The Dating Game – Part 5 – by Mollie Blake

The Visitor from Outer…Place. Part 2

(Part 1 of The Dating Game can be found here).

 From Part 1

David closed his eyes and wanted nothing more than to escape to his bedroom and feel the cool silk of his new negligée next to his skin. It would look perfect with those slippers. He began to feel clammy. “I need a drink.”

Sandrine looked around and spied the kitchen. She handed the slippers to David. “Why don’t Lucy and I get the drinks while you go and make yourself more comfortable?”

David hesitated a moment. “Are you FtM?” …

Wait. He of all people should know better than to ask such a personal question to a woman he barely knew. And she was a work colleague. What the hell was he thinking?

He was about to apologise when Sandrine replied.

“I like to be fluide. I don’t put myself in just one ‘ole. Is that ‘ow you English say it?” Sandrine flashed her eyes at David before fixing them on Lucy.

Uncharacteristically Lucy had been silent for the past minute and a half, her nerves possibly still reverberating from asking Sandrine if she was a lesbian. Now her eyes were on David, and he couldn’t help thinking she was worried for him. Well let her be!

He needed space to breathe. “I think you mean ‘box’ but ‘hole’ works too. Help yourselves.”

“Oh, come on,” said Lucy, heading to the kitchen, never one to hide her impatience, or linger at the back of the queue when there was a glass of wine to be had.

David stared after the two girls, just as Sandrine placed her hand in the middle of Lucy’s back, before shutting himself in his bedroom.

The slippers were still in his hands. He ran his fingers between the pink feathers before lifting them to his cheek. They were soft and wispy, creating a “barely there” sensation. But instead of finding pleasure in their touch, David’s mind was swamped with anxiety. A tinge of jealousy pricked his conscience. The stick-up-her-arse French woman was turning out to have a deviant disposition. Lucy would definitely enjoy the challenge of pulling her stick out to release the sexual maverick that apparently lurked within. David tried to visualise the struggle for control between the two alpha women. It could make for some great sex.

But where could he fit in? He wanted to be Diana. He wanted to join in. But he wasn’t sure there would be room. The sound of laughter escalating from his kitchen confirmed his doubt. Fuck it! He stripped out of his work clothes and pulled on his negligée. His feet slid into the slippers, a perfect fit. But he felt far from perfect. He felt crap. His mood might have been uplifted if he could put on some makeup, but he couldn’t even get that right. Sandrine still had his makeup bag.

He hadn’t wanted to bring this woman to his home in the first place. Now he wondered how the hell he was going to endure the rest of the afternoon. His imagination began to run away with him. Images of Lucy and Sandrine wrapped around each other, invading each other’s bodies, relishing touches and tastes, banged around his head. He wanted to be a part of that.

Now he was all dressed up with no place to go. He flung himself on to the bed and lay there, listening to more laughter.

Then there was a knock on his door.

“David, are you ready? Can we come in?”

Am I ready? Ready for what? The images of the women together left him frustrated, and hard. Annoyed at feeling like an adolescent schoolboy, and despondent at yearning to feel like a sensual woman, he was in no mood to play voyeur.

The door handle turned and he wished he’d locked it. Of course his bedroom door didn’t have a lock. But still.

Lucy appeared in the doorway. “You ok?”

It was clear David wasn’t and she stepped inside, softly pulling the door to behind her.

“Hey, she’s not that bad you know. We’ve been chatting and did you know she used to be a dancer, to help pay her uni fees? She worked at the Moulin Rouge. Even I’ve heard of that, for fucks sake. That’s where they lift their dresses above their knickers and kick their legs as high as heaven.”

David sat up. Lucy’s eyes were shining as they trailed over his negligée.

“That’s nice. And those slippers are gorgeous. I hoped they were the right size. Looks like they fit perfectly.” She sat down on the bed beside him and kissed his cheek.

He could smell the tinge of alcohol on her breath. “I guess you two are getting on just fine then.” He tried not to sound petulant as he stared down at the slippers. “Don’t let me keep you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know I’m the spare part. You’d better get back to her.”

“Hey, I’m the one who came in uninvited. I was only bringing you the slippers, remember. She was the one holding your makeup bag. She wants to see you, David.” Lucy gestured towards his negligée. “She wants to see Diana.”

David stared at her, not believing his ears and not trusting Lucy’s ability to read Madam Sandrine “stick-up-her-arse” Lafayette.

“Well, go on then. She’s waiting in the living room for you.”

“But she’s a visiting professor.”

“I think that might just be her day job. I told you she used to be a dancer. And we’re not talking ballroom here. Imagine what she can do with those legs.”

At that moment the door opened. Sandrine spoke before David had a chance to panic.

“I ‘ope you don’t mind. I couldn’t wait any longer in case you were changing your mind.”

“Changing my mind?”

“I thought when you asked me if I was FtM you were going to show me the other you.” Sandrine held the makeup bag up. “I thought we were going to have some fun.”

She walked up to the bed and placed her long finger under David’s chin, lifting his face to look into his eyes. “I like to be with a girlboy.”

David gulped.

“May I?” Sandrine sat beside him and opened his makeup bag. “Lucy, why don’t you get the wine.”

As Sandrine began to take the top off a lipstick, Lucy glanced at David to check he was comfortable with what was happening. Hell, she hoped he was getting excited. He cast the slightest nod of the head and she went to retrieve the wine bottle and glasses.

By the time she came back into the bedroom, Sandrine was coating David’s lashes with soft strokes of mascara. He looked calm, almost serene.

