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  1. Hello I’m 45 I’m 6 feet tall with long reddish brown hair blue eyes about 180 pounds and a white submissive bottom male I was born in Southern Indiana forced to hide myself from family and society but I’ve always believed that I should have been a gurl

    1. In that case you should seriously consider my Premium Program. I have a very dedicated group of members who I work with.

      They are all CDs who are learning to embrace who they are, and find ways to make it a part of their life with which they are comfortable and do not feel shame.

      You will love it.

      1. Hi:Mistress Fiona, my name that u pick for me is KELLIE. I’m 5’7″ 125lbs.Brown Hair and Blue Eyes. I thought I was a Straight guy, but u have Hypnotized me and now I know because of your programs I’m now one of your Gurly girls. And I feel free and Feminine. It’s so wonderful to be your naughty Submissive gurl.♡

    2. I can relate, family and friends constantly talk so bad about it, unknown to them there talking about me. I love to dress up though im just beginning, but I have definitely got on my knees no problem and sucked a bbc till he came down my throat, i was mmmm damn, and i have been double teamed. I have always felt drawn to the feeling of being more woman and ii am ready to leave home and become someones sexi lil cock hungry sissie cumslut full time

      1. I don’t know if I just like cds and transgender women? I don’t like men, but I like gurls and I’ve always wanted to be in women’s clothes as I get screwed like a woman. The best is probably knowing she has a big clit. I’ve been with two gurls before, and I don’t think I can do regular pussy anymore, I’ve gotta say I love gurl cock more now. I hope I can join your site, I’m 27 and white Northern Indiana boy love the advice for everyone thank you.

        1. See that’s exactly how I feel I’m looking for another
          gurl. My true feelings inside as I’m a gurl inside too. I would love to know how to find another gurl that would love me as a gurl. I don’t want just a regular guy or girl either.

  2. I love this story. I know I am a woman but do not have enough confidence to own it. I dress often have used herbal hormones and developed C cup breasts.

    1. There are so many stages to this. The first is the realization that gender is a specrtum, and not simple a binary M/F. When you work through my program you will find the many shades of grey that sit between the black and the white. I hope you enjoy my material. F

  3. I dress up every chance I get when I’m alone. I have since I was 14. I have even dressed up for a few men.
    Do I do this for the gratification? Do I do it because I’m feminine? Do I do it because I crave acceptance from men?
    I have never told anyone, but would love to tell my wife.

  4. I look forward to the beginner membership. I can’t afford the premium membership yet. But I’m very interested in bringing out my feminine side. I to dress up when I’m alone at home. But I always wear panties and bras on your my guy clothes.

  5. Hey my name is Vannessa a very feminine crossdresser. Crossdressing and looking like a total woman is the best for me. Omg so its the best feeling ever. Wen i do my girlie thang i get in to it like a real woman does from top to bottom. For example i get rid of all my body hair. Then rub lotion all over my body. Slip in a sexy pair of panties n matchin bra. My pantihose nylons garter belt / thigh highs. Then do my make up. Then my jewlry. A nice little tube top mini dress down to my thighs. Oh dont forget my 6 inch heels. Last but not least my hair. And this is how i do my girlie thing.

  6. Im 48 6ft tall n weigh 225. Im a very submissive bi Crossdressing sissy bottom. Ive been dressing up since i was 7 n had my first sex encounter at age 9 with a boy dresd as a femme little girl. I love to feel sexy wen im dresd up. I want to venture out more dressed as a woman. I’ve chosen the name Tracie for my femme name. I’ve always wanted to be a woman my whole life but cud nevr afford the surgeries. Im with a woman who supports my dresn up n encourages me to dress for her. She even shows me things she likes n wud like to see me wear.

  7. I think back to a email Fiona sent to me back in 2018 and asked me to think of a fem name yes Linda and it has been great l love my name some times if I go off track it can be a email message from Fiona or Antie and all it has to start with is Hi Linda and that’s it my subconscious takes over and so does Linda so the fem name is very important highly recommended you choose a fem name

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