Crossdressing in isolation can be fun, even when life’s a drag.

I know that many of my members are frustrated at being locked down, and as the days go by it can seem like there’s no end in sight. I recently listened to a BBC report from a US reporter locked down in Wuhan, who described the experience as being a psychological process not unlike the stages of grief.

There are various descriptions of this around the net, but the most common appears to suggest the following are stages of grief:

Denial – Sylvester: “This isn’t necessary!” Me: “Tell that to the people without health insurance.”

Anger – Amanda: “I’ll be buggered if I’m wearing a mask.” Me: “Please wear a mask.”

Bargaining – Sebastian: “If I socially isolate today, maybe we’ll get past this sooner.” Me: “Let’s do it.”

Depression – Auntie Kittie: “Let’s hit the wine reserves.” Me: “Yours or mine?”

Acceptance – Ali: “The garden looks nice today.” Me: “The garden looks lovely.”

I thought this a very interesting way of thinking about this. We’re just going to have to get used to this. There’s no arguing with it, and as much as some orange haired buffoon might try to push people back to work early, the health of those I love are more important to me than his profits. So, I would like to share a few things to help you get through this difficult time. These are merely the opinions of a crossdressing advertising executive, and I don’t expect the world to whole heartedly agree with me. However, you may find some of these suggestions to be of interest.

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Happy Easter and it’s time for some Easter Give Aways.

“That Amanda‘s a fat cow!” said young Max as he talked to me through my kitchen window, maintaining social distancing.

At the time I was pulling on a pale pink sports bra. He glanced at me now and then, unable to avert his blue eyed gaze, the filthy little pervert.

“Max,” I said calmly, “Just because she’s in a lesbian relationship with your mother, there’s no need to be calling her fat. Besides, she’s the editor of Pig and Pig Farmer Weekly, and your boss. That means you should accord her some respect.”

He looked a little crestfallen and then said, “Alright. She’s a morbidly obese cow, then.”

“That’s better. She’s a very dear friend of your mother’s. Besides, if as you say your mother is going to do this whole isolation thing at her place, it will leave you more time to work on my site.”

“What about my dinner?”

“Max! Don’t be so 1983! You should know better than that!” At 22 years old that boy should know better.

Perhaps I should explain. For some months now Marjorie, Max‘s mother, has been wrist deep in a lesbian love affair with my wife’s childhood friend Amanda. This has taken some emotional toll on poor Max, who is struggling to accept the new relationship.

How odd, don’t you think, that Max who quite lecherously watches me doing yoga with Sebastian (my lovely personal trainer and the man who put the ‘dog’ in downward dog) should have such awkwardness around his mother and Amanda having a relationship. I would agree that Amanda, the queen of tweed, having a relationship with anyone seems challenging, but love finds a way in the most challenging of situations. Ultimately we fall in love with people, don’t you think, rather than someone’s gender?

It reminds me of something I tell many of my members. Judging others is a privilege we sacrifice the moment we put on panties with a partner. Equally, no one has a right to judge us.

It’s not lost on me that the very people that would like to judge us so harshly are often the ones that would delight in fucking our brains out first. But that aside, I do always suggest my lovely members release judgement of others. There’s a great piece of writing on my site about this called The English Country Garden, by Julius Braddock. I recently made that free as it’s such a very influential piece for so many people. You may wish to give it a go.

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Blair has to take a pill a day – and what harm could that do, really? He’s about to find out.

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Fiona Dobson
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Poison! It’s just one pill a day. What harm can that do?

Poison! It’s just one pill a day. What harm can that do?

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Jerry enjoys a challenge. It’s said that a woman can’t change a man and should never try to do so.  Well, it really depends how much pharmacy one throws at the problem. 

In her work at the pharmaceutical company Jerry is perfectly positioned to experiment with that idea.  Join her and watch as Blair experiences some new perspectives.

