Clothes Maketh The Man, Part 18 is out!

I’m delighted to say that I’ve released Part 18 of Clothes Maketh The Man. You will need to be logged in to read it, but for those of you enjoying the ongoing story of the hapless Andrea, you can find it here. A taster is below.


Now, let me remind you precisely where we are.  I found myself in my walk in closet, crouching down, in five inch heels. You can’t imagine how that hurts after just a few moments. Just feet from where I was, on the other side of the closet door, was Mandy (my girlfriend), who had arrived at my place and let herself in unexpectedly.

Through the louvres of the closet door I watched and my blood ran cold as I realised she was dialling my number. There by my feet were the trousers with my cell phone in the pocket.

In that moment time seemed to stand still, hanging in the air, like an unplayed note in a musical score. I held my breath

Mandy had returned from her overseas trip and I’d forgotten the date. It had crept up so suddenly and now she was back, standing in my bedroom, looking at a pale pink tee shirt and leggings that were strewn about my bedroom…

Be sure to enjoy Part 18 here.

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