Auntie Kittie’s Diary – 2020-06-13

I have always felt that the more time my nephews spend dressed in lovely girls clothes the more they behave in a polite, soft and gentle manner.  Isn’t that a nice thing to know? Of course it is.

Well, recently one of my nephews has had a visitor, young Donald, a really quite vulgar boy.  He seems to think it ok to push others around and one of my nieces recently came to see me about him. Annette told me he had been peeking in her bedroom when she was changing, which I found a most distasteful thing to do.  He’s also been picking on some of the other children in the neighbourhood.He also refuses to wear a mask, which I find extremely disrespectful. I am sure you’d agree, this is really not the way a young boy should behave.

“If he’s unwilling to behave like a nice boy,” I said to Annette, “then we can’t treat him like a nice boy.”

I thought about the situation for a moment or two, while offering Annette a small serving of frozen yoghurt.

“Would you do me a favor, Annette?” I asked.

“Of course, auntie!”

“I’d like you to find me a nice dolly. Perhaps an old one. One you no longer play with.  I know you must have one or perhaps you have friend willing to part with one,” I said.

Sure enough a couple of days later Annette dropped by and delivered to me an old dolly. It was a little ragged, but that was ok. As luck would have it, that very afternoon Donald and some of my nephews came over to play in the garden.

I did my best to explain about social distancing, but it’s a little bit of a lost cause with the younger children. Eventually it came time for me to provide the young scamps with a few toys, and I handed out a few things for Gerald and Michael to play with.

Gerald is fascinated by maps at the moment, so I loaned him an old compass and asked him to make a map of the garden. Michael played with a remote control tractor and did his best to plough my herb garden. Stacey and Annette occupied themselves with their tablets, and thought the younger boys a little silly. But when it came to Donald, I handed him the dolly and told him to come back to me when he’d made a mask for both himself and Kelly Anne, the doll.

He looked at me petulantly, but took the dolly in his small hands.

“Now, now, Donald,” I said.  You don’t want everybody thinking you’re a silly little boy do you?”

“We already think he’s a silly boy,” said Annette in perfect French, knowing I speak it fluently.

Donald stamped his foot, and then said, “I don’t like this game!”

“It’s alright, Donald,” I said. “You are not expected to enjoy it! You are merely expected to do as you are instructed.  You can do that can’t you? You don’t want everyone laughing at you and thinking you’re too stupid to do this simple thing. If you can’t manage that, how do you suppose you’ll ever earn the respect of those around you?”

“I’m the best,” shouted Donald, stamping his foot again.

“Alright, Donald,” I said, always patient. “Perhaps you could be the best and go up and change into something that will make it easier to do this.  I’ve got the very thing.”

With that I took little Donald upstairs and had him change into a delightful dress with some lace detailing. He looked delightful. As he came out into the garden all my little guests were laughing at him, which he really didn’t seem to enjoy. I suppose some people just learn faster than others.

“Don’t worry,” I said to Annette later. “Even the most selfish pigs get to learn sometime.”

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Your favorite auntie,

Auntie Kittie.

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