Vancouver Pride – Today in Vancouver.

Some great pics from our team in Vancouver. What a wonderful Pride we had! I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends at Pride in Vancouver, and that they were able to bring back such lovely pics for this special day.

As you know I move in some pretty elevated circles at times. I knew our Prime Minister was in town and as soon as Justin recognised me he waved, and then mouthed ‘Call me!”. So cute!

It’s great that our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was ready to get behind the celebrations and is recognising the work done to advance LGBTQ rights by some very brave and determined activists. I will post a few more pics from Vancouver Pride in the Whatsapp Group as they come in.


We’re lucky to live in a city with such liberal values.
Carlotta Gurl is a regular at The Junction in Vancouver, and always puts on a wonderful show.

The party will continue at Celebrities, on Davie Street till morning.

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