Trans people are not defined by their transitions.

@gloria_swansong #stitch with @mags_a_million Let’s clear the air on what Transgender means and what the movement is all about. #trans #transnonbinary #transhistory #lgbtqeducation ♬ original sound – Gloria_Swansong

Let’s clear the air on what Transgender means and what the movement is all about.

Transgender is about transversing genders, spanning the space between male and female. It is a broad term and doesn’t specifically define one gender expression.

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DeSantis ate my panties!

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I usually enjoy my morning tea after a short yoga work out, while I read the headlines on my tablet. Yet this week all I seem to be inundated with in my news feed is the news that some US states are legislating against drag shows and emulating such countries as Uganda in their headlong run toward transphobia. It seems an odd choice for a country claiming to be forward thinking.

“Honestly,” I said as Sebastian poured another cup, “these cucks will stop at nothing!”

“What’s that?” asked Sebastian.

A healthy political mind starts with a healthy diet.

“Well, that ridiculous man DeSantis claims he’s going to save our kids from raging queens. But I’ve never heard of any drag performers ever doing anything to a child?”

“That would be because they don’t do anything to children. It’s the old trick, invent a problem and then offer a solution and claim you’re the only person that can fix it,” said Sebastian.

“So, how many drag queens do abuse children?” I asked. “I usually attend drag shows that are charity events raising money for good causes. I can’t remember ever seeing anything that has anything to do with abusing children. You’d think I’d notice.”

That would be because it’s nonsense. Fortunately here in Canada we don’t get sucked into that sort of thing. I’d be very curious to know just how many drag shows Ron Desantis has been to, as a point of interest,” said Sebastian. 

“Well, he does look like a boyfriend I had at university. An odd chap. Ate my panties,” I said remembering an incident unsuitable to repeated here. My memory is a little hazy, but I do remember him being quite embarrassed at the Emergency Department in the hospital. It was a wild time.

“What an odd thing to do,” commented Sebastian.

“It takes all sorts,” I replied. “Nearly choked on them, as I remember.”

I poured more tea.

“But even so, how does this have anything to do with the transgender community? Don’t these people realise drag and transgenderism are two entirely different things?” I persisted.

“Fiona,” replied Sebastian, “you can’t expect these people to think about these things rationally. It’s quite literally beyond them. They have no experience of what they’re talking about, and it’s just about getting cheap votes. Of course, it’s easy to say ‘We’re going to save all these children!’ when in fact none are in any way under threat. And if you’re against their ridiculous legislation you look like you don’t care about children.”

“But look at my members,” I responded. “Most of them have children. You couldn’t find a nicer and more caring group of people.”

“I know,” said Sebastian. “These people appeal to the most frightened and weak members of society. They look for people who are easily influenced. IF they can convince them there’s a problem, then they can set themselves up as the solution. It appeals to many weak minded people. There’s no point trying to argue with them. There’s nothing you can possibly suggest that will make them turn around and say, “Oh yes, you’re right, Fiona!” No, they’re just frightened little people living very sad lives. And that is exactly who a fascist like DeSantis is reaching out to.”

“It seems very sad. And they will end up with blood on their hands, because good people won’t get the gender affirming care they need. But, I guess they don’t care about the kids who die because they’re denied gender affirming care. I guess they’re the wrong kind of kids, right?”

“That’s about the size of it,” said Sebastian.

What a world we live in. Fortunately there is such a thing as a vote. If you live in the southern US be sure to see you are properly registered so that when the time comes we can vote these fascist ding dongs out. Of course, Canadians like myself watch the likes of DeSantis with a sense of bemused amazement. He simply couldn’t even get elected to a school board in this country. At least these idiots make us look good.

“So, what are you up to this weekend,” I asked Sebastian feeling the need to change the subject.

“Bernard is taking Rainbow and I sailing,” he replied. “Poor Rainbow. She’s a struggling student now.  She had to sell the watch she got off our grand father on his death bed. She needs cash to get through this month.”

“Oh dear,” I replied.

“Yes,” sighed Sebastian. “Apparently he put up a hell of a struggle but she got it in the end.”

