The Dating Game – Part 3 – By Mollie Blake.

A Singapore Sling

In the third part of Mollie’s story we continue to follow David, or ‘Diana’ and Lucy. Part 1 can be found here.

“You’ve got a free trip to Singapore? You lucky sod!”

David’s best friend, Lucy, had him chuckling into his phone. “Yeah, but hey! I have to work for it.”

“Work, my arse! You’re just gonna chat about your precious topic on some quantum physics shite, and then have a ball with whoever’ll fondle yours for you.”

“Fat chance of that with Singapore’s lack of LGBT rights. Anyway, I’m scheduled to give three lectures with Professor Amanda Lo. I’ll be flying home before I know it.”

David cast a quick glance at the sleek turquoise gown hanging on the back of the door. At the very least he planned on having an evening out, just for himself, with the chance to be who he wanted to be.

“You’re just jealous.” He laughed, relaxed now that he was almost ready to leave his apartment for five days. “I promise I’ll bring you something back.”

“It had better not be chlamydia.”

“Ha bloody ha.”


Letting out a sigh of relief when his suitcase finally appeared on the luggage carousel at Singapore airport, David yanked the bag off and headed for the “Nothing to Declare” exit sign.

As soon as he spotted the customs officer with rich brown hair and neatly trimmed side burns, the blood rushed south in David’s trousers. Instinctively he shook his leg and looked dead-ahead. Another five paces and he’d be through the barrier, the image of the guy’s dreamy features giving him something to fantasize over in the taxi to his hotel.

“Excuse me, sir, come this way.”

Which poor sod has come through the wrong channel then? David wondered.

“Sir. This way.”

David glanced back to see the officer staring in his direction. A quick look over his shoulder was enough for David to realise the officer was talking to him.

“Oh. Er…right.” His hand instinctively rested on the top of his case as he checked the sign on the wall, worried for a moment that he had gone down the wrong lane. “I think there must be some mistake. I don’t have anything to declare.”

“Just a random check, sir. Step this way.”

The man was actually smiling. And he had a dimple. David blushed. Dammit! The blush deepened as David pictured his gorgeous dress in his bag, neatly laid out on top of some pretty lace underwear and rolled up sheer stockings. Oh fuck!

They entered a small inspection room.

“Open the case, please sir.” The officer stepped back and waited.

David fumbled with the zipper, desperately trying to think of an explanation for the contents of his luggage.

“Did you pack it yourself?”

“Yes. Yes I did.” His fingers fumbled like an old lady’s. Some seconds later David lifted the lid over and revealed all.

His eyes met those of the customs officer.

“Is this your first trip to Singapore, sir?”

“No…it’s my second.”

“Are you travelling alone, sir?”


The officer’s eyes rested on a turquoise river of sequins. “What’s the purpose of your trip?” he asked, still staring at the dress.


“What business?”

“I’m giving lectures at The Gardens by the Bay.”

“Where are you staying?”

“The Pan Pacific Hotel.”

“Where is your wife?”

“I don’t have a wife. Not that it’s any of your business…oh.” David stared at the dress now. “It’s for a…a friend.” With horror he watched as the officer lifted the dress from the case and placed it on the table. “Be careful with that,” David pleaded a little too quickly. Then he fell silent.

The officer ran his fingers over the cream lace French knickers and stockings. “Who’s you’re friend then?”

“Er… I don’t see what that has to do with this, er, inspection.” David shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “I don’t have any drugs.” He glanced at his watch. “I need to be leaving.”

“All in good time.” The officer gently placed the lingerie on top of the dress before searching through the remaining items in the bag. He spied a small purple makeup bag but decided against opening it. “What are you plans for today?”

“I’m just heading to my hotel.”

“So you don’t need to be leaving. You won’t be able to check in for a good couple of hours yet.”

Bloody hell, this guy was interrogating him. David watched the officer replace his personal, favourite things back in the bag with what appeared to be a deliberate tardiness. He felt like smacking him in the mouth and making a run for it.

“Can I go now.”

The man nodded and David began to run the zip around his bag.

“You forgot this.”

