Yes, even a crossdressing account exec has to cross their ‘T’s’.

The work of a crossdressing advertising account executive is never done. On Friday night I was preparing to leave the office when my eyes fell upon the latest piece of creative from our graphics department.

Just as I was looking forward to a nice lager down at Trannie Annie’s bar I noticed the proof of the poster. It was all signed off and ready to be sent to the printers, when three words leapt off the page at me.

I caught my breath as I reread the text. It’s not often we’re asked to do poster campaigns these days and this one was for a prominent science author who was doing a book tour. Confidentiality prevents me from mentioning names here, however this particular individual is very recognizable, speaking with the aid of a computer synthesized voice, and with his career rolling forward apace.

I called the creative director immediately and caught him as he was stepping aboard a train on his evening commute home.

“Derek,” I said. “This poster,” and then he interrupted.

“Isn’t the image beautiful?” He gushed. “It’s from one of those radio telescopes.”

“Yes,” I replied. “The image is lovely.”

“He’s very excited about it all,” carried on the creative director. “The posters will go out on Monday, if the printers run it over the weekend.”

“Well,” I said calmly. “You might want to get off that train then.”

“But why,” said Derek.

“Asking people to come and meet the author of a book about the infinite universe is one thing, but then saying ‘come early as ‘space is limited’ seems just a little contradictory,” I replied.

Needless to say he was off the train moments later and making his way back to the office. I hope your weekend is going to be more fun than theirs.

In the meantime I have just put up a new page called ‘I nearly got caught!’. Feel free to add your comments to it and tell your own story.



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