I felt this was an awkward subject but continued, “She always said he was a bit of a tight wad. Though he did have a soft spot for her, as I understand it.”

“Oh yes.  Rainbow told me that if she buttered him up, he’d always end up splashing out.”

“Good grief,” I replied.

But that’s not the main reason I’m writing.  I just thought I’d let you k now I have a wonderful offer running on Patreon at present. If you become a Unicorn member through my Patreon membership and stay on for three months you get a delightful cup.  Something to press to your lips every morning, to remind you of me.  I know you’ll love it.



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Gender Criticals And White Nationalism

Today we’re discussing the proposed change to the UK Equality Act and how absurd and unworkable it is, as well as the unignorable link between gender critical activism and white nationalism.

Please consider making a donation to Gendered Intelligence, a trans-led and trans involved grassroots UK organisation with three key departments. One provides education and training for professionals, organisations, schools, colleges and other educational settings. Another department runs a number of youth and community services where young gender variant people can meet, socialise and learn as well as get 1 to 1 support from a trans youth worker.

The third GI department focuses on Public Engagement, running campaigns that challenge misinformation, provide consultations and interviews and more.…

Show your support for Zoe Zephyr today.

As you likely know I am a big supporter of the Mastadon platform. You can always find me there on My friends there have drawn my attention to a way to assist Zooey Zephyr.

You can support her work here – I encourage you to get behind her in true Fiona Dobson style and give her something to smile about. When I mentioned that to Sylvester he made some lewd suggestion. He really can be quite coarse at times!

My support for Zooey is not only a salute to her courage, it is also a reminder that rights are not given. They are won. Zooey is out there winning battles daily and it’s a never ending task. She deserves our support.

So, if you have a spare dollar be smart, make a difference and let’s give Zooey one.

See the blood on your hands.

“If you are forcing a trans child to go through puberty when they are trans, that is tantamount to torture, and this body should be ashamed,” Zephyr said during her speech on the amendments on Tuesday. “The only thing I will say is if you vote yes on this bill and yes on these amendments I hope the next time there’s an invocation when you bow your heads in prayer, you see the blood on your hands.”

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Beware Western Culture is being destroyed by crossdressers!

You can support Natalie HERE.

So, what do you think of ‘Western Civilisation’?

And when some douche says, “Oh, I think that might be a good idea…”

We say, “Actually, I think the idea of a drag club on Davie Street is a way better idea!”

You’re going to love this video from Contrapoints. If you have doubts about post modern neo-marxism, or maybe just need time to adjust your klan hood, you’re going to have fun with this. Now, get your corn dog out and watch this.


When teachers teach by bad example.

Mid Vermont Christian School (MVCS)

In a recent CNN report Mid Vermont Christian school took a distinctly unchristian perspective on sport by refusing to play against a team with a trans student on the team.

If you wish you can read about the story here –…/vermont-basketball…/index.html

While this kind of discrimination is both unchristian and indefensible one shouldn’t allow one’s anger to cloud vision. We are trans, and we are not reactionary. As such we should use the existing avenues of reporting to overcome these hurdles. It would be wrong not to work through the processes of registering our complaint. I will detail the process below to help, if you want a little help to take a stand on this issue.

Read more: When teachers teach by bad example. Continue reading “When teachers teach by bad example.”

From Brianna Ghey’s vigil.

Ellen M said a few words at Brianna’s vigil in Newcastle, in the UK. Her words are wise, powerful and moving. If you’re as upset as I am about this, then don’t be backwards in coming forward and supporting Trans youth with BE: Trans Support. Here’s a transcript of her words. If you’re on Mastodon you can follow her at


Tonight I spoke at the Newcastle vigil for #BriannaGhey as a spokesperson for Be:Trans Support. It was emotional and there was an excellent turnout of both trans people and cis allies. There were some excellent speeches from a wide variety of people – some angry and political, others talking about their feelings. I spoke to some people who were around the same age as Brianna and it filled my heart with joy to see such kind, caring and loving young people. It really gives me hope for the future.
This is what I said:

The death of Brianna Ghey has struck to the very heart of the trans community in the UK. From all reports, she was a strong young woman, who was loved and supported by a family proud of her transness. She was caring and loving to those around her, helping other young trans people with their transition even while fighting for her own right to live her life.