For his own part, David was taking deep breaths as he struggled to determine what was happening and want he wanted to happen.

The Sandrine who was sitting beside him and expertly applying his makeup, was not the ‘stick-up-the-arse” college professor he had seen previously. Her task was being carried out diligently and with a certain relish. She possessed an air of confidence, even control and, whether this had been her plan or not, it put David at his ease. He could be Diana.

Warm fingers caressed his cheek.

“Your skin is so soft.” Sandrine’s breath wafted over him.

She smiled and David reached his hand up and placed it over hers, deepening the touch of her hand on his face.

“Here’s your wine,” said Lucy, a touch of impatience in her tone.

With the makeup complete the unlikely trio began to drink their wine and indulge in their own thoughts.

Lucy was congratulating herself on buying the slippers for David. Bringing them to his apartment was looking like she’d got herself a front row ticket for the can-can, a performance she hoped would let her show these two she definitely could-could. Besides, David could give her the money for the slippers later.

Feeling divine in the slippers and negligée, David was absorbed by Diana. His nerves trickled away as the wine trickled down his throat.

“Shall we play?” asked Sandrine, standing and removing her jacket.

Creating an atmosphere of surreal expectation, Sandrine pulled David to his feet. Clearly intent on taking charge of the proceedings, she began to lift the negligée over his head but he put his hand on hers.

“No. I leave this on.”

The woman smiled and began to unbutton her shirt. Lucy joined in and soon the girls were naked. The fun was about to begin.

Sandrine smoothed her hands over David’s chest and eased him back on to the bed. Then she turned and kissed Lucy, deepening the connection before telling her to sit on David. “Let him taste you.”

David’s eyes widened in surprise, but he held his hand out to Lucy. Her juices would be good for him.

Not needing to be told twice, Lucy straddled David’s chest. She bent forward and planted a lasting kiss on his red lips. She loved the way both David and Diana looked. There was no embarrassment between them, and in those few moments she forgot Sandrine was in the room. Even catching a glimpse of her as Lucy pushed up from the kiss and slowly eased her pussy towards David’s mouth, didn’t dampen her need for erotic pleasure. The touch of his tongue sent tingles through her body and she knelt high, letting her head fall back while her eyes shut out anything to distract from the delicious sensations consuming her. Her hands moved back and pulled gently on the lacey gown covering David’s chest—it was new and she was careful not to break a thread. But she needed to feel his nipples. She found her goal and twisted her fingers hard.

Lucy tasted as divine as ever. David wallowed in his task of bringing her to orgasm, moaning out loud from the delectable pain she inflicted on his nipples. Then he was reminded of Sandrine’s presence when he felt cool air as his negligée was lifted. He wasn’t sure if he really wanted the distraction of the unknown third person in the room and he tried to focus on his task in hand, or rather mouth. But he was beginning to lose it as his legs were pulled apart and eased onto the French woman’s shoulders. He tried to ignore a different kind of excitement beginning to well up inside him. His tongue continued to drive Lucy crazy and he sucked every drop out of her, cajoling her closer and closer to the pinnacle he needed more than she did.

Finally Lucy screamed just as he felt the wet touch of Sandrine’s tongue. He was about to try to push her away but Lucy’s lips covered his at the same time his balls were swathed by firm wet strokes.

When he heard Sandrine whisper, “You girls look lovely,” he lost it. He bucked his hips, clung to Lucy, and gave in.

“Hold her.”

Blinded by a fog of of sex, David didn’t realise what Sandrine meant until a firm hand grasped his penis and suddenly his universe was ablaze with erotic sensations. Lucy was pumping his shaft as Sandrine was invading his anus, first with her wet tongue, then her fingers, stretching and penetrating. David was lost in oblivion. His body began to tense.

“Stop! That’s mine.”

Lucy and David stared at Sandrine.

David was about to shoot when Lucy’s hand disappeared. What the fuck!

Sandrine was still working him with her fingers, penetrating deeper, stretching, sending him wild. Then she grabbed his shaft and leaned forward, libidinously waiting for his seed to coat her face. “Now come.”

Lucy was mesmerised. It was like something out of a porn film. David didn’t disappoint.

As droplets trickled down her chin, Sandrine gazed at Lucy. “Clean me.”

Lucy crawled along the bed and licked up the come. As Sandrine lay back, Lucy trailed her tongue down the French woman’s body.

“Open your legs,” Lucy mumbled, seizing her chance to take control. “I want to see you split.”

Wow! Legs opened wider than Lucy believed possible, revealing a perfect pinkness in all its glory. She began to enjoy her feast.

Wanting to give their uninvited guest an experience she wouldn’t forget too quickly, David began his own assault on her body. Bringing his lips down for a deep kiss, his negligée wafted over Sandrine’s skin, caressing her breasts. He teased her nipples with his long fingers, determined to drive the French woman as wild as she had driven him. “Is this good?” he breathed before thrusting his tongue down her throat.

Moans soon turned to gasps and Sandrine cried out, her body gripped by orgasm, and shuddering at Lucy’s relentless attentions.

Oh yes, a celebration was in order as the  three girls raised their glasses to a new entente cordiale. There would be chance to fit in one more date before Madam Lafayette left for Paris.

David was about to declare they didn’t know each other. But then he wasn’t a stranger to having sex with people he didn’t really know. It was a game of his and he enjoyed playing it. Just not usually in the middle of the afternoon in his own apartment.

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