The importance of charity.

I hope you’ve been practicing your makeup routine, in preparation for Halloween. So many crossdressers spend time on their clothes without realising that the most attractive thing a gurl can wear is a smile… preferably under a nice coating of YSL or Chanel lipstick.


The best dress crossdressers look well dressed – however little we wear.

Practicing working at your makeup is the single thing most likely to result in a great femme look. Well applied contouring and blush can completely change the shape of the male face, but do require practice. Quiet night in?  Perfect. You can even listen to one of my great self hypnosis videos here to help get in the mood.

This week has been far from quiet. As you doubtless know, I am generous with my time for charities and helping those less fortunate than myself. The advertising agency I work at has many large clients and from time to time they have a few give-aways, which I always do my best to secure, to donate to worthy causes.


This week I was fortunate enough to secure a very nice piano and of all things a mechanical bull. Perhaps you remember that there used to be software companies around that would try to be particularly cool by having a pool table in the reception area, or even a mechanical bull. All very cool, until the insurance company had to make the first pay out. So now, one of the software companies we look after wants rid of the mechanical bull!

I called up Sylvester, who has a great truck and arranged for him to swing by their office and pick up the mechanical bull, and then go on to pick up the piano from another company. Sylvester, being smarter than he looks, got some help from Sebastian, my personal trainer, Max my neighbours son, and Ali my gardener. Between the four of them they got things well organised and loaded while I chatted to the seniors home near Hucklebery Close, who were very pleased to have the piano. A few minutes later the local hockey team returned my call saying they’d love a mechanical bull for fundraising events.

I found myself basking in a sense of self satisfied appreciation until later that day Sylvester swung by and described the difficulty they’d had loading the piano into the elevator at the skating arena. Apparently loading the mechanical bull into the seniors home had gone of without a hitch, though.

Don’t forget to look out for our crossdressing ghost story, this week. Part 1 will appear on the website on Sunday evening. Part 2 is on Monday evening and part 3 comes out on Halloween (Tuesday) evening.



"Right Said Fred" Bernard Cribbins
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