We are upset. We are scared. We are angry. Feelings which are legitimate and understandable.

That it appears that she was killed by two of her contemporaries carries its own horror. It is said that children are our hope for the future but that cannot be taken for granted. Cycles of bigotry fuel themselves – but so does love.

What we need now is to channel our fear and anger into positivity. Let it make us stronger and tell those who oppose us, those who belittle us and those who would legislate us out of existence that they will never stop us.

We need to follow Brianna’s example and reach out to others, to come together and care for and support each other. To take the anger, loss, confusion and fear we feel now and turn it into fuel for the engine of love.

What I would like you to do now is to turn to a stranger next to you and – with their consent – hug them and then tell them that you love them and you stand with them.


The importance of being Visible.

For years people have used coded messages to convey hidden meanings.  They do so to garner support from others who can read those messages. It signals that we are stronger together, and that we are not alone.

I lived in South Africa during the apartheid years. Seeing many different ways in which an authoritarian was resisted opened my eyes to the importance of daily conscious energy to progressively move the margins of society in the direction needed. It’s rarely a cataclysmic shift that makes a difference. Revolutions are, by definition, out of the ordinary. To shift the zeitgeist one has to do so a fraction of an inch at a time. Everyday. Never giving up.

As distasteful as it sounds we see alliance displays very clearly when watching MAGA crowds. Yes, I know – just try to hold onto your lunch. Whether it’s the red ball cap, the simple letter ‘Q’ or a single finger raised in a one arm salute, you can witness non-verbal messaging at play.  Now, I don’t counsel watching any MAGA rallies. If I want to watch a bunch of losers displaying their failed understanding of politics I need only look at some January 6th footage from the Capitol. I try to avoid doing so within half an hour of eating.  But hyperbole aside, these methods of unifying support are often very effective. In the case of large crowds it’s all rather moronic, a little like believing a message gets better by shouting it louder. Natalie Wynn describes this very well in one of her videos HERE.

For a smaller group, a minority for example such as trans people, being able to identify our own supporters and allies is important. Imagine being lost in a crowd, possibly hostile, and having no idea who one’s allies are. Perhaps it’s everyone around you – or perhaps none.  For this reason I am a strong proponent of carrying symbols that convey support for trans, bi and LGBTQ values. I show my colors, as it were. I also know that while not everyone will recognise my message, many people who are aligned with me will recognise the symbols and take some comfort from them.

The idea of this is not to provoke. It’s to signal to allies, ‘Yes, I am here.’  Not everyone needs to be a Valkyrie or social justice warrior. My intention is not to create a combative atmosphere – something that does nothing o appeal to the feminine side of my personality.  I’d rather bring change through quietly reasoned self awareness of what is morally right. Gently assuring our sisters and friends, these are my choices and I am unashamed of them is important.

With that in mind, especially as we move toward election cycles I do suggest members actively ‘flag’ themselves. This can take the form of a simple button, a tee shirt or even the simple color choice in an outfit. It’s true that some people may see such signals and take them to be provocative, however if that’s the case you’ve just forced a bigot to reveal themselves, which is better than not knowing who the bigot in a party is.

With his in mind I’ve got a special page on my site with a few ideas for some subtle and other not so subtle trans supporting ideas. My personal favorite is a button saying ‘404 Error – Gender Not Found’.

Check it out and perhaps you can adopt one or two of the ideas.



PS. Part 57 of Clothes Maketh The Man is out!

Tick Tock, Mr. Trump. The clock is ticking…

Here’s a quick flashback to when Trump was doing his campaigning and participating in his debates with Hilary Clinton, before he got too scared of being shown up by a woman. You may enjoy this retrospective. Read the story from October 2016 HERE.

Just a quick reminder – Trump’s policies toward the trans community set us back decades. As we approach another electoral landmark it’s important to make sure you are registered and prepared to vote your conscience. For most trans brothers and sisters this is for a more liberal option than that offered by the Republican Party. With a Senate that is prepared to impose morally reprehensible limits on the rights of women, we know very well who they will turn on next. At a time when trans rights are being rolled back at local, state and federal levels it’s more important than ever to be properly prepared to vote and make your voice heard. We need this for ourselves and our LGBTQ friends. Don’t forget to register and make sure your vote is going to count.



Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

What a tragic shame that author J.K.Rowling once again sees fit to attack trans rights. As much as some of her writing is wonderful, we love her for that, not her ill-found opinions on gender.

Rowling is once more in the headlines for her views about gender. It’s very curious, by the way, that she also uses a male pen name, when it suits her. Either way, she’s likely raising her profile to sell a few more books – and I can’t blame her for that. But the her target, once again is transgendered people. The above video from Natalie Wynn, Contrapoints, is the best analysis of Rowling’s position I’ve found to date. Instead of just a knee jerk reaction, it’s a deeper examination of her views. As ever, Natalie does an excellent job of blowing away the smoke and finding the kernel of truth that is otherwise obscured by the noise of social media.

It’s a little like finding out Eric Clapton is an anti-vaxxer. We feel betrayed, though we never really imagined we’d look to these talented icons for their human rights or healthcare ‘wisdom’. It just sits badly knowing that we’d offered them our trust and come away disappointed.

OK – so, that’s the last cent these people get from me. They relegate themselves to the role of off-stage court jester – just someone in a funny outfit changing to get home at the end of the night. Just another face in a crowd. How sad that they should consider our trust so disposable.

I grew up in the UK, at a time when television presenter Jimmy Savile was very popular. For those who don’t know who he is, he presented Top Of The Pops, a popular television show, as well as a host of other shows, including some ‘Make A Wish’ style shows for children that were terminally ill. He was a character somewhat beloved (I cringe even writing that now) by his substantial audience. He was knighted and died before the truth about his reprehensible true nature emerged. He turned out to be a serial pedophile with victims going back decades.

It does make me think that perhaps we offer our trust to readily. Taking a step back and asking ourselves if some celebrity huckster on a soap box really is the best person to offer our trust to might be wise now and then. American voters can hardly be surprised at the appalling state of their country when they vote failed TV show celebrities into office. With a president who suggested 15 cases of Covid would just ‘vanish’, and not only weakened NATO but actively undermined a strategic ally, this might be something to think about. These choices have lasting consequences beyond our shores. Just ask anyone in Bucha, in Ukraine.

Yes, the opportunist may have a nice catch phrase, but does that qualify them to lead a modern economy in a complex international situation? Perhaps they should climb back in their box and only emerge when we toss out a few coins to see them dance for us. An amusing performance is all very well, but it ends when the curtain comes down. Then the talent goes back to the dressing room, they take off their costumes and make up and leave the theater by the rear exit and wait at the bus stop with a late night coffee from McDonalds. We can offer them the ticket price, but we don’t need to offer them our hearts.

Those of us in the trans world should guard our feelings particularly in such things, and hold our expectations in check. The erosion of hard won trans rights under right wing pressure is not only a step backward in U.S. society, it’s one that is diametrically out of step with other modern cultures. It’s no exaggeration to think that right after women’s abortion rights are eroded we should expect that we’re next. Historically that’s how this one has played. Trans rights are currently in the cross hairs.

I try to avoid being political on here, however we are who we are. Like it or not, our people are the trannies, the queers and, yes, sometimes the freaks. Our trans sisters and brothers are people we may not ever have met, but they are the only people who really know what it is to be ‘like us’. As such when we see people like J.K. Rowling undermining our ‘family’ they are undermining each of us.

Without needing to go into left/right politics we should ask ourselves sincerely who we do choose to offer our trust. If it is someone who is a celebrity clown, or a celebrated author or musician, then let’s choose to give them a few coins to perform on a stage. We don’t need to vote for them or listen to their views on subjects they are painfully ill qualified to weigh in on.

I don’t really advocate confrontation. I believe we can hold our silence and exercise our view in the privacy of a voting booth. These days it seems everyone needs to vent their opinion on social media, likely in the search for allies. Trans people have learned through the ages that sometimes silence is a wiser course. However facing the onslaught of voices on the right, people bend to pressure and question their own positions, sometimes compromise, and hold their noses and vote. We can’t do that. We have to vote our values.

