders, spanning the space between male and female. It is a broad term and doesn’t specifically define one gender expression.

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It’s mini-skirt time!

It’s almost June, and I made a foray into the office, something I rarely do these days. To be quite honest, and between you and I, I’ve avoided going into the office since Sylvester crashed the virtual office Christmas party, pulled the pockets out of his pants and did his impression of an elephant. One just never knows when a mark may have been overstepped.

To make things still more unpredictable, we have a new human resources director. Colin, the last HR director was rather eccentric. He had tattoos all over his body, including a Canadian flag over his heart and a map of Canada on his face. He may have been a little odd, but at least with Colin you always knew where you were.

I was intercepted by the new HR director, Debra, as I entered the deserted reception area. A large woman, she approached me and asked who I was, not having been introduced to me before.  She wore a ski jacket, which seemed a little odd in late May here in Vancouver. I also noticed she seemed to be well acquainted with my personnel file, which did not inspire confidence. Personally I prefer to keep a low profile when it comes to HR people.

I glanced around the reception area, noticing that the walls were adorned with new paintings.

“Geoff’s drawn up a corporate revitalization plan,” she said, referring to the CEO, while noticing I was looking around at the artwork on the office walls.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Oh, we’re going to be brightening up the office and moving toward a greener profile,” replied Debra.  “He says we have to pay more attention to our green footprint.”

I glanced at my shoes.  I decided that while in town I should stop by that Italian shoe shop.

I find it a good practice to bend over backewards to help clients at the agency.

“What does that really mean,” I asked.

“It means he’s turned off the heating,” came her reply. Well, at least that explained the ski jacket.  I immediately noticed that the office was a lot cooler than it used to be.

“I see,” I replied trying not to show my disappointment.

“And that we have this,” and at this moment she paused, “… this art on the walls.”

“Oh,” I said, “that’s what it is.”

She smirked at me. I felt a little more encouraged. Could Debra be an ally? She looked at a large piece positioned behind where our receptionist would generally sit.

“What does it say to you, Fiona?” she asked.

“It says to me that the artist has a pet cat with severe gastric distress,” I replied.

“Yes,” she agreed doubtfully. “You obviously have a keen eye. Actually, it says that Geoff’s daughter is out of rehab again and he’s bought a load of her art to put a few dollars in her pocket.”

“Our receptionist may need counselling if she’s exposed to these for too long,” I replied.

That however is not the main reason I’m writing to you today. As we get into summer it’s time to reach for that miniskirt and get into it.  If you don’t have one,  either finding one in a store, or even going to a good quality thrift store and hunting down a bargain is a great idea. If you’re on my Patreon why not post a pic in the community section. There’s a challenge for you Daphanie! Daphanie is one of my favorite members and very active on our Whatsapp Group. To help you along the way try this little self hypnosis file. It may encourage you.



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Don’t let your work get on top of you.

Ah, the summer.  A time for me to wear short skirts in the office, bright colored panties and to spend a little time bending over infront of well proportioned young interns pretending to pick up a carelessly dropped comb or some other personal item.

At this time of year it is quite usual for staff at the agency to take holidays, and this offers the opportunity for some fresh faced interns from the local university to spend time filling in at the company, learning a little of the advertising business. Being quite a successful firm, we’re never short of fresh enthusiastic young faces, bringing their enthusiasm to the company and generally sticking their oar in where it doesn’t belong. And, with all these innocent young puppies around the place, someone responsible is generally appointed ‘intern captain’ to wrangle them and keep them out of trouble.

Now, I don’t mean to sound harsh, but some of these geniuses seem to think that just because they’ve done a course in marketing they know all there is to know about the business. That, in itself, is unsurprising. However, what is surprising is that one of the partners in the agency seemed to think it would be a good idea to make me Intern Captain this summer.

“But, Darryl,” I protested, “I’m not ‘a responsible adult’! You’ve known me for years, you should know I can’t be trusted.”

Daryl made some unintelligible reply, which is his usual form of communication, his Irish accent being so thick that you could stop a charging bull with it.

“Shusel, creative phantom ‘Eager Beaver’,” said Darryl with a chuckle, or at least that’s what it sounded like and then shambled off in the direction of the studio and his well stocked private fridge.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that instead of being out at the beach in an expensive high cut swimsuit smelling of suntan lotion, where any sensible person would be in the summer sun, I find myself shepherding the bright minds of tomorrow through various tasks at the agency. Naturally, some have talent in one direction or another. Some are bright thinking souls, and some simply look pretty, like the young man before me in my office just yesterday.

Giovanni is a young man from Rome, completing his masters degree in something impressive. He’s not entirely without ability, and I think he spends a good deal of time in the gym, judging by the shapely definition of his muscles beneath his shirt.

He looks vaguely roguish, and like in some other time and place he might sweep me off my feet, flying by on a Vespa, his white silk shirt billowing open in the Mediterranean breeze, as I clung to him sitting side saddle, sliding sensuously through traffic on cobbled streets.

“I spent a little time in Rome,” I commented to him as he sat expectantly in my office, having handed me the draft script he’d come up with for a radio advertisement for one of our local accounts. “I like to go over there from time to time. I’ve picked up a little Italian, and I enjoy the local tongue.”

I leaned forward in my chair and saw his eyes drop to my chest, and then he handed me the script, blushing a little for some reason. I lingered there a moment before I took it and read through it slowly, shifting this way and that in my seat.