Along the way Jerry is going to have some fun with Blair’s dear, but interfering sister. 

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Be the change you want to see.

Gurls, we’re going into a tough week.  Let’s make sure we show how resilient we all are as we do so. Setting a fabulous example is our challenge for the week.

I know many of my members have had a difficult path to walk in the past. It goes along with this particular journey. In the week ahead there’s a lot of people who are going to be struggling. Our resilience can be a lesson for those who need an example to follow.

As we go into the coming week I want to share something I’ve realised over the years. How much courage you have has nothing to do with what color panties you happen to be wearing. Nor does it have anything to do with what’s between your legs. It’s about having a stout heart and belief in yourself. And it’s more infectious than COVID19. As others see your resilience they too will gain strength.

Practicing social distancing and not succumbing to the fear of what’s ahead is very important at the moment. Don’t let the news drag you down, and stay positive. There’s a wealth of fun things to occupy you on This is also a great time to be using the time available for planning what happens next. How will you change?

Putting on a smile and some fresh panties is going to be what keeps us moving ahead for the moment.  

I’d love it if you can show those around you how strong you are by keeping a positive face on.

As my wife’s appalling friend Amanda said recently, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world! You know who said that?”

“I think it was Ghandi,” I replied.

“General Paton! That’s who said that! So… there you go.”

“Well,” I replied. “They were so very similar. But I will keep that in mind,” I assured her.

Stay safe,


Clothes Maketh The Man – part 42 is out!

Poor Andy, just when he thinks things are going to get better fate takes a dump on his head, again. It’s the crossdressing story you’re going to love, even if you’ve never tried on your sisters panties.

I can hardly believe I have been writing this for 4 years. Over 85,000 members have enjoyed the free version of Clothes Maketh The Man. You can enjoy the full ongoing serial for just $1 a month by following me on Patreon, and then you get extras like Auntie Kitties Diary and Poison! Not to mention my regular posts. 

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Read the first 24 episodes of Clothes Maketh The Man Free –

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We are keeping our members occupied and amused during the lock down.

Who would ever have guessed that being in voluntary isolation could be something you’d actually enjoy! This is a great time for reflection and reinvention. Throughout this period the gurls in our Whatsapp Group are finding fun things to do.

Yesterday we had “Toenail Tuesday”. You are welcome to join in. We have lots of ideas for keeping occupied while in isolation. Just to remind you how important this is, the illustration below is a simulation of the effect of social distancing, and how it’s application can significantly change the outcome.

The discussions in the Whatsapp group are very broad. They’re moderated and family friendly. There’s a lovely group of crossdressers and their friends in there.

Enjoy the images on this page. They’re just some of our lovely gurls, including Lenni, Jules, Jenny, and Danielle – in no particular order, to reserve anonymity.

Tonight I have a deep plum color, not unlike the wine my brother once made, and which had the rather unusual effect of leaving one almost blind after four glasses.
The taste was awful. It didn’t actually kill you, but by the bottom of the fifth glass you wish it had.
He’s a terrible wine maker. And he never makes enough.
What can you do?

It’s Toenail Tuesday!

If you’re locked down and wondering what to do, join us in our Elite Whatsapp Group and post your painted toe nails. We enjoy chat and ideas about crossdressing, and everything else, for that matter. On Tuesdays we do ‘Toenail Tuesday’ and share pics of our painted nails.

Come on in and join the fun.

Do you have a tablet?

It is a point of some irritation to me that, who does write the most extraordinary diary entries (as my Patreon members will know), struggles with technology. Living only a few houses away in Huckleberry Close, she is wrestling with the idea of social distancing.

“But what is it, Fiona,” she said down the phone this morning. “Why don’t I come over and you can explain it to me? I keep hearing about it on the wireless.”

Yes, that’s actually what she said, ‘the wireless’. I told her not to worry, but to listen to her gramophone rather than the news.

That really does sort of miss the point. I have to say that for each person failing to do use social distancing we can expect this to last just a little longer. So, there is a bit of an incentive to get it right. Also, if you have an elderly parent, and you want there to be a respirator for them should they get this thing, well, there’s your incentive right there. It works and reduces the loading on the healthcare system.

Auntie Kittie is a conundrum. While baffled by even the technology to operate a doorbell, she is the only person in my regular circle who understands how to use a Norwegian wine bottle opener I have. It’s an electric device, ergonomically designed and as far as I can make out, entirely unusable. You could die of thirst in a desert with this thing it’s so complicated, and yet she figured it out and had a bottle opened and poured before I’d finished explaining to her that no one knew how to use it.

Auntie Kittie has only recently acquired a cell phone.

For those of you who regularly do follow the events here in Huckleberry Close, you might already have guessed that Sylvester actually does have a hazmat suit. I sent him over earlier to get Auntie Kitties phone and bring it back here so Max could install Whatsapp on it. That didn’t go so well. I had no idea a phone this old could even connect to a wireless network. Frankly I should be grateful it didn’t have a wire and a rotary dial.

Eventually Max called her and asked if she had a tablet, to which she replied she would look in the medicine cabinet and I think the phone got cut off after that.

Some of my neighbours are looking concerned seeing Sylvester walking up and down Huckleberry close in a hazmat suit. I think I’d better put the kettle on and make tea. It’s going to be a trying day.

Now, I’m not going to give you medical advice or any more COVID19 news. There’s other sources for that. I would recommend middle of the road reporting such as, BBC , Axios and CBC . These are actual news sites and not entertainment sites. If you believe anything you see on Fox News you pretty well deserve everything you get, I’m sorry to say. That might be a case of Darwinian evolution in practice. All I can say is, don’t be a covidiot.

What I can suggest is that you occupy your time with Clothes Maketh The Man, or if you want something interactive our Whatsapp Group is having a wonderful time. This week we’ve have Toenail Tuesday lined up for our members of Whatsapp tomorrow. There’s always discussions about music, and cooking, whether or not Skye from Paw Patrol is hotter than Dr. Smith (in the new Lost In Space) and of course no end of crossdressing chat. You are never going to be bored if you join us on Whatsapp. It’s different every day.

I am often online at present on the website, and in the Whatsapp Group so feel free to stop by and say hi.

Stay dressed, stay isolated and stay safe.


Quarantine in style.

In our Whatsapp Group the gurls are preparing for Toenail Tuesday, and painting their toe nails. You can join us by becoming a member of the Elite Whatsapp Group.

I’m amazed at the creativity of my lovely members. We’re talking about all kinds of fun things and having a ball. Subjects covered today have included: Nails, Prince Harry (who doesn’t mind if he doesn’t make the scene, he’s got a daytime job, he’s doing alright…) the string section at the end of A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall, Poison!, an empty ski resort in Colorado, and whether Greenpeace activists are hotter than Friends of The Earth activists (“she looked like David Bellamy with a hang over.”), and of course – what to wear during isolation.

Remember, it’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it… Join us and we’ll get through this together.




Poison! Part 2.

Hello again, and welcome back. You can find Part 1 here. 

Let’s do a little experiment. I want you to think of the soft fabric of panties. A simple enough task, and one you likely don’t find unpleasant.

Now let’s take it a little further. Rather than thinking of the soft qualities of the fabric, I’d like you to imagine those very same panties on someone. You can choose me, if you like. Think of the form of my hips, the curve of my body, even the few whisps of pubic hair vaguely visible, but most of all of the shape. In your mind you can almost imagine touching, stoking and enjoying those perfect shapes, warm beneath your hand. Soft. Moist.

You cannot help but think of the soft aroma of my scent, can you. And as you do so the thought almost transports you to some moment in which you’ve either wanted to touch, or indeed done so, and the rewarding feeling of a body responding.

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