The guy’s hand was resting on the dress. How could he have missed that? David reached for his dress and then froze. After an awkward moment of silence, the officer’s hand grazed David’s.

“Let me.”

His voice was gravelly, as if he was struggling to swallow. David was struggling to breathe as he stepped back and watched the man unzip the bag. He laid the dress on top, exactly as he had found it.

“Right sir. If you could just stand with your feet apart and your hands up.”

“Why? I haven’t got anything illegal. I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“Just procedure.”

David went crimson and stared at the door. The room was beginning to feel claustrophobic. Not wanting to create a scene, and desperate to just get out of there, David assumed the position and held his breath. He hadn’t been stupid enough to wear his garter belt with the metal clips, knowing he would be going through detectors at the airport. But he was wearing French knickers. Lucy had frisked him plenty in the past and assured him they couldn’t be detected under his trousers. As he felt the officer’s hands linger for a fraction of a second at his groin, David wasn’t too confident that she was right.

Finally David grabbed his bag and left.


“That was a wonderful lecture on the transition from heating to cooling and vice versa via an optomechanical system, Professor Forbes.”

“I’m glad you were impressed. Er…can I use your bathroom?”

“Of course, Professor. The door’s on your left.”

“Thanks. And please, call me David.”

“Well, hello, David.”

David turned to stare at the man now standing in front of him. He froze. It was the customs officer from the airport. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Oh.” Amanda smiled. “This is my brother, Matthew. I forgot to mention he’s joining us for dinner.”

“And maybe a bit more,” Matthew added, his eyes fixed on David.

David blushed the colour of pink bubblegum and grabbed the handle to the bathroom door. Once inside he turned the lock and leaned his back against the cool wood before slowly sliding down onto the tiled floor. All of a sudden he felt sick, embarrassed and angry. That man had invaded his private belongings and made him feel like a pervert. The thought of having dinner with him made David want to retch. He yearned to escape to his hotel room and envelop himself in lace and nylon, and lipstick.

“Is this your first trip to Singapore?” Matthew asked as he expertly trapped a shrimp entwined in spicy noodles with his chopsticks.

“You fucking know it isn’t.” David hissed, his thought escaping his lips before he even realised. He shot a glance at Amanda but she had turned to open the wine and seemed not to have heard his outburst.

Suddenly a telephone rang.

“Who can that be?” Amanda asked, getting up from the table. “Pour the wine, Matthew, while I get that.”

The two men were alone.

“Oh no, so you said,” Matthew declared in response to David’s outburst. “Have you unpacked everything from your bag yet?”

David glared daggers at two smoldering brown eyes then took a long slow sip from his glass of perfectly chilled Sancerre. “So tell me, is it because orang-utans are so rare that you managed to get a mundane job working all day at that airport?”

Matthew’s lips curved into a broad smile, the smoldering look in his eyes intensifying. David leaned back in his chair and tried to look smug, but his hand was shaking. He placed it on his lap, over his garter, praying that this good-looking moron wasn’t going to frisk him again.

“Actually, it was a bullet through my hip which got me pensioned off from my job with the Hong Kong police. My skill in spotting a suspicious perp from a hundred yards got me a post in security here. But I guess a physicist who’s so stuck up his own backside, living in a theoretical world, wouldn’t know anything about the dangers in the real world. Prior to checking you out, I arrested a perp from Thailand with nearly a kilo of cocaine stuffed up his arse. By the way, yours is way too cute to keep all to yourself.”

David went crimson and nearly fell off his chair. He was saved by Amanda.

“Sorry the call took so long. Let’s get this dinner served. You two must be starving.”


The following day David insisted he didn’t want to impose on Amanda’s hospitality. He would spend the evening preparing for his final lecture in his hotel room.

At last he could wear his dress, put some make-up on and venture out, unknown and uninhibited. A drink at a bar in the hotel across the road would be enough to satisfy his need to be who he wanted to be.

The fabric of the dress felt lovely against his skin. He admired himself in the full-length mirror and felt a calm joy within. A quick drink would set him up nicely for the evening. He picked up his keys and credit card and prepared to go to step out for a while.