Our trust is a valuable commodity. Let’s not give it away too easily.


Why are you so quiet?

For the last week I have not written a great deal.  I do answer questions online for those coming to the site and seeing my chat interface there when I can, however I’ve not been very productive with new posts in the last week. You can see when I am online and available to chat, as there’s a little icon in the bottom of your screen saying so.

Of course, my program material is still being sent out to all my members and I am giving the support I always do. However, there’s good reason for the apparent silence.  I should explain.

Those of you who are regular readers may know my wife is always travelling. I don’t share a great deal of information in this regard, as you might know. However, I should explain that my wife is from Ukraine. Her daughter lives in Kiev with her two young sons.

I try not to be too political in these pages. When it comes to LGBTQ politics I feel this is a platform that I try to use appropriately to put some ideas out there, and like many writers I do like take the occasional swipe at authority and the self important stuffed shirts – most of whom need it from time to time. Generally, I try to focus on entertaining my members, and on providing a selection of informative and sometimes educational content. However, events in Europe in the last week are impossible to ignore.

I know over 70% of my members live in the USA, and that Kiev might seem a long way from these shores.  However, it really isn’t far away at all. Here in Canada Ukrainians are the fifth largest ethnic group in the country.

Events in the USA have considerable impact for many of us who do travel and have family in Europe. For example, when a politician undermines the integrity of an organisation, such as NATO, there are consequences. The damage done by four years of mismanagement on the part of the former administration very nearly derailed the organisation that has guaranteed the peace of Europe for the last seventy years. To the ignorant and the insular this may mean little – and I would be the first to agree that most such organisations are imperfect. However, we may be in the process of learning how very much we depend on the commitment of some of these structures. There really is a reason we have norms and standards in government. There is a reason we hold ourselves to a standard dictated by something other than pure profit and self interest. My many European members are likely as uneasy about the future as I am.

Tonight Kiev is under attack. For those of us with loved ones there we cannot divert our attention to the folly of a selfish greedy misogynist whose cowardice played a large role in bringing us to this place. Our thoughts are with those we love who are in desperate trouble. In these pages I have always emphasised the need to accept ourselves, and not dwell on the failings of others. It’s not always an easy thing to do. However, we must try to do so. And these dark days are not likely to be easy. So, for a few days I appreciate your indulgence.

Below is a track from a band called Baccara, performed at a televised concert in Kiev a few years ago.  I first heard this band when skiing in Italy in the Dolomite mountains as a preteen. The band was current at the time and the music would be piped out over the ski slope sound system. It was a lovely touch. I was surprised to find that the duo happened to do a TV special performance in Kiev years later. I thought it a good way to remind us all that even though these places seem far off, they touch us in a myriad of ways. The people who performed, staged and presented this show are just like you and I.  They have children that need to be driven to school, chores to be done and their own little idiosyncrasies, too. As a dictator’s bombs and rockets fall on innocent children in Kiev tonight we might want to spare a thought for the joy we are capable of sharing, when we focus on the positive and creative things we can do – and how easily we lose these things if we are not careful.

Please, spare a moment to pray for Ukraine.


It’s been a bit of a washout this week.

There’s a wonderful thing that happens in the face of adversity. People really do come together. In the last week in southern BC we’ve needed a bit of that.

If you’ve followed the news you may have heard we’ve had some extreme weather. It’s called an atmospheric river and it’s a direct result of global warming. So, in case you had the idea that global warming would only affect third world countries, it may be time to revise that idea.

This is just one of many landslides cutting the main highway to the interior.

No one has any idea what the total cost will be, as we’re still in the early stages of recovery – and praying it doesn’t freeze up too soon. The figure I am hearing, and I can’t back it up, is that there’s been over $30 billion worth of damage. At present we’re under gasoline rationing, as the oil pipelines have been severed by the landslides that resulted from the massive rainfall. We need to ration gasoline so that emergency services have sufficient fuel.

It is quite heartening to see Auntie Kittie, Rainbow, Sebastian and Katia Thornwood all arriving at my house on their bicycles. People have come together to prevent things getting any more difficult. Rainbow is naturally concerned that they may start rationing kombucha, but has resisted the urge to start panic buying the stuff. I suggested she start making kale smoothies to distribute if the situation deteriorates. She’s out buying kale even as we speak.

