Staff Trouble – Mistress Meg.

Mistress Meg’s progressive approach to staff management is not always appreciated by others.

I felt I should share this weeks events with you. I’m sure you’ll find them of interest. Those of you who are Seahorse members on my Patreon will appreciate some of the events more than others, being familiar with my work.  However, for those of you who have not yet joined me at that level, think of this as an introduction.

As I fastened the final leather cuffs to Mr. Barton’s forearms, I turned to Stacy and said, “Correct me if I’m wrong, Stacy, but if I’m not mistaken I can’t help thinking Mr. Barton is not a completely happy man.”
For those of you who have been reading my posts you regularly, you will know I am a very perceptive and sensitive person. I’m very generous by nature and I pick up on these things.
“What makes you think that?” said Stacy, as she selected a pair of shiny heavy steel nipple clamps.
“Mostly it’s the sobbing. The whimpering, too. The squirming is also something that does give him away a little.” I paused for a moment and then, addressing Mr. Barton, added, “What on earth is the matter?”
Mr. Barton’s muffled replay came between sobs. “Nothing, Mistress Meg.”
“Well, you wouldn’t think so, the way you’re carrying on. Stacy, bring the ball gag,” I said sharply. “And let’s get those nipple clamps on you!”

There was another whimper from the direction of Mr. Barton. I turned back to Stacy and added, “And make sure they’re tight. Use the Constrictor 3000 ones, they are self tightening and if he struggles he’ll really have something to moan about.”
“Now, Mr. Barton, let’s go over this once more. It seems that you had some sort of difficulty with Stacy arriving for work at the bank at 9.27. You called her into your office, and it seems that you did not show her the kind of respect I would have thought she deserves. She may be very young, but she is one of your most valued employees, is she not?”
“She’s only been with the bank three days! I only agreed to give her a trial… And she was nearly half an hour late,” whimpered Mr. Barton.
Following a successful interview, and on the strength of an excellent reference from the Pastor – ‘such a devoted member of my flock’ – Stacy had been give the opportunity to shine in a junior position at a local bank.
“And what time was Stacy scheduled to start?” I asked, keen to get to the bottom of this.
I heard the clicking as Stacy, quite straight faced and intent on her task, tightened the nipple clamps, to the horror of the bank manager strapped to the crucifix in my studio.
“At 9.00 am, Mistress Meg.” Came Mr. Barton’s quivering reply.
“Ahhhh….” I said. “I think I see your error here.” I walked slowly back toward Mr. Barton, my heels clicking on the hardwood floor. “Yes, Stacy was actually due to start at 9.30, wasn’t she?”
“I think you’ll find bank staff start at 9.00 am,” simpered Mr. Barton.

Stacy is a diligent and hard working member of my staff.

“Stacy,” I said turning back to the young girl, “do we have the electric shock device handy?”
“Yes, Mistress. I had Igor look at it after the, er…. accident with Mr. Smithers. He said it should be fine now.” Stacy looked eagerly at me. She does so love to play with technology, like so many of the young people these days.
“How is Mr. Smithers,” I asked.
“I’m told he’s being released next week, Mistress,” she replied.
“I believe the term is ‘discharged’,” I replied. “One is released from prison, but ‘discharged’ from hospital.”
“He’s being discharged next week, Mistress,” she corrected herself. Stacy was looking through a cabinet and quickly found the transformer, with some brightly colored wires and shiny clamps. She picked it up and walked slowly toward Mr. Barton.
“Mistress Meg,” interrupted Mr. Barton, “I think I remember now. Yes, I’m quite sure about it. Stacy was scheduled to start at 9.30. What a terrible error I’ve made.” His voice was shaking, and beads of sweat ran from his forehead. “How, errr…. How forgetful I am!”
Stacy chimed in happily, “I’m told electro-shock therapy aids the memory no end, Miss.”
I frowned at Stacy. He enthusiasm is commendable, but she does need to be held in check at times.
“Well, Mr. Barton,” I said returning my attention to him, “it would be most unfortunate for you if you were indeed so forgetful again. We both know Stacy has a bright future with your bank, and that she will do very well there. Don’t we?”
“Yes, Mistress Meg,” came his relieved reply.

“It seems to me she arrived early. Three minutes early. I’m thinking some form of recognition is in order. Employee of the month, or some such.”

“Employee of the month?” He stammered, quite incredulous. There was the sound of the transformer being plugged and turned on. “Ahhhh… yes, of course!”
I hope you are having a better week than Mr. Barton. If you have already signed up as a Seahorse I trust you are enjoying your journey. One of my members told me this week that their wife has never been more satisfied by his attention. He sees her in a totally new way. I need hardly add that my attention to his training is helping both him and his wife find new pleasure in their relationship. Mostly his wife…
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Mistress Meg

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