I’ve been having a little trouble with my colon!

I’ve been having some dreadful trouble with my colon lately. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but ever since Max changed some of the settings on my computer keyboard I just keep getting a problem with it! I think he reset the layout to the French keyboard!

In the wonderful sunny weather we’re having I’m going to remind all my girls the importance of moisturising your skin. Using a nice aloe cream helps, and you can find them at any pharmacy or health food store. It keeps you looking fresh and really helps your skin.

But that’s not the main reason I’m chatting with you today. I thought I’d let you know we’re busy here planning the Mexico conference for January in Puerto Vallarta. It’s so exciting. There’s make over tutorials, Lenni’s Slumber Party – and nights out on the town in Puerto Vallarta, and much more besides. I’m so excited. We’re in the process of nailing down the last few details. If you’re interested in getting away for four nights of fun in January be sure to let me know and I will keep you informed. Just express your interest HERE.

By the way, there will be substantial discounts on Conference tickets for those who have been members of my Patreon for more than four months. So, now is a great time to sign up for that!

I can see Ali working on my bush, in the garden – he’s saying something about that not being the only thing that going to get nailed. Ali’s English is very selectively intermittent.We’ve had wonderful news. Sebastian is finally back in Canada. The meat sent was apparently an unusual smoked pork preparation, and not anything severed as part of a ransom demand, as I had feared. So soon I will be resuming my rigorous exercise regime and hearing all about Sebastian’s adventures in Molvania. Really, though, sending a personal trainer out to a country to teach the locals about vegetarianism did seem a little unusual. Particularly with their history of cannibalism. I suppose we should be grateful to have him back in one piece.

Now, if you’re not already a member of my Patreon I suggest you do get on there. There’s going to be some discounts for members if you’re coming to the conference, so you really do want to join it, even at the most basic $1 a month level.

Become a Patron!

Oh, I have to go now… I can see Auntie Kittie heading up the drive, I’d better hide the sherry!

Have a lovely week and be sure to let me know how you’re getting on.



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