Dozens of volunteers at Surrey’s Dukh Nivaran Sahib Gurdwara cooked more than 3000 meals for those stranded in Hope. They’re paying for private helicopters to deliver meals (roti, cooked carrots, fruit) Wed AM – and will try for more trips in the coming days @CityNewsVAN

So, you can imagine life in Huckleberry Close has been just a little disrupted. Sylvester has been driving his truck up to the nearest affected areas to help in the cleanup, and Ali has been helping prepare meals which are then ferried by helicopter up to people stuck in areas between landslides. The Sikh Nation has been distributing food to many people who have been cut off. They’ve done some wonderful work, all are volunteers. While Ali is not Sikh, people have all been pitching in together.

One way or another we’re all going to be ok. I did notice that Sylvester has been driving up to the landslides and delivering tools and supplies, and returning with christmas trees. Yes, that’s what I said. Apparently the trucks bringing christmas trees to Vancouver for all the malls was caught in the slides and we have, of all things, a christmas tree shortage. So, he’s been shipping them back a couple of dozen at a time from a small grower who is on this side of the slides. He tells me he’s distributing them to the hospitals and schools. It sounds like one of his capers to me.

As you may know, Bernard is a keen sailor. He has great wet weather gear, and kitted Ali out with a stunning set of bright red storm clothes. As Ali has been getting up to the remote sites, where it’s still raining and snow is beginning to fall, he’s been seen trudging through the weather, his big white beard and red suit very distinctive in the mess. Apparently one family thought he was father Christmas. Well, it’s an easy mistake to make, after all. Magic flying christian saint – Syrian refugee in Canada…

Yesterday was the Trans day of Remembrance, in which we remember the injustices against trans people. There’s no shortage of them, for sure, however most of us in this space are so used to injustice that it just becomes part of being trans. I’ve tried to stay above the fray on the whole Kyle Rittenhouse situation, however when people who are so exposed to discrimination see how society can be so openly lacking in justice it seems to leave little room for hope. The video below was one I found quite on point.

I would, however, say that we all have an innate sense of justice. These things sit above the law. They are the values that make us people of integrity. I know so many of my members have faced injustices of their own. And things like the Rittenhouse farce will come and they will go. Life has a way of ultimately delivering justice. We do have to move forward with our own sense of what is right, even when it is challenged. Sometimes we have to hold our silence and live the change we want to see in the world. So, for those many people who feel disappointed in this farce of a situation, it’s worth staying focused on being true to ourselves and moving forward. However messed up that judge, the jury and the sad sack of $hit Kyle Rittenhouse may be, we still move forward. We can still live our truth and hold our own values. Gradually things will get better.

To move things on to a lighter note, if you’ve not read The Sweet Stench Of Revenge, perhaps now is a good time. You see, there is a such a thing as justice.

Have a great week.


It’s a cruel summer.

What a great time to go out and find the perfect bikini. Here in Vancouver we’re living with some pretty nasty forest fires nearby, and smoke has become an issue. So many climate related issues reminds me of the importance of having exactly the right thing to wear as the earth spirals into global warming and frying us to a crisp.

I must say that last time I spoke to my good friend Greta Thurnberg I did say that as much as I just loved the idea of reducing our carbon footprint I thought she might put some energy getting a little makeup organised, and some nice footwear. I mean to say, if you’re worried about your carbon footprint it stands to reason that you should at least try to adapt with style.

All that said, it does rather strike me that the leaders of today, and I am thinking of Dickie Branson, Elon and Bezos, all of whom are doing their best to leave the planet, might temper some of their efforts and rather than burning rocket fuel in our precious atmosphere, try improving life down here instead. I can think of many people I’d love to shoot into space, but frankly none of those rockets seem to be very environmentally friendly. I mean, are any of these rockets ‘low emission’ models?

Be sure to stay covered up on days when there’s a high UV index. And check out this lovely swimsuit. Perfect for the well dressed crossdresser to wear for a day at the beach.

Have a lovely week,