Body hair 101 for crossdressers.

When Max, my next door neighbor’s son, dropped by unexpectedly this afternoon, and found me doing a yoga workout, he asked me where I’d been all morning. As he watched me stretch in my leotard, he seemed really quite engrossed. I mentioned that I’d been busy having a Brazilian, and he said something about shaving. I have no idea why. 

It did however, remind me that so many of my members worry about body hair.  And it’s true, it can be tricky, especially if one is essentially closeted in their dressing.  However, I am a strong believer that one of the most enjoyable ways of concealing body hair is to wear a body stocking. It’s aesthetically beautiful, and really does conceal most of the issue.

Not only do you get to find some nice new additions to your wardrobe, but a black body stocking has quite a slimming effect. Even a fine mesh fishnet effect can disguise quite heavy body hair.

For those who really wish to remove body hair, solutions range from shaving, through waxing all the way to laser. I am often told laser is the way to go, as the technology has come on so much in recent years. Finding a girlfriend to go to an appointment with is not so hard, and can be the start of a lovely spa afternoon.

Having said all that, we have one or two members who have friends who are bee keepers. They prize the wax from these friends as it seems to be particularly good for hair removal.  I guess it’s a case of nature delivering us what we need.



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  1. Body hair is easy enough to manage but what about facial hair. It makes me feel like Cinderella, at midnight my 5 o’clock shadow will come out and the ruse will be over!

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