Mistress Meg’s helper has been a naughty girl.

This week I have learned that Stacey, my little helper, has been a very naughty little girl.  I admit she is strikingly good looking, and she’s never allowed her age to stand in her way. Even with my most mature of clients she is unafraid to step forward and take the bull by the horn, as it were.

She is slim, about five feet two tall, wears her hair long, and has a look which is almost frail. Yet, she has surprising strong hands, as some of my clients have come to learn as she closes her grip around their more tender parts, and as she squeezes powerfully, a smile spreads across her face and her eyelids bat seductively.

However, despite this diminutive stature and appearance of youth, I find her mind is really most fiendishly developed. She really seems to have little hesitation applying some of the lessons I have taught her to the most devilish of ends.

Just the other day she gleefully came into my little office at the back of the studio, and showed me some of the pictures on her cell phone.  It appears that her latest fascination is to have her numerous boyfriends dress up for her before she will grant them any hope of getting as she so quaintly put it “to second base”. Worse still, she then insists they send her a picture of their efforts, which she grades on a scale of one to five. Five is, apparently, the only level that gets to ‘graduate’.

I would not really mind this, except that, as you possibly know, my studio does quite brisk business with our clients, helping them understand the benefits of becoming more feminine. With little Stacey going out and teasing all these silly young boys so mercilessly, I would have thought she could be bringing them into my studio as clients. Well, I suppose I should let her torture the young gurls a little. Perhaps it will whet their appetite for my rather more forceful style of feminization.

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Mistress Meg

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