Selfies for Crossdressers — Part 8 (Conclusion).

If in doubt, keep it simple.

Many people are satisfied with composing every image on their phone as they take the photograph, but generally you can crop and create a stronger image by using a simple editing tool and working on the image after it’s been taken. Finding the right shape in the frame, perhaps editing it square for Instagram, or even changing the image radically and cropping down to a specific section of the photograph is all possible with any number of downloadable photo editing tools.

Changing the crop of the image lets you find the image within the image. This can make the difference between an average pic, and an amazing picture. Some people have a real knack for finding a better image simply by changing the crop of the picture.

There are also some post production tools that are particularly useful for crossdressers. I am a fan of InstaBeauty or MakeupPlus, which allow you to manipulate the image a little and crop and tidy things up. Generally good composition on your camera or phone means giving a little extra space for cropping and maybe straightening the image up a little.

An editing tool like InstaBeauty or MakeupPlus give you the chance to adjust color, manipulate eyes, lips and nose, and add some makeup effects. Don’t think of this as cheating, it’s not. It’s using the tools. As you play with it, you’ll likely over do it at first.  With a little practice you’ll be creating even better pictures in post production.

You’ll also see that makeup issues can be fairly easily resolved. Even those who are very challenged at make up will find the post production tools can really change the image nicely. I do urge a little caution.  Don’t over do it, and practice a while before you decide to post anything online.

Take a look at this video of our favorite singer, Boggie. It takes a lot of courage to say, ‘hey, this is what they do to me to make me look good.’ She’s been quite outspoken about the way the media manipulate models to present them in an unrealistic manner. She’s a courageous campaigner and remarkable performer.  I like to remind people what they see in many cases in the media is not real. It’s creative, doubtless, but we don’t need to hold ourselves to that standard. We are at our most beautiful when we accept ourselves as we are and create ourselves as we desire.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. Feel free to let me know.



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