This was for one of our smaller clients, a funeral home. Having recently remodelled their facility they were quite keen to show it off, and wanted to run a short radio campaign to draw attention to it.

“It’s just this one line I’m struggling with,” I said to Giovanni, giving him a warm smile. “’Come and see our new facility when you’re passing.’ It’s just a little open to misinterpretation. Perhaps we could reword that.”

Well, I may not be getting to the beach this afternoon, but perhaps I can introduce this fine young Roman to the delights of Vancouver. I may even have the opportunity to indulge my passion for languages with him and show him my oral skills a little later, one never knows.

I do hope this finds you enjoying your summer. Today I want to share with you a wise tip.  In the harsh summer sun it’s important to moisturise. Every morning before I walk little Hannibal, I use a good quality suntan lotion as a moisturiser, not only keeping my skin safe, but also preserving it’s peach like warm glow. In the evening I always use a little Aloe Vera cream before going to sleep. It’s a simple regime but it will look after your skin and keep you looking young. Developing the habit of using a moisturising cream daily will also help you feel more feminine and confident.

Have a lovely week.



What doctors should know about gender identity.

Many of us look to the medical profession for guidance. Sometimes we should think twice about that. Our own communities are stronger and more educated than theirs. Until they get their heads around non-binary gender issues we should tread with caution.


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Featured Friends – Mercury Stardust.

I’ve often advised members never to go anywhere near a hardware store without a trained lesbian by your side. They just do this stuff better than us. And they have more power tools! Who would have thought!

Enjoy the lovely Mercury Stardust, and her sound advice for anyone who lives in a home with or without a functioning roof. I would hope that would include most of my members. I really would.

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Enjoy Clothes Maketh The Man

Clothes Maketh The Man is the iconic story of Andy’s progression from one disaster to the next as he learns he’s not the man he thought himself to be. Enjoy it today.

I could hear voices in my living room.  There was a little light laughter and I could tell that Devina and her guest were making themselves comfortable.

I found myself flushed and felt my heart racing.  I ran the tap and put my wrists under it, the cool water calming me.  As I looked in the mirror I could barely recognise the face that looked back. Devina had done a masterful job on my makeup.

Read more Clothes Maketh The Man.

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So many people struggle to meet crossdressers.

When I started My Little Black Book some years ago I was surprised by how many of my members immediately joined the system. It’s a very simple method of connecting with other crossdressers and admirers, and to be honest it’s a pretty bare bones type of tool. 

I help many people get in touch with their feminine side, and many of them want to reach out to others, both for support and friendship. I often hear that people struggle to connect with crossdressers, and that crossdressers struggle to meet admirers – both male and female. It seems to me this is a problem in search of a simple solution. So I built one.

I was a little concerned that the simplicity of the system would not appeal to people used to online dating apps that are pretty sophisticated. My intention was to keep costs minimal, but more importantly put the members in control. The idea was that people set up an email that they felt safely put all correspondence in one place, and then list themselves in My Little Black Book. Members could then use that email to reach out to others, and to have others connect with them.

Very soon it turned out that people loved the fact that it was so very simple, which has become the single most important part of the system. Now we have members from all over the world talking to each other, and enjoying correspondence from near and far. It’s proved a great success.  People were even connecting and sharing group holidays.

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Rainbow gets a hand up.

It’s not every day that I get a panicked phone call from Sebastian begging me to meet him at the Flaming Buns Café near the office in which I pretend to work. I put on my heels and hurried down to see what could be so troubling to his poor soul.

“Sebastian,” I said taking a pavement seat beneath an umbrella outside the Café. “You look terrible, dear. What on earth is the matter?”

I adjusted my skirt, a little shorter than strictly necessary for the working environment, but very stylish all the same. I often wear a tennis style skirt, pleated and a solid color. A very pleasing sensation on my legs, I must say.  I sat quietly and listened to Sebastian as he poured forth his news.

It transpires that Rainbow has lost her job, again! She’d been working at a new bungee jumping centre a little up the canyon.  Anyway, this time it really doesn’t seem to have been her fault. I mean, really. You’d expect a war veteran to mention his prosthetic limb when going bungee jumping.

“That was most unfortunate,” I said to my distressed friend. “If there’s anything I can do to help, you must let me know.”

Sebastian had that sheepish look some people have before they ask a favor. He looked really very awkward.

“Go on,” I said. “Out with it.”

Sebastian shifted uneasily and then continued.

“She needs a reference,” said Sebastian. “I wonder if you could…”

‘Of course,” I replied. “You know I could act as her reference. I am happy to.  Does she have a particular job in mind?”

“Yes.  She’s applied for a position with Dr. Olivera, in the city centre. He has two practices. He’s an oral surgeon and proctologist, said Sebastian.”

“How very unusual,” I commented.

“Yes,” he continued. “And he runs them out of the same building. For one you go in the front of the building and the other you have to enter from the rear. It’s the dental surgery, strange as that may seem.”

“A very strange man, I think.”

Well, I now have to get on with my day.  I do enjoy telling you these anecdotes though.  If you’re enjoying them and have not already signed up as a Good Gurl, perhaps now is a good time to do so. If you’re already a member of any of my Programs, be sure to have a wonderful day and let me know how you are doing.



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