Crossdressing Hypnosis – You want to be a girl!

Relax and let your mind accept yourself as you truly are. This simple self hypnosis exercise is going to help you feel wonderful about dressing.

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    1. Third day in a row I have listened to this and I realize how promising and perfectly true this is. I paid attention to the women around me yesterday as I went about my day. How they walked with purpose, their apparent consistent smile. I watch a younger lady as she sat and drank her coffee legs crossed at the knee while she was waiting and when the waiter brought it to her she slide the crossed leg off her knee to tilted crossed ankles. Her flowing hair, ever part of her makeup was done from foundation to finish. Cute white and black patterned leggings and boots with a nice matching top and scarf. Nothing was left to chance! You could tell as men walked in and out of the coffee shop every one of them took notice of her. I was so jealous!

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