The Crisis In the British Healthcare System – Philosophy Tube.

The British healthcare system and it’s strategic inefficiency for trans people. You can support Philosophy Tube here –

When the system in your country simply doesn’t work, sometimes we have to look outside of our own system for solutions. Please be aware that you do need to do your own due diligence in checking these thing out – and I categorically do not make any recommendations on the surgeons listed below. They are simply a starting point for people who are interested in stepping outside their own healthcare system for answers.

CountryWeb Address:
Transgender surgeons – Brazil
Transgender Centre – Mexico
Transgender surgeons – Italy
Transgender Surgeon – Holland
Transgender Surgeon – India
Transgender Surgeon – Thailand
Transgender Surgeon – Thailand – 2
Transgender Surgeon – Thailand – 3
Transgender Surgeon – Thaland – 4

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