We are keeping our members occupied and amused during the lock down.

Who would ever have guessed that being in voluntary isolation could be something you’d actually enjoy! This is a great time for reflection and reinvention. Throughout this period the gurls in our Whatsapp Group are finding fun things to do.

Yesterday we had “Toenail Tuesday”. You are welcome to join in. We have lots of ideas for keeping occupied while in isolation. Just to remind you how important this is, the illustration below is a simulation of the effect of social distancing, and how it’s application can significantly change the outcome.

The discussions in the Whatsapp group are very broad. They’re moderated and family friendly. There’s a lovely group of crossdressers and their friends in there.

Enjoy the images on this page. They’re just some of our lovely gurls, including Lenni, Jules, Jenny, and Danielle – in no particular order, to reserve anonymity.

Tonight I have a deep plum color, not unlike the wine my brother once made, and which had the rather unusual effect of leaving one almost blind after four glasses.
The taste was awful. It didn’t actually kill you, but by the bottom of the fifth glass you wish it had.
He’s a terrible wine maker. And he never makes enough.
What can you do?

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