What are you doing in the back of your truck?

I was explaining to Sylvester, “Love is a mysterious and tender feeling, Sylvester.  It’s about giving, and sharing, and being sensitive to the person you’re doing it to in the back of your truck. You can’t judge others because of their romantic preferences.”

“Don’t try to tell me about love!” Said Sylvester.

“You sound like an eighties song,” I said and poured us both another cup of tea.

Sylvester was bemoaning one of his recent executive decisions. Running the local auto shop is quite demanding. Especially since he expanded into retailing tires. His most recent choice of new staff was proving more challenging than he had originally thought.

“When I hired him to manage the tire department he seemed so excited,” he said.

“I imagine he did. And how did it come to your attention that he was a rubber fetishist and something of a celebrity in the local swinger scene?”

“Lurch printed out some of his website. He left them on my desk.  Don’t ask me how Lurch found his site.”

“Oh!” I said. “That must have felt a bit ‘awkward’.”

Sylvester  looked at me sideways.

“Well, I don’t think it’s any of your business what he does in his spare time.”

I picked up one of the printed pages Sylvester had put on my kitchen table and studied it for a moment,  and then added, “And he appears to be rather good at it. Now, if he’s happy in there surrounded by rubber then that’s all to the good.”

Sylvester knew I was right.

“There, there, Sylvester,” I said to my crestfallen friend. “Take a lesson from the new guy and I’m sure you’ll bounce right back.”

At last, now that Sylvester had shut up I could tell him the gossip about Bernard’s weird brother, Kevin having an affair with his wife’s twin sister. Funny story, but that’s not the main reason I’m writing to you tonight.

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