Rainbow whips out her crackers.

As you may know, my personal trainer, Sebastian, has a delightful sister named Rainbow. The west coast has many people named by well intentioned hippy parents, that have grown up to be very unlike their free wheeling parents. 

While Rainbow is decidedly whimsical and likely in line with what her parents expected, not all my acquaintances are so well named. For example, Rainbow is a yoga teacher and perfectly qualified, being both gluten free and lactose intolerant. However, another friend of mine was blessed with the name ‘Swallow’ by her parents. If the swallow really is the bird of love, then one would hardly expect a corrections officer working in a high security prison to carry such a name and yet that is indeed where she has had a quite successful career.

I only mention this as I was thrilled to have a visit from Rainbow this week, where she joined me in my garden for tea. Throughout this period of lockdown, I have insisted guests only visit in my garden and that they socially distance. My pet dachshund, Hannibal, does enjoy Rainbow’s visits. She always has a few dog biscuits and treats for him. It’s so nice for Hannibal – when she comes into the garden and beneath the shade of a cherry tree whips out her crackers, pants around her ankles and gives her a good licking.

Rainbow came to talk to me about her new idea for a diet. She credits her remarkable figure to living on a diet of kiwi fruit, kale and kombucha. She’s created quite an extensive diet program and has asked me to help her market it. Of course, I said I’d be delighted to. However, I do believe we may have to work on the name a little. Call me reactionary, if you like, but I just don’t feel that the ‘KKK Diet’ would appeal to the right demographic, particularly not at present. One does have to move with the times after all.

I’d love to remind those of you who have not joined My Little Black Book, that it’s a great way to connect with other crossdressers and your friends. A listing costs just $2.95 a month and will help you connect with some new friends. For those of you who feel it’s not quite right for you, I am still trying to reach that elusive number of 175 Patrons on Patreon. You can get into that for just $1 a month. I’m so grateful to those of you helping me get there this month.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe, maintain distance, and use your mask. Remember, just because a buffoon in the White House tells you it’s ok to go and sit in an arena with 19,000 of your closest covidiot friends doesn’t make it a good idea. That’s the same guy that suggested you drink bleach – also not the best piece of advice.



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