Sebastian’s going to give me one in the bunker!

It’s been such an active period. And I must say, I’ve been surprised by Sebastian, as he’s been putting me through my paces in my fitness regime. This gives me a great opportunity to dress in some lovely outfits.

I do, of course, take a keen interest in sport. I’ve been noticing a lot of talk lately about concussions in sport. It’s high time these types of injuries were addressed, and particularly in ice hockey. Unnecessary violence does nothing to enhance the game. However, I was most surprised when Sebastian came home the other day, having had to stop in at the hospital after a yoga class. Apparently, while helping out at his sisters studio, he’d asked a young lady if she was unwell, as she was sneezing and coughing right through the class.  When he told her he was sorry she wasn’t feeling herself, she turned round and punched him.

He does take me with him when he’s climbing some weekends.  I generally watch, though sometimes I do like to mess around in caves pot holing with him. This very weekend I’m looking forward to a truly dirty weekend of fun in various holes he’s suggested.

That, however, is not the main reason I’m writing. For those of you enjoying my serial “Clothes Maketh The Man”, I have just released Part 22. Things seem to get less and less comfortable for poor Andy! I’m trying to keep a good schedule getting it out (phrasing) every couple of weeks now. The best way to be sure your getting enough, is to use my App – which you can download here.

I’ve also made some cool changes to the website recently. Once you register on the website you can now get full access to the Free Program content on the web. Be sure to register and you can have me in the car, your office, when you wake up and before you fall asleep!

Now, I have to hurry off. I have a golf lesson with Sebastian shortly. He’s planning to give me one in the bunker.



Maintaining discipline on the pitch can be a point of contention even in school games.

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