As he pulled the door open to leave David felt sick. He found himself staring aghast at Matthew, who was about to knock on his door, holding a large white box.

“Oh! Am I interrupting something?”

David turned back into his room. How could he possibly go out now? “What do you think? Well. Now you’ve seen me. Why don’t you just have your laugh and fuck off!”

Matthew followed him inside and closed the door. “Wow! I thought you might like some company and I could show you another side to Singapore. One I know my sister won’t have shown you.” Suddenly he smiled that rich broad smile David had seen last night.

Matthew’s eyes suddenly fixed on David’s dress. There was a moment of stillness. Then he handed David the box.

“This is for you. I thought you might like a souvenir. Look…if I’ve got this wrong then just say and I’ll leave. But…I’d love to see you in this.” Matthew’s insides were doing somersaults. Yes! He had got this guy exactly right. A cross-dresser who was intelligent and gorgeous. Now he hoped he was gay, or at least bi.

David sat on the bed and stared at the box. “You got this for me?”

Matthew sat beside him. “Here, let me help.”

He pulled out a long robe of rich red satin adorned with swirls in gold thread.

David was trembling. He reached out to touch the smooth fabric. “I—I don’t understand.”

“From the moment I spied you when you arrived here, I admired you.”

“Admired me? You humiliated me.”

“Hey. I’m sorry I teased you but I didn’t know how else to stop you walking straight out the airport. I thought I’d hit the jackpot when you turned up at my sister’s.” He paused a moment before deciding to just go for it. “It can be tough being gay here. Especially for an alpha male.”

David’s laugh was weak and self-deprecating. He held his hands out. “Ha! Look at me. I’m no alpha male. And for your information, I’m not gay.”

“I didn’t mean you.”


Matthew stood up. “And I’m sorry I got you wrong. I hoped…Well it doesn’t matter now.” He headed to the door. “I hope you like the dress.”

“You don’t want to see me in it?”

Matthew stopped. “I’d love to.”

Holding the dress up, David finally smiled. He just knew he was going to look stunning in it. But it was just a huge rectangle of red and gold. “I think I might need some help putting it on.”

Standing naked at the bottom of the bed, feeling nervous as hell, David steadily drifted to heaven as Matthew took time and great care to coil the rich red satin tightly around his torso and drape it over his right shoulder.

Matthew stepped back. “Oh my, you look amazing.”

“I feel it,” Diana whispered. Her breath hitched as Matthew wrapped his arm around her waist and began to slowly sway, dancing to the music of their breathing.

As the minutes passed away, so too did tensions and any remaining doubts. Finally Matthew broke the silence.

“Can I get you out of this now and into that huge bed?”

Diana’s words were barely audible. “I thought you’d never ask. And I hope that’s not the only thing you’re planning on getting into.”

Their bodies collided and their worlds rocked. Matthew was definitely alpha male and the woman in David exploded in erotic euphoria as they came in unison, Matthew filling that tight entrance completely as David’s sperm covered Matthew’s hand. Perfect.

“Now for some fun.” Matthew began to roll Diana in her dress. “You’re not escaping me now.” His laughter grew as Diana’s giggles filled the room. With visions of Arabian carpets and beautiful women, Matthew pulled to unfurl his companion.

Suddenly there was a loud thud as David landed on the floor.

“Fuck!” he yelled, clutching his shoulder. “That bloody hurt.”

“Shit! I’m sorry. David are you okay?”


“So,” exclaimed Lucy, wallowing in superior delight as she watched David struggle to get one arm out of his jacket, while trying to protect the other. “You got your Singapore sling, then.”

David’s grimace was short-lived as he finally got free from the jacket. “It was so worth it though…”

Lucy began to unfasten his case. “So what did you get me? Did you bring me an orang-utan?”

“I’m a physicist not a biologist.”

“That’s so boring.”

With his one hand, David rummaged to the bottom of his bag. “Here. Stop sulking.” He handed her the red robe.

Lucy began to unfold the fabric when out popped a small cuddly orang-utan. “You’re such a sweety,” she said, reaching up for a kiss.

“But you have to let me dress you. And then I want a go too. We can share.”

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