Rainbow gets a hand up.

It’s not every day that I get a panicked phone call from Sebastian begging me to meet him at the Flaming Buns Café near the office in which I pretend to work. I put on my heels and hurried down to see what could be so troubling to his poor soul.

“Sebastian,” I said taking a pavement seat beneath an umbrella outside the Café. “You look terrible, dear. What on earth is the matter?”

I adjusted my skirt, a little shorter than strictly necessary for the working environment, but very stylish all the same. I often wear a tennis style skirt, pleated and a solid color. A very pleasing sensation on my legs, I must say.  I sat quietly and listened to Sebastian as he poured forth his news.

It transpires that Rainbow has lost her job, again! She’d been working at a new bungee jumping centre a little up the canyon.  Anyway, this time it really doesn’t seem to have been her fault. I mean, really. You’d expect a war veteran to mention his prosthetic limb when going bungee jumping.

“That was most unfortunate,” I said to my distressed friend. “If there’s anything I can do to help, you must let me know.”

Sebastian had that sheepish look some people have before they ask a favor. He looked really very awkward.

“Go on,” I said. “Out with it.”

Sebastian shifted uneasily and then continued.

“She needs a reference,” said Sebastian. “I wonder if you could…”

‘Of course,” I replied. “You know I could act as her reference. I am happy to.  Does she have a particular job in mind?”

“Yes.  She’s applied for a position with Dr. Olivera, in the city centre. He has two practices. He’s an oral surgeon and proctologist, said Sebastian.”

“How very unusual,” I commented.

“Yes,” he continued. “And he runs them out of the same building. For one you go in the front of the building and the other you have to enter from the rear. It’s the dental surgery, strange as that may seem.”

“A very strange man, I think.”

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