Our Whatsapp Group

I can hardly believe how vibrant our group on Whatsapp has become. We have some real characters chatting daily, and there’s really never a dull moment there now.

The stunning Carlotta Gurl, at the Vancouver Drag Ball (DMS) with some of our members.

This weekend we had chat going on from the Vancouver Drag Ball, about archery, the woes of teaching teenagers and any number of crossdress related issues. It’s a well run and moderated group which feels like going to a local cafe and hanging out with a few friends.

Members often post ideas, suggestions and supportive chats, as well as their pics and stories of what’s happening for them. We’ve all become friends and support one another.

If you’d like to join just check out the requirements here and see if it’s for you.

It’s only $10 a month and is built to be a friendly and supportive environment. Come on in and join the